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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Doc Farmer: Border Patrol Walkout

We have posted many times on the case of Border Patrol agents Ramos and Compean, who are scheduled to begin prison sentences of 10+ years each in January.

I just came across this open letter from Doc Farmer to all Border Patrol agents in the wake of this travesty of justice (source: chronwatch).

First of all, thank you for your service. Your dedication to this nation is impressive and humbling. You do a tough job without nearly enough support from the government, in either manpower or equipment. You catch illegal aliens and drug smugglers, only to see them back on the American streets weeks (or even days) later. While you no longer have the infamous "catch and release" program, there's still no effective handling of the massive illegal alien problem by your employer -- the United States government.

However, that aside, you do your best with what you've got, and that's all that Americans could ask of you.

And yet, you're getting a really raw deal right now.
Please click over and read the whole thing. The opening is straightforward, but I guarantee you won't want to miss gems like this:

Aldrete-Davilla, on the other hand, not only gets NO prison time, he also gets the opportunity to SUE the Federal Government for his breaking of our laws and the resulting hot lead spank in the ass he so rightfully received.
And this:

Well, George W. Bush did issue some pardons a short while back. However, he was apparently too busy pardoning convicted drug dealers to get around to pardoning two men who were wrongly prosecuted and persecuted for trying to STOP a drug trafficker who was illegally in our country.
Not to mention this (after he suggests that all Border Patrol agents quite their jobs on the day Ramos and Compean are due to report to prison):

And if they try to force you back to work, may I suggest you invite a couple of Minutemen over to your house? Since Janet Reno's no longer in a position of power, I doubt very much that there'll be any early morning closet raids in any event...
Yeah. If they were still doing raids, maybe Elvira would already be outta here.

Jake here, just wanted to remind you that the agents DON'T want a pardon. As I learned in my conversation with Rich Pierce ""We'll take a pardon if that's the best we can get," Mr. Pierce said, but "If all they get is a pardon their still guilty and they will not be eligible to get their jobs back, we need a reversal.""

For some reason this message doesn't appear to be popular in the blogosphere, even those posting about this have ignored this article. Again, the agents don't want a pardon, because they'll still be considered guilty and not be able to return to the Border Patrol they want a reversal.

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