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Saturday, May 20, 2006

A Little Good News

This just in from Justin @ Right On The Right blogspot. Israel has managed to remove another bottom feeding terrorist piece of scum, right on Israel!

I don't want to ever give the impression as with this post that I don't think the GWOT isn't deadly serious, I do.


The IAF fired missiles at a car in Gaza City on Saturday, killing Islamic
Jihad’s most senior member in the coastal area and a woman who was in the car
behind him, Palestinian officials and relatives said.

The IAF confirmed the strike, but did not comment on the identity of the
targets, Israel Radio said.

Initially, Palestinian hospital officials said the two dead were Hamas
operatives, but later the group denied their members had been killed.

Relatives of Mohammed Dadouh, 40, described by Gazans as Islamic Jihad’s
most senior military commander, confirmed he had been targeted and killed in
the air strike.

For those of who that don’t know, Islamic Jihad is a radical terrorist
para-military group with ties to groups such as Al-Qaeda and Hamas. All of these
groups also recieve moderate support (sometimes in the form of weapons) from the
terrorists in Iran. If you don’t think Israel is assisting in the War on Terror
by doing this, you need to learn about the Global Jihadist Movement going on in
the Middle East. Another terrorist bastard is dead, which is good for the world,
and good for the United States.

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