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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Barrier Of Suspicion?

Source: Chicago Sun-Times
Here's the irony of President Bush's speech to the nation on Monday night about the need for comprehensive immigration reform: If he had given the exact same speech two or three years ago, many conservatives would have been quite pleased. Not today. The reaction to Bush's speech among conservatives was, to put it kindly, less than favorable. The base of the party may still like this president, but they don't trust him when it comes to dealing with illegal immigration.

Why not? For one thing, President Bush has done plenty of talking about illegal immigration before but is perceived to have done little by way of follow-through. For another, two of the major points in the plan outlined by Bush Monday night (enforcing existing laws and the deploying National Guard troops to assist border control efforts) don't require congressional action. Bush could have given orders to do either of these things at any point during the last few years, but didn't.
Couldn't agree more. I'm genuinely astonished with those who say that even though the president appears to be lying about this, he's still good on the other stuff. Uh-uh, not even good enough for me, yes there are many ways I agree with this president, and if the problem here was merely one of disagreeing I wouldn't be hunting and pecking on my keyboard.

But I think he a liar on this issue, and that makes me re-evaluate everything I ever thought about the man. As I said to a good friend in an email, when your best friend lies to you, and you know they've lied, doesn't that color every other part of the friendship? Won't you start wondering about any other little detail that you might have taken for granted pre-lie?

I wish the president and other Republicans like John McCain had the nuts to stand up like men and say "Yes, we want amnesty!" I wouldn't agree with them, and I would fight them to the death, but here's the difference.

I could still respect them.

I understand not everyone devotes themselves to this issue full time, we do, and with that perspective I can assure you that yes, a large majority of Republicans are acting in a reprehensible manner here. They are acting as the paid shills for the Chamber of Commerce et al. They are seeking to pass legislation that will hurt Americans. But the worst part to me is that they're lying about it.

John McCain sez...
"You all know it's not amnesty." Said McCain, addressing Vitter, "Call it a banana if you want to ... to call the process that we require under this legislation amnesty frankly distorts the debate and it's an unfair interpretation of it."
The president sez...
Esto es amnistía, y yo estoy opuesto a la amnistía. La amnistía sería injusta para aquellos que están aquí legalmente.
Oh, I'm sorry, that was from the White House in Espanol site, let's try that again...
This is amnesty, and I oppose it. Amnesty would be unfair to those who are here lawfully.
And yet there's this...
"The president doesn't want to enforce immigration law because he's afraid he'll inconvenience someone who wants to come into the country for a better life."
It's a lie, and I don't and won't respect those who treat me like I'm stupid. Until the republican party in general gets or rents a set they will not have my support.

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