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Monday, October 17, 2005

What They Don't Tell You

Read this.

I'd like to focus on this paragraph --

Most of the protesters were peaceful, if loud, shouting slogans through bullhorns and banging on drums. But a small group of “anarchists” came looking for trouble, Arlington Heights Police Sgt. Richard Marcinkowski said.

It's a funny thing but my impressions of the event are in distinct contrast to the above reporting. I found the protesters profane, violent, threatening violence and abusive.

The above paragraph seems to give the impression that these were hippie types strolling around and protesting in a limp wristed fashion.

Ummm, no. That's not how it went at all. After the event and on Sunday we did a lot of googling on the topic of Chicago+Minutemen. I found a site that asked people to please keep their language clean as there would be children nearby. There are several park district type buildings nearby.

Needless to say this was not heeded. The language through the bullhorn and everywhere else was as foul as you can imagine.

Another thing that never fails to amuse. The primary motive force behind the protesters was...(wait for it) Communists!

That's right boys and girls, Communists. They were chanting "Workers of the world unite" and holding signs that read global world -- no borders. Well, I don't know about you but I'm an enormous fan of our borders and would like them to stay just where they are, only a whole lot tighter.

I mean, come on! Communism? How brain dead must you be to still be parroting this kind of crap? What would it take for this philosophy to finally be discredited? I just cannot and will not take it seriously when some earnest jack-ass steps up and begins spouting Communist crap. How many millions more have to die before we put paid to this sad sack of crap? (I'll climb off my soapbox now, as you can tell the sheer brainlessness of this just really gets me going)

Also, as my wife noted in another post, what is the deal with covering your face at a protest? My wife and I attended the Take Back The Memorial rally in Manhattan a couple of weeks ago. This was an important protest, one of the most critical in our lifetime of you ask me and what I recall of the crowd was how respectful it was. How meaningful it was to everybody there. No one raise their voice in anger, no one swore, no one's face was covered. Yet the protest was a smashing success.

If your proud of protesting (as we were at TBTM) why would you cover your face? Wouldn't you want to put your face out there? Isn't that how you score with Granola type chicks?

Anyway, whenever you come across a mention of a protest in the press feel free to have some skepticism about how they really behaved.

Filed under the heading of "They Really Don't Get It." Follow this link for a giggle at the clueless left trying to understand the Minutemen.



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