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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Render Unto Caesar

Rabbi marc Gellman has a thoughtful piece up today on our ongoing debate over illegal immigration .

A sample of the goodness...
On my most recent visit to Ellis Island, I was reminded that this was not simply a place to let anyone into America. Ellis Island was the sorting station that decided who would be let in and who would be sent back. Sometimes, like after the 1920s, the standards of admission into the U.S. were unfairly restrictive. Sometimes, like now, they are chaotically lax. Today we are being driven into this debate by immigrants who have chosen a darker path into the U.S. They submit to rapacious coyotes, cross thirsty deserts and walk a dusty trail only to meet exploitative employers and the back alleys of a great nation now desperately struggling to balance our obligations to our own citizens with our compassion for those who sleep in the dust. Personally, politically and spiritually, I must conclude that although I am drawn to their poverty, I am not drawn to their methods.
Read it!

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