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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The “honor of their culture?”

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So here's the story so far...
For the second time in about three years, Clear Channel Communications Inc. has fired Larry Wachs and Eric Von Haessler, better known as The Regular Guys Show, from the morning slot at 96Rock (WKLS-FM). The termination follows a lawsuit filed by fellow morning DJs Juan Tapia and José Carias, who co-host "Yogi y Panda por la Mañana" on Clear Channel's WWVA-FM Viva 105.7, a Hispanic Top 40 station.

In their Oct. 17 lawsuit, the pair claims Wachs and Von Haessler made several offensive on-air statements about their sexual orientation, race and nationality, and that Clear Channel "largely ignored" their complaints about the Regular Guys' behavior. *snip*

"Clear Channel management told them on more than one occasion that the opinions we express on the air are fair game, as are theirs, and protected not only by CC company policy, but also the 1st Amendment, and that if they didn't want to look bad on the air, perhaps they shouldn't agree to come on our show in the future," Wachs said. "Nonetheless, the complaints continued unbeknownst to me through the year."

In early October, Wachs said he had a recorder with him while going to use the company bathroom, and heard Yogi and Panda shouting insults about him from behind closed stall doors. He recorded the duo, then played it on the Regular Guys Show.

"This sparked another round of complaints to the company, who offered reasonable solutions to satisfy their ongoing and baseless grievances, but, insisting it was about the 'honor of their culture,'
"The Honor Of Their Culture?" What culture? The culture of lawlessness that they were promoting on the air during the boycotts, reminiscent of things in ole' Mexico, not America.

Why is it exactly that we must celebrate what are, by any reasonable standards, a sick culture? Why are these disc jockeys in trouble because they wouldn't pay obesiance to the culture of a third world, retarded, corrupt, sick country.

Or, if the culture is so amazing why is it incapable of creating a functioning economy, hmmm?

That's the thing that most gets my goat with Mexicans and other South Americans. They will risk life and limb to come here, braving deserts and snakes, paying thousands of dollars to come here only to crap on every part of this country except the opportunity to loot and pillage same.

How's that work in their heads do you figure?

This country (Mexico) ees so horrible I must flee for my very life senor, but it's the most wonderful place in the whole planet, other than the endemic crime, corruption, disease, drug cartels...So I must come to America to make eet un poco more like Mexico, which I fled as from a burning building.

Eet makes my head hurt senor.

Conor @ Beyond Borders Blog has a post up asking us to be more sympathetic to the plight of the illegal immigrant...

Empathy is a terrible thing to lose, and I fear that the immigration debate is causing Americans once sympathetic to illegal immigrants to forget their humanity.
But it's the unrelenting attacks on America joined at the hip with the inexplicable need to defend a country that shooed them out like poor relatives that is a bitter pill for most Americans to swallow.

This is rank cultural imperialism, "how dare you make fun of our culture?"  I dare bitch, your culture is a joke.  Tell you what, win a war, become a real country with a real economy, then we can talk.  You want to plant a Mexican flag?  How about returning to bloody Mexico then, we don't want your flag here.  I'll speak for myself anyway, I don't want your flag here.

You guys want to defend your culture? Fine. Do it somewhere where that culture is welcome. Me, I want more Mexico here like I want kidney stones.

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