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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

No joke: Law boosts businesses' burden on illegal immigration

Awww, all together now, AWWWWW!!  ***bad language ahead***

Georgia has enacted some of the toughest laws in the nation regarding illegal immigration.  Predictably the open borders, sell America out for low low prices crowd is outraged...
Attempts by businesses in the next several years to comply with Georgia's new immigration laws will look like a "Saturday Night Live" skit, an attorney estimated Thursday.
About 50 business people attended a Chamber of Commerce session Thursday to try to learn how to comply with the new laws, which go in effect next year. Georgia's law will require verification of legal residency to receive many public services in Georgia.
"It is my opinion these laws are political in nature. If not, they'd be more pragmatic," attorney Chris Taylor said. "My personal opinion is racism never left Georgia. It just laid dormant for a while until they found someone else to pick on."
They trot out the old faithful of illegal immigration canards, "RACISM!!" I wonder if it still has any juice left? I think not.

You ready to hear the horror story? It's truly frightening, hang on...
With the federal government now doing raids on businesses that are employing illegal workers and the state imposing tax penalties, human resources departments are going to have to be more meticulous in their record-keeping, panelists said.
Oh! My! God! "More meticulous in their recording keeping?" NOOOOOO! Make it stop!

But wait, believe it or not, IT! GETS! WORSE!
Newman said he believed the immigration laws would continue to change, and lenders are already being pressured to check the immigration status of people seeking home mortgages.
"The second wave (of laws) is going to be harsher than the first," he said. "That's a scary thought. We ought to be pretty worried about that."
The horror people, the horror. Poor widdle illegals aliens no longer able to masquerade as citizens, I shudder to imagine.

And here's how this "economic man" defines the real problem...

The economic benefits of the 12 million undocumented workers far outweigh the amount paid out in social services, he said.
"We're shooting ourselves in the economic foot," he said.

You know, I don't always treat myself to bad language on this blog, so hang on to your hats kiddies cuz I'm letting loose...FUCK THE ECONOMY!!!

Are we a nation or an economy, because we need to choose and choose now. If we are nothing more than a GDP, fine, but let's get that on the goddamn table and quit pretending any longer that we exist anymore as a unique nation with a history and our very own culture. Because you see, what this gentleman is suggesting is that if the choice is between growing fat like ticks and having a fully functional nation, he'll choose to batten himself like a tick. Um, no thanks tigger.

It is time and past time for a couple of these folks to have this attitude jammed up their ass sideways, perhaps then they might recall that this isn't the UEA (united economy of America) they pledge allegiance too, it's not the USATM it's the goddamn United States and if that's too complicated for you to understand, with all your years of schooling.

Please allow me to indulge myself one more teensy-weensy time...


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