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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A Q 4 Glenn Reynolds

Dear Glenn,

I recently read your response to Jay at Stop The ACLU. In it you argued that the ACLU "does some good."

I don't doubt that's true, however, being a Chicagoan I am intimately familiar with the sad tale of John Wayne Gacy.

Do you wonder why I reference the "killer clown"?

Before it was revealed that JWG was secretly a vicious killer he was widely regarded as one of the best men in the community. In fact my dad tried to get me to work for him (talk about a goose walking over your grave!)

The reason he's now known as the "killer clown" is that he spent his days off going to various hospitals to cheer up sick children.

He manifestly did many good things, while at the exact same time he pursued his heinous crimes.

I don't doubt for a second that the ACLU has, possibly by accident, acted as a force for good but, how many times must they act against this country before you and other knuckleheads acknowledge that they are a force for evil?

Just askin'


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