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Friday, October 14, 2005

The second front

Read this.

I would like to focus on this --

In addition to witnessing regular robberies occurring on the nearby railway, Mike claims that he and his security guards face continuous threats, intimidation, and even showdowns with cartel-influenced Mexican officials on a regular basis. Describing one incident from last year, he says, Mexican federal police came across with automatic weapons and ski masks and surrounded our security guards. Mike says that he identified them by their uniforms and vehicles, which included HUMVEES and helicopters. It's ongoing, he says, These incidents occur on a fairly regular basis.

This is not the first time I've heard of this. In fact it's the fourth or fifth, and I'm not really going out of my way to look for these incidents. How many would I find if I applied myself?

This is the second front in the war on terror. An ignored and lonely one which is being fought solely by our citizens with absolutely no help from our federal gubmint.

My wife and I recently read a story detailing the travails of an elderly lady living on the border. The fear she felt every day from the marauding aliens who made her life a living hell. My wife related the story to a co-worker who responded "but, why would she live there?".

Why would she want to live there indeed. The last time I checked it was American soil, and the last time I checked that was supposed to mean something. It does to me. If it were me some aliens would be going home with buckshot in their asses, but, that's just me. And those same aliens would probably own my ranch or hacienda courtesy psychotic judicial system who just loves illegals to death.

How much more shall we back off to make the "ILLEGAL" migrants (snort) happy? Should we just cede the border states and be done with it?

Well, at this point nobodies asking me but I'll share what I think anyway. It's time for us to take seriously the whole notion of nationhood, now more than ever. If that means troops on the border, fine. If that means mining the border, fine. I really don't care anymore. If only one American is terrorized by these border jumping criminal jackasses, that's one too many in my book.

I feel sorry for the businesses who will be forced to pay their employees a decent wage, no really. But it's time for this problem to be solved, today!



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