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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Thoughts On The Press

While attending the Minuteman Conference yesterday we had the opportunity to see the press in action. I'd like to share some of the things I saw, I think they're very relevant in terms of how we get our news and who delivers it.

When we arrived at 8:30 AM we were waiting outside when we were approached by a print reporter. He had the look of someone who was devastated at having missed the fabulous sixties. He started off like reporters do by asking us why we were attending. We replied that we were worried about illegal immigration and its effects on our country. He was nodding but not taking any notes. He then mentioned to us that he had heard that the Minutemen were hunting people down with guns on the border.

We asked where he had heard that since it wasn't true. He replied that his wife was an illegal alien, a non-sequitur to be sure. He then went on to explain to us that illegal aliens were really nice people who just wanted to work. We tried to be polite, but it was clear that he had no interest whatsoever in anything we had to say. I wouldn't have minded chatting with him if he had just come over to shoot the breeze, but he presented himself as a reporter.

Mind you, this guy was supposed to be there to report not inform!

A little later I snuck out of the meeting to have a smoke. This was before the larger crowd of protesters showed up, I would say the protesters numbered around 50-60 at this point. As I stood on the stairway I watched another reporter laughing and chatting with several protesters. Let's just say the solidarity was unmistakable. I could hear most of their conversation and they were talking in warm tones about the "movement."

What's this, a reporter who favors one side over the other?

I'm not slamming all the reporters or coverage of the event. Some were very professional and conducted themselves appropriately. Unfortunately, from what I saw, they were also in the minority.

The coverage this morning has been more or less fair. I have no major complaints, though I still can't figure out why the media is so cool toward enforcing the law on this issue.

Isn't it sad that when I attend a function such as this, the very best I can hope for is to not be painted as a nut for supporting my country?



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