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Saturday, May 20, 2006


Source: msnbc

It's always amusing to watch a liberal attempt to decode conservative thinking, I assume for them Incan would be easier and quite a bit more deliciously multi-cultural to boot!

Eleanor Clift attempts to explain that the President's Immigration plan was really great, but unfortunately he's such a butthead that nativist conservatives won't listen to him. Pat Buchanon is mentioned, I'm not sure why, I think she had a couple of extra inches to fill, or maybe a couple of extra highballs at lunch, hard to tell.

Anywho, this opening graf struck me...(statement that struck me bolded for your reading pleasure)
May 19, 2006 - President Bush’s call for a “rational middle ground” on immigration injects a welcome note of sanity into the debate. But that’s not what Bush’s conservative base is looking for. They want red meat, and they won’t be placated by mostly symbolic moves like Bush’s proposal to dispatch the National Guard to the Mexican border and Senate votes to build a partial fence and limit the number of guest workers.
See, Ellen, we're upset BECAUSE these are symbolic moves. If I believed in my heart that president Bush wished to secure the border, even if it were truly impossible, he would have my support and respect. The problem is that I, and unfortunately a whole piss-pot of other conservatives don't believe that for a second.

In fact, I would be much more open to a reasonable debate over the future of illegal aliens currently in the country if I didn't feel we would be having precisely the same debate in another ten-twenty years except then it will Winston Bush the III explaining that we can't possibly deport the 200 million illegals in the country, sorry.

Symbolic gestures won't please right or left on this I believe, it's been allowed to go on for far too long. Americans are yearning for concrete, direct, measurable action and that is precisely what the president didn't offer. Hence, that's why conservaitves are pissed, at least that's why this conservative is pissed. That and my president calling me a vigilante, me a vigilante? I'm a pussycat!

I would like to thank you Ellen for one thing, you are the first liberal to come out and say what we all know. That these are at best symbolic moves. This debate benefits from the rare glimpses of honesty that peek through, no matter how small or unintentional.

If you need a chuckle take a gander at Mrs. Clift's meandering silliness here.

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