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Monday, January 15, 2007

Hunter/Romney 2008?

Source: SonoraAlliance

The Maricopa County Republicans threw a straw poll and got some interesting results...


MJ and I were chatting during her lunch, one of the things we were talking about was how 'conventional wisdom' has a way of getting turned on its head when it comes to politics. The experts are prattling on about how important certain things are right now, the most vital in their opinion being money, not to say that their wrong, but I think their methods are predicated on the belief that dice have a memory.

I think this upcoming presidential election will be an interesting and realigning one for American politics. I'm certainly not predicting for any candidate yet, way too early and just think 'macaca' as to how campaigns can tank in one short week.

But I do think some things, like immigration, will be in play this time around and that will at the very least, be interesting. And of course you know of my interest in "new media" outlets. Will the new media make a difference in this election? Hard to say at this point, it hasn't truly broken through to the public yet, but then again those voters who are interested in blogs and sources like Youtube tend to be more passionate and possibly influential.

Who are you all supporting now and why?

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