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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Chicago Minuteman Project's America First Summit Success Despite Protesters

We arrived at Christian Liberty Academy in Arlington Heights for the America First: Summit on National Security to find protesters already gathering. Some waved banners and signs, many of them labelling the summit attendees as "racists."

Someone beat on a drum as the protesters walked back and forth across the area where we had to enter the building. There was some mild and relatively quiet shouting aimed at us, even this early in the morning. Perhaps some of it came from this masked man.

Here's another guy with his face covered. I've never understood why, if you feel strongly enough about an issue to show up and protest, you'd want to keep your face covered. Seems cowardly, but hey, that's just me. As for me, if I'm going to stand up for something, I want to be #&$@! sure everyone knows it's me!

The flag that symbolizes why we care about this issue is flying on a flagpole to the right. Someone else evidently feels that his allegiance lies elsewhere.

We went out at lunch time to observe the crowd and a brief press conference.

Rosanna Pulido, co-founder of The Chicago Minuteman Project, spoke.

Meanwhile, the cops had shown up in force. Five protesters were arrested as they banged and pulled on the facility's gymnasium doors. The summit went on in a room upstair without our knowing what was going on outside.

We were not aware of any violence on the part of the protesters, but were later told that police were called in from 9 different surrounding towns, in addition to the Arlington Heights police. They showed up in full riot gear...a sight to behold. And all because we, and others like us, strongly believe that our lack of control on the borders and illegal immigration run amok are important issues that MUST be addressed by those we've elected to represent us.

Back inside after lunch, we heard from more great speakers. Here they all are -- we'll have more details up soon!

We stopped to say hi & grab a photo with Chris Simcox, founder of The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, which has gained media and citizen attention by patrolling our southern border. While Chris was speaking, he informed us that the protesters outside had slashed the tires of one of the summit attendees. We passed around a box to collect money to replace the man's tires, and Chris vowed that The Minutemen would pick up the balance of the tab for the gentleman (a Vietnam vet).

Jake picked a favorite quote of the day, so here's mine, which came from Robert Vasquez, Canyon County, Idaho County Commissioner who is now running for Congress:

"Mayberry is becoming mi barrio."

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