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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Lies Re: The Minutemen

I was just reading this.

First: If all you got is to compare the Minutmen Project to the KKK, you've already lost the argument.

Second: Putting "illegal" in scare quotes doesn't speak well to your character or your IQ.

Third: If you're gonna flat out lie we'll find you out.

Let's focus on this paragraph --

At a recent protest at Bank Calumet in Hammond, Indiana Minutemen railed against the Bank's home loans to allegedly undocumented immigrants. In the midst of the protest a heavily tattooed driver cruised by shouting "White Power!" Instantly and without hesitation, the small cluster of men enthusiastically shouted back, "White Power!"

Now, what do we learn in this passage? We learn that folks who are affiliated and associated with the Minutemen are scary racists who welcome all manifestations of racist thought and speech.

I had the pleasure of spending the day yesterday with the very people who organized this protest so I thought I'd give them a call and hear the story from the horses mouth.

I first called Greg Serbon. He told me that he didn't hear the event occur but that it was reported to him later. He suggested I call his partner Cheree. Note, he didn't lie or evade. He told me immediately that yes it happened and sent me to the best person to speak with to learn more.

Cheree quickly assured me that yes, half of the story was true, a gentleman described as in the article as heavily tattooed did indeed drive by and shout "White Power". Here's the best part: she then related how she happened to be standing with two other female volunteers and the African-American bank guard. She promptly turned to the guard and said, "well, that's exactly what we don't need".

I asked her if there was any possibility that someone might have responded and she didn't see or hear it. She replied that she couldn't see how that would be possible as she was standing right in front of where he uttered that reprehensible statement.

She went on to tell me that several white supremacist types had attempted to join the organization and every time as soon as these folks predilections were discerned they were asked to leave. As she related to me, "It's the internet, you have no way to know what their all about up front".

So, no one denied that it occurred. No one tried to deny or obfuscate. I mean really, as "racist outfits" go this is very disappointing.

What do the Minutemen want anyway?

Well, of course they want the border situation brought under control. They want ILLEGAL immigration choked off completely and ILLEGAL aliens deported.

Is this racist? The first and most obvious response that occurs to me is that this is better for all LEGAL immigrants. It will stem the predatory abuses of ILLEGALS that occur every day on our lawless borders and the sickening practices that occur every single day in our businesses that hire ILLEGAL aliens.

Also, as ILLEGAL aliens are more likely to live below the radar, they are least likely to enjoy the benefits of living here in America and least likely to integrate in any meaningful way.

So, is this racist?

I don't think so. Which is why the Minutemen's foes must resort to lying and distorting the truth to make their case. After all what they are advocating is by its very nature ILLEGAL, kind of a tough sell.



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