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Monday, January 15, 2007

Immigration advocate to lead House panel

WASHINGTON -- As an immigration lawyer in northern California, Zoe Lofgren helped struggling immigrant farm workers keep their families together and stay in the United States. Now, years later, the Democratic representative from San Jose is poised to take over the House subcommittee on immigration. Those experiences from the front lines could resonate anew as she helps direct the next congressional debate over the nation's population of illegal immigrants. With her liberal credentials and pro immigrant views, Lofgren embodies what many believe is a new day in the immigration debate as Congress, now under Democratic control, again confronts one of the nation's most contentious issues.
Now, take a deep breath. Are we calmer now?

Good, remember, "comprehensive" immigration legislation was a shoo-in last year as well, or so the press and the elite haircuts in Washington kept telling us. So what actually happened?

When you feel angry I have a simple two step process that will surely make you feel better.

Step 1.) Call, call and fax. Do not relent. In fifteen minutes you can make several calls to your representatives. Sign up with NumbersUSA or FAIR for legislative updates (all the cool kids are doing it) and then pick up the damn phone and call!

Step 2.) Join the Minutemen or found a chapter in your area. There are other groups as well, I don't really care which one you join but join one and get involved. Every so often you will be asked to go into public carrying a sign and protesting, don't be embarrassed, this is how things work. If you can't give a couple of hours a month to a cause this important of what use are you exactly?

Final thought, a lot of people bitch and moan about this issue, very few get involved. I operate under a simple rule on things like this and that rule is: If you haven't at least done the minimum you forfeit the right to bitch about it.

I.E., a couple of years ago my wildly leftist brother in law was bitching up a storm about the evil reichwing rethuglicans and all their chicanerous activities. People were literally yawning behind their hands pleading with god for him to shut his pie hole. Like a bolt out of the blue the question came to me, I asked him if he'd voted.

He stopped dead, staring at me like I'd just urinated in his soup (and I can't say the thought didn't cross my mind). No, he admitted shamefacedly, to much laughter and merriment around the table when I informed him that the price of admission to bitching about politics was casting a damn vote!

This is much the same. If you want to earn the right to bitch about illegal immigration you must do more than complain. Get involved, other people are just as upset as you are, your ideas might make a difference. Get involved!

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