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Friday, October 14, 2005


Read this.

Are you as horrified as I am? Have we reached the point in this conflict where understanding is the order of the day?

I say no.

That is for later when, and if, we've won. For I would say it is still uncertain we have the necessary nerve to win this battle. We haven't yet entirely grasped that these are evil people who wish us harm, not political adversaries with legitimate aims.

I was reading "Onward Muslim Soldiers" by Robert Spencer in bed last night and was struck by this quote by Sheikh Nasser Muhammed Al-Ahmad --

"When true Islamic Jihad is declared, the balance of power will shift. What frightens the West more than anything else is the word Jihad, because they understand what it means....There is no solution to this problem, and to any problem to which the infidel enemy is party, except by waving the banner of jihad."

I think this passage illustrates the fundamental difference in the way a sane person thinks and the thought processes of this crazy ass Sheikh. To him it's simple, we in the West are afraid of him and his righteousness. Afraid of his power in waving the black flag of Islam and rallying all his nutty followers against us.

To a more adult world view it's not so simple. What I'm afraid of here is that we'll have to go kill them all. Every one, root and branch. The difference between these two views is simple, all he can do is hurt us, and he can do that, no doubt. He can send suicide-bombers here and they will kill and maim innocent people and we will be horrified. But then will come the industrial sized can of whoop-ass.

Which is why I think the government is terrified to tell us of domestic acts of terrorism. Because then they would have to deal with the perpetrators in a serious fashion. And in stark contrast to the bullying bluster of the average Imam, we can.

Our war in Iraq has been 100% by Marquis of Queensbury rules. We have scrupulously hewn to our rules of engagement, even to the loss of American soldiers who will not emulate the cowardly tactics of our foe, hiding behind children and women and the like. Imagine what would happen if the gloves came off. If we were righteously pissed and let loose, it would be horrible, but, perhaps deserved.

We would be frightened by the reality that perhaps Muslims cannot be trusted to live amongst the civilized. That their religion is too primitive to be allowed anywhere it can cause harm.

But the important thing here is simply this, we need the truth. We need to be trusted by our government to judge what's actually happening. We can no longer live in a PC world that says that most Muslims are secretly good guys who won't stand up for basic human rights. We need to know the score.

Remember this Sheikh, we knocker the shit out of the Caliphate once before. Remember? When you dimwits supported Hitler and made helpful suggestions how he might deal with that pesky Jewish problem.

You guys were a joke then, unfortunately for the world the punch line hasn't improved with age.



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