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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Illegal Immigration: What's The Real Cost?

I keep hearing that illegal immigrants don't use social services yet a spate of articles today seem to belie that position...

Immigration bill passes Senate committee

Supporters of the plan say it will make Georgia safer by removing illegal residents with arrest warrants or deportation orders against them and free up state services now being used improperly by illegals.
Illegal immigration frustrates Sullivan
Illegal aliens are endangering Oklahomans by driving without licenses or auto insurance and straining local social services, Sullivan said.
Illegal immigrants' children costing N.C. more
RALEIGH (AP) — The cost of educating children of illegal immigrants in North Carolina is more than 20 times what it was 10 years ago, and some argue the money would be better spent on other students.

A study by the Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill showed educating illegal immigrants' children costs the state an estimated $210 million a year. Ten years before, the figure was less than $10 million.
Illegal immigrants take advantage of our system
The illegal Mexicans are paid $7-8 dollars an hour but the living wage for a single person is at least $10.50, and many of the Mexicans have their families here––illegally, of course. Who pays the difference between what they earn and what they need to survive? We all do.

If they don't live on the farm, the illegals may be occupying subsidized housing. With no requirement to prove they are here legally, they may receive Medicaid, food stamps, and free education and school lunches for their children––who probably require expensive English language classes. The University of Vermont extension service pays a translator to teach English to the Mexicans and Spanish to the farmers, all at taxpayer expense. Pricey emergency rooms are where illegals get their medical care and if they are injured or have babies, we all pay their bills.

Virtually no illegals pay income tax and a lot of what they earn is removed from our economy and sent home to Mexico – while the taxpayers subsidize them and their employers. Those employers probably do not collect and remit state, federal, Social Security, or Medicare taxes. Could your local stores get away with that? This "cheap labor" is extremely expensive for all of us.

Common sense tells me that illegals almost have to be using public services that should rightly be for citizens. Yet proponents of illegal immigration would have us believe that there is no cost to society from the massive influx of illegal aliens.

That seems to fly in the face of reason. How can people be paid the wages that illegals earn and make ends meet? Answer, they can't, so there are costs somewhere. How much? We won't know until the flood stops and we see how much money is freed up.

My guess, it'll be a whole bunch.

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Remember The .Com Bubble?

I am no economic genius. I don't make that claim, what I do claim though is that I am blessed with good old fashioned common sense which has kept me away from poor investments on more than one occasion.

During the .com bubble I kept asking people allegedly smarter than me "but what are they selling?" They would give me a piteous glance and then talk to me as though I were retarded. Well, some won big and some lost big on that deal, but I argue it was bad for business and even worse for our country.

We hear a lot of the same talk about China, may I remind those go-go investor's that at the end of the day China is a Communist country?

Want to see the next to good to be true deal?

Source: Foreign Policy

The Dark Side of China’s Rise
China’s economic boom has dazzled investors and captivated the world. But beyond the new high-rises and churning factories lie rampant corruption, vast waste, and an elite with little interest in making things better. Forget political reform. China’s future will be decay, not democracy.

And why shouldn’t they believe the hype? The record of China’s growth over the past two decades has proved pessimists wrong and optimists not optimistic enough. But before we all start learning Chinese and marveling at the accomplishments of the Chinese Communist Party, we might want to pause for a moment. Upon close examination, China’s record loses some of its luster. China’s economic performance since 1979, for example, is actually less impressive than that of its East Asian neighbors, such as Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan, during comparable periods of growth. Its banking system, which costs Beijing about 30 percent of annual GDP in bailouts, is saddled with nonperforming loans and is probably the most fragile in Asia. The comparison with India is especially striking. In six major industrial sectors (ranging from autos to telecom), from 1999 to 2003, Indian companies delivered rates of return on investment that were 80 to 200 percent higher than their Chinese counterparts. The often breathless conventional wisdom on China’s economic reform overlooks major flaws that render many predictions about China’s trajectory misleading, if not downright hazardous.
I can almost sense the pitying looks.

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The Bravery Of The MSM

All Are Welcome In The Democrat Party...


Down With Tyranny blog brings us this delightful tirade from Rickie Lee Jones against Joe Lieberman...(emphasis mine)

Lieberman was the first indication that there were actually Republicans in the Democratic Party. Forgive my naivety, but before the series of betrayals by Lieberman against important progressive legislation... I thought people with his sensibilities, voting for the war, for the Patriot Act, and voting against Medicare benefits for a very severely taxed generation of elderly ill, and against the few ideological stands the so-called left has been willing to brush up against since Bush took office... here were registered Republicans. Herr Lieberman helped me realize there is not much of a fine line left between the middle of the right and the edge of the left. We have moved so far over that even middle America stands perched on one foot, with it's one strand of hair tossed across its frowning face, trying to straighten the coffee in a cup that will forever be leaning far too right to ever feel balanced again.
What is it with Democrats and the Nazi allusions? Especially nice against someone who's Jewish. While there is nothing wrong with disagreement in a party, lord knows there are plenty of Rhino's who aren't my favorite people, I don't recall ever referring to them as Nazi's.

As you folks on the left fall all over yourselves congratulating Mz. Jones, I say for shame. You claim to be the party of tolerance, seems that tolerance exists only for those who toe your party line. You certainly have shown me what your tolerance consists of, and it's a mighty thin gruel.

While you all continue to get your ass handed to you in elections just keep reminding yourselves that no matter how horrible and objectionable your personal actions may be, all is excused because you're always right!


Why Is It...

All the sane Muslims I see are no longer believers?

This Arab-American psychologist kicks some ass, watch the Imam wiggling, not a happy camper!

Check this out

Maybe there is something to this whole America thing!

H/T Ace of Spades

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Disrespecting The Fallen

Source: Eyewitness news

Due to the ridiculous flap over the cartoons there has been a lot of talk and debate over what is and isn't properly free speech. Let me share two examples that fall outside of the rubric of free speech to me at least...

Dead soldier's home vandalized
Kokomo, February 27 - For the family who lives in a modest home in Kokomo, the fatal Iraq attack came last week.

Then the attack at home followed.

Vandals defaced the home of Sgt. Rickey Jones' family. Eggs were thrown and flags were stolen. Sgt. Jones, a Kokomo High School graduate, was one four soldier's with the 101st killed west of Baghdad last week.

So who, one week before his burial in his hometown, would vandalize a fallen hero's house?

Neighbor Robyn Ousley is at a loss to explain. "I have no idea, somebody pretty, pretty awful."

Another friend, Bill Swaggerty, says there is more than vandalism for the family to deal with. They're calling here and saying, 'I'm glad your son is dead' and it's wrong."

The family's neighbors have closed ranks, bringing food and flying flags at half-staff. All are signs of respect for Sgt. Jones.
There are things civilized people don't do and this is one of those things. You have a beef with this war or the President's handling of it, fine, you have many, many legal and constituitional means to rectify that situation.

To call and say that you're glad a families son is dead is beyond my ability to comprehend. No matter how much you hate the war, how sick and twisted must you be inside for this to seem like a good idea to you?

But when you go after the family you go too far in my book, and I doubt I'm alone in that sentiment. But wait it gets worse...
But there is a threat of disrespect from out of state.

The same Kansas church group that has been picketing soldier's funerals around the U.S. and Indiana will be in Kokomo too. The group claims U.S. soldier deaths are punishment for U.S. tolerance of gays.

Kokomo Police will have extra security and are running extra patrols at the house. Swaggerty, a veteran himself, says he convinced Rickey Jones to join up. He can't believe Sgt. Jones' memory would be attacked in this way. "It's wrong. He would come home on leave. His friends (were) very respectful to my wife and my family. He was a very good kid."

Swaggerty supports a move in the legislature to keep protesters back from military funerals.

Neighbor Ousley agrees. "He just went over there for us. I think it is awful."

Services for Sgt. Jones are set for next Monday. In the meantime Kokomo Police have increased patrols around his family's house.
Sicko Fred Phelps as far as I'm concerned can say whatever he wants to say, but he doesn't have a right to invade the grief of a devastated family to deliver that message. I have joined the Patriot Guard Riders and if you care about the troops and their families you should too.

Also, the good folks over at Euphoric Reality have provided an address for Sgt. Jones family. Let's draw our national arms around them and remind them that we value and appreciate their son's sacrifice as well as their own.

Kokomo High School

2501 S. Berkley Road

Kokomo, Indiana 46902

No matter your position on free speech, as a practical matter we must honor our fallen soldiers and the families who are hurting and protect them form these hate filled voices. Please take the time to send a card and reaffirm your love for this country and those families who have given all that we may remain free.

As seen @
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National Abortion Providers Appreciation Day???

Am I making this up? I wish I was...

Support Abortion Providers

National Abortion Providers Appreciation Day is coming up!

Pomegranate Radical Health Collective will be hosting a party to raise funds to send "thank you" presents (cards, flowers/plants, candies) to abortion clinics for the National Abortion Providers Appreciation Day! There will be cards to sign and sample letters to the editors, dancing and merriment, a raffle ($1 tickets with prizes such as vibrators donated from Early to Bed, "look at your cervix!" kits, various zines, and snacks.
I found this ad here on Chicago Indymedia.

This just makes me want to hurl. It's one thing to stand up for something you believe in, but to throw a party for abortion? What's that you say? Who said anything about a party?

The Party
Where: Mercury Cafe (1505 W. Chicago Ave.)
When: Sunday, March 5th from 6-9pm
How much: $5-10, no one turned away (basically pay what you can)
They did. As if paying these heartless bastards to snuff out the life of an unborn child isn't enough, some people actually want to throw them a fuckin' party.

And why do they claim there's a need to throw a party to honor baby killers?

Why? In our increasingly anti-choice country, it's important to let those on the front-lines- people actually providing abortions- know that we appreciate them and all they do. Started in 1996 by the group Refuse & Resist, it is held on March 10th, the anniversary of the assassination of Dr. David Gunn, the first provider murdered by an anti-abortion extremist. It is a day to remember and honor Dr. Gunn and others who have and continue to put their lives on the line daily to make choice possible. Without abortion providers, there can be no "choice." And without choice women cannot be free to live and plan their lives!
I can agree with these asshats (as much as it pains me) on one thing: murdering the abortion doctors is not the answer.

Actually, I can agree with them on two things. Women do have a right to choice. For the record, I am against abortion except in the cases of rape, incest, and when the mother's health is at risk. Women already have a choice, and it has absolutely nothing to do with Roe v. Wade. They are free to have sex when and with whom they want to...and they should bear the responsibility of that choice each and every time they make it.

Finally, the ad offers some suggestions in case you're unable to party with the others gathering to celebrate death...

If you can't make it to the party, here are other suggestions:

  • Praise clinic staff and doctors with cards and letters of appreciation. Let them know they have your support and thanks.
  • Bring your local clinic staff flowers or a breakfast basket of fruit or muffins.
  • Organize local appreciation day events.
  • Organize with others to hold a March 10th dinner with area providers.
  • Step up to the front lines and be a volunteer clinic escort.
  • Ask your local provider how you can help.
  • Write your local newspaper, call talk shows to express support.
  • Take out ads in your newsletters and local newspapers.
  • Use your imagination, creativity and dedication to help create a climate at clinics where women, doctors and staff can hold their heads high without feeling shamed or fearing assault.
It's that last one that gets me. Making a place where "doctors and staff can hold their heads high without feeling shamed..."

I can't make someone feel shame. That comes from within. I can point something out that I think is wrong, but the other person will only feel shame if he knows it's wrong, too.

Oh, and, by the way...

We reserve the right to kick out anti-choice people or other non-respectful people.
It seems people who disagree with them are automatically deemed "non-respectful" and are unwelcome. I guess I should consider myself lucky that abortion doesn't exactly get me in the party mood.

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Plastic Man To The Rescue!

So, it turns out Plastic Man was patrolling the Southern border in the 50's. Who knew?

H/T Brainster's Blog If you can't read it Brainster has the blow-up!

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Monday, February 27, 2006

Let's Not!

Recently while having the misfortune of listening to Michael Medved he expressed scorn for the idea that some wish to erase our borders.

Well as a person who follows border issues closely I can tell you he's not only wrong but laughably wrong, bordering on being a shill for this administration. Feast your eyes on the proof...

From: The Albany Democrat Herald
Consider an open border with Mexico

John Trumbo, the sheriff of Umatilla County, has asked Mexico to pay for the upkeep of inmates from that country who came to the United States illegally. It’s a good occasion once again to address the relationship between the U.S. and our neighbor to the south.

Mexico will not, of course, pay Umatilla County anything. It has no more reason to do so than does any other country whose citizens come to the United States and then get arrested.

In addition, as the Mexican consul general in Oregon properly pointed out, if some Mexican citizens add to the cost of the Pendleton jail, other Mexican citizens also add to the revenue of the government there by working in the economy, earning and spending money and paying taxes. So as far as the county and the state are concerned, the money angle is probably a wash.

Trumbo’s request, though, has indirectly opened another line of inquiry: Why don’t Mexico and the United States cooperate more broadly on a lot of things so that the question of the border would matter less?

We have the North American Free Trade Agreement, which links the economies of the United States, Mexico and Canada. But this arrangement doesn’t seem to extend to the movement of people.

If it did, there would be no such person as an illegal alien from Mexico — or Canada — in the United States. Instead, citizens of each would be free to move from any one of the three countries to one of the others. They could live where they wanted and work wherever they were qualified to work, or where their labor was wanted and needed. In fact, Mexico already allows Americans to come in and stay indefinitely if they can support themselves.

This isn’t such a radical notion. Europe has worked out something like it with the European Union. As far as trade and the movement of people are concerned, borders have disappeared. But the countries themselves continue to exist. Europeans still live in their same old countries and under their same old laws, with some modifications to promote continental unity.

Look at the potential benefits if we did something similar in North America. No more hassling of Hispanics in Oregon. No more building of fences along the border. No more deaths of migrants in the Sonora Desert. No more disputes over whether Oregon and other states should issue driver’s licenses. Reforms in Mexico (we must hope) to raise living standards of those people who now feel their only choice for economic survival is to sneak into the United States.

Sure, there are all kinds of potential pitfalls. But if borders can be erased in a continent that includes economies as diverse as Sweden and Sicily, North America should be able to do the same. (hh)
Okay, let's dismantle this odiforous pile, shall we?

Our intrepid (and anonymous) editor suggests that Mexico rightly shouldn't recompense Umatilla county for incarcerating it's citizens, no more than any other country would for its citizen's who break our laws.

The difference is that no other country sends the volume of illegal immigrants Mexico does. Also no other country finds as many of its citizens in our prison and jail populations (when I worked at a jail outside Denver about half the time not one of the inmates spoke english, they were Mexican to a man)

We then move into a little rap about the joys of NAFTA and learn we can solve this problem by the simple expediency of opening our borders as Europe has done...


Look, I realize our IQ challenged editor couldn't think his way through a fourth grade primer but let me explain why that's a bad, nay hideous idea.

Those countries that are part of the European union have a parity of equality. Their economies are fairly similar, also we have seen in the recent past the problems a large unassimilated population of immigrants can cause in France and now the rest of Europe.

Also, I will ask this question again, who benefits from these trade "agreements" (do you know why they're agreements not treaties? Because treaties would require a 2/3's vote in Congress, something they know they won't get) Cuz I would argue it's not the averge American. Where are all the jobs slick Willy promised? I know I haven't seen them. Rather I have seen more and more jobs disappearing overseas and while I certainly want good things for people across this globe, it shouldn't be at the expense of our own citizenry, and at the instigation of our own government.

We are told that the concepts of offshoring and inshoring and the like are natural phenomonon like a hurricane or an earthquake, so sorry, nothing we can do about it.

I hope I'm not being to delicate here but...BULLSHIT!!!

These are situations that are pure creations and could go away tomorrow. The fact people don't want them to go away hardly means they can't, it merely means they won't. All the difference in the world. Want to stop offshoring? Stop paying companies out of our tax dollars to move jobs overseas, want to stop inshoring? Stop believing "prince of darkness" CEO's when they start whining that American workers are the worst in the world.

It's not complicated folks, we're gettin' shafted and paying for the privilege.n This is akin to the whore paying the John and then the John demands a thank you!

We are then told to consider the upsides of such a borderless future. Hispanics (ILLEGALS natch) would no longer be hassled in Oregon. No more fences along the border. No more questions about providing ILLEGAL aliens with every service rightly held by citizens.

Well, all these things are true. It would solve some problems at the expense of no longer having a country that looks, acts or even pretends to be America anymore.

That okay by you?

Our anonymous editor then softly acknowledges there might be some minor pesky details to work out, but what the hell, they'll have more readers, right?

Even if those readers can no longer afford to buy a newspaper. The only outcome of a polic like this would be the devastation of this country, and that's not overstating by an inch. If anything I'm understating. We would then be part of the greater Mexican States, not something I particularly relish, with all the crime, disease, and just general crap that goalong with being a third world country. Which is what we would be.

We are already becoming one, why is our government and major media trying to speed that process up?

I for one am throwing down a gauntlet. There are certain things you cannot legislate and ask me to respect. The dissolution of my beloved country is one of those things. So here is my promise. Pass a guest worker program I will do everything in my power to subvert, undermine and generally make life difficult for all involved. Pass any sort of amnesty I will never respect the citizenship of any person who came here illegally. Never! I will work for the rest of my life to see those people stripped of that false and dishonest and frankly demeaning citizenship and summarily removed from this country.

And most of all. Any further attempts to remove this countries border will be met with force of arms. If I have to stand on the border myself I will. I will no longer stand by while the dancing pimps in Washington sell out and hand away my country.

I am an American, I used to think I was represented in Washington by fellow Americans. I have come to the sad conclusion that that is no longer true. We are being served by the vilest species of elitists and generally self serving bums. I'm putting you asshats on notice, I'm mad as hell and can't take much more.

Listen up!

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Guard The Borders Blogburst

As a parent with two kids in Texas schools, I have a pet peeve. I really, really resent that their education is hampered by kids who can’t speak English. I’ve seen classes that move mind-bogglingly slow as teachers have to work one-on-one with children who shouldn’t be there in the first place. It’s enough to make me grind my teeth in frustration!

I am a big proponent of the immersion method of learning a language. It is my firm belief that once in America, immigrants should learn our language, and the best way is by complete and total immersion. When we lived in Mexico, we placed my son into a public school in the local village so that he could learn the language more rapidly. I continued to teach him at home what he needed to know to keep his education above American standards, and his classroom experience was for language purposes only. We asked for no special considerations, we just did what was necessary. It was not easy, but it worked.

That is only one of the reasons it is so offensive to see our tax dollars paying for immigrants, many of them here illegally, to receive special dispensations because they can’t (or won’t) learn our language! But why should they learn, when almost everything is bi-lingual anyways?

Recently in Arizona, an activist judge has ruled that it’s not enough that American citizens pay for a free education for the children of illegal aliens, and it’s not enough that the classes are dumbed-down for non-English speakers, but now the taxpayers must pay exorbitant funds to provide special classes for children who don’t speak English!
One of the most outrageous examples of out-of-control judges is the case called Flores v. Arizona, now pending in federal court in Tucson. Originally filed in 1992, plaintiff lawyers claim to represent an estimated 160,000 children of illegal immigrants attending Arizona public schools.

The case seeks to force Arizona taxpayers to pay for bringing these children, euphemistically called English Language Learners, up to grade level. The lawyers are trying to accomplish this by turning a state legislative issue into a federal judicial command.
The background for attempting to accord special “rights” to non-American, non-English speaking residents was predicated on a case in Alabama where liberals tried to add the word “language” to the Civil Rights Act, thereby making it illegal to discriminate on the basis of language. While the case was originally successful in the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, it was reversed by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Based upon that, Arizona Judge Alfredo C. Marquez, appointed by Jimmy Carter, ruled against the Arizona taxpayers, but had enough restraint to recognize that he could not substitute the court's "educational values and theories for the educational and political decisions reserved to state or local school authorities." Nevertheless, he tasked the legislature with performing a cost study.

Over the next few years, the Arizona legislature passed three bills for this special funding. However, none of them were as large as Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano, a Democrat, wanted and so she vetoed all three. Governor Napolitano wanted the Arizona Legislature to appropriate nearly $1,200 per immigrant child, totaling $192 million, without accountability for how it was to be spent. Obviously, the governor, with the judge’s ruling on her side, could sit and wait until the legislature saw things her way.

Unfortunately, the next judge in succession of Marquez, upped the ante. Appointed by Bill Clinton, Judge Ramer C. Collins, decided to punitively fine the Arizona State Legislature for not funding special accommodations for non-English speaking students.
In December 2005, Collins imposed fines of $500,000 a day, escalating to $2 million a day, for every day that the legislature fails to authorize funding acceptable to the governor.
Since Jan. 25, millions of dollars in court-ordered fines have been accumulating. If this continues to the end of the legislative session, the fines will total more than $77 million.
Who knew that an activist judge could legislate taxes and state funding?
If there is any issue that should be clearly and exclusively a function of the legislature elected by the people it is the matter of raising taxes and spending the people's money. Unfortunately, there are many supremacist judges who think they (in this case, a judge and a governor) can order the legislature to raise taxes and tell them how to spend taxpayer money.
While many Americans in other states think that these problems are confined to the four states with Hispanic majorities (TX, CA, AZ, and NM) - think again. Small towns across America are finding their educational systems utterly compromised by an influx of illegal workers and their families: Melrose, MN; Delavan, WI; Herndon, VA; Wassau, WI; Des Moines, IA; Raleigh, NC; Fort Myers, FL; Sioux Falls, SD; Grand Rapids, MI and North Platte, NE. Still think it’s not your problem?!

As one small town resident has said, “I, along with millions of other American citizens, am sick and tried of the politicians and others treating illegal aliens like honored guests! They are not honored, and they are not guests.”

H/T: American Daughter


This has been a production of the Guard the Borders Blogburst. It is syndicated by Euphoric Reality, and serves to keep immigration issues in the forefront of our minds as we're going about our daily lives and continuing to fight the war on terror. If you are concerned with the trend of illegal immigration in our country, join the Blogburst! Send an email with your blog name and url to euphoricrealitynet at gmail dot com.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Ahhh, The Stench Of Incoherency

It really is shaping up as bash Turkey night around this here beyatch!

This just in: Incoherent threats from an adherent of the religion of pieces! (does this count as my first Fatwa?)
To Jake Jacobsen ...





Okay, first things first! Yes, I am proud of myself stupidly, just wanted to clear that up.

Second, ONE DAY...what?

You'll butter my buns and tell me I'm sassy?

Wait, no, you'll prove me wrong with your blazing mutant intellect?

Oh, I know, your going to cover me in honey and show me that you're my man!

Nah, it's probably just something boring like sawing my head off while chanting Allah Akbar or something like that.

Oh well.

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Anti-Semitic film cheered with cries of 'Allah is great'

Oh what the hell! It's bash Turkey night here at the Freedom Folks.
German authorities worried by audience reaction
of Turkish movie goers to 'Valley of the Wolves'

Source: WND

The raucous reception by some members of Germany's 2.5 million-strong Turkish community to "Valley of the Wolves," a movie depicting crazed U.S. troops in Iraq massacring a wedding party and a Jewish doctor removing organs from prisoners, has German politicians worried – so worried, Bavaria's interior minister sent intelligence service agents to theaters showing the film to "gauge" audience reaction and identify potential radicals.

The $10 million dollar film, by Turkish director Serdan Akar, has already been wildly successful in Turkey, where its debut was attended by the wife of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. "It is an extraordinary film that will go down in history," Turkish Parliament speaker Bulent Arinc, president of the Turkish National Assembly told the Anatolia press agency.

And yadda-yadda-yadda! The Germans want to pull the film over fears it will spark terror attacks. I say, hand out the rope boys, cuz these cats never know when to quit.

The movie, which began showings in Germany three weeks ago, has played to sold out audiences since. Over 130,000 people, mostly young Muslims, saw the film in its first five days. The London Telegraph reports Berlin audiences, made up mostly of Turkish young men, clapping furiously when the building housing the U.S. military commander in northern Iraq is blown up and a standing ovation – accompanied by shouts of "Allah is great!" – when the movie's American antagonist, played by Billy Zane, is stabbed in the chest.

"The Americans always behave like this," one 18-year-old viewer said. "They slaughtered the Red Indians and killed thousands in Vietnam. I was not shocked by the film, I see this on the news every day."

While the film could be dismissed as an action film in which Muslims turn the tables on Rambo, the anti-Semitic element has drawn some of the most serious criticism.

The villain of the movie is an American Jewish doctor, played by Gary Busey, who selects Iraqi prisoners, in a manner reminiscent of Nazi concentration camp doctor Joseph Mengele, and removes their organs to sell to rich buyers in the U.S. and Israel.

"Wolves" director Akar employed Soner Yalcin, a journalist who has popularized the Islamist notion that many of Turkey's leaders are descended from Jews, as an adviser on the film.

Always a comfort when your allies are as crazy as goddamn bedbugs, no?

Ahlin Sahdin, the film's distributor in Germany, sees the conflict in broader terms: "When a cartoonist insults two billion Muslims it is considered freedom of opinion, but when an action film takes on the Americans it is considered demagoguery. Something is wrong."

Uh-huh, that one is only selling in crazy world pal, nice try though.

The film begins by recounting an actual event that occurred in northern Iraq in July 2003, according to the Forward, when U.S. troops arrested and held 11 Turkish soldiers who were later released. The fictional Turkish hero seeks revenge for the humiliation of his fellow Turks and sets the scene for American troops to massacre innocent guests at a wedding party, firebomb a mosque during evening prayers and conduct summary executions.

Well of course, as Jane Fonda will tell you our guys are "killing machines." Thanks for helping the cause Jane! She's a true American hero, wait, did I say American? So sorry, I of course meant to say Communist!

A final thought on our "allies." (emphasis mine)
The movie, which reportedly cost about $10 million (euro 8.3 million), is a work of fiction and does not purport to level allegations against American troops. It is part of a genre of popular culture in Turkey that demonizes the United States.

Turkey: Getting On My Nerves

Okay, I posted on the movie "Valley Of The Wolves:Iraq" a while ago and comments starting pouring in from our beleaugered ally. It turns out I'm a big meanie, oh well, I think I'll live.

"A Proud Citizen"
of Asshattistan writes...
You should say there is a freedom of speech as long as we like it! Last year, the West Wing had an episode of Turkish family who were going to kill their daughter, just because she wanted to divorce. The president of the US, save the young women’s life. Do you think this is really happening in Turkey? Well, I tell you, NO. Instead of swearing at you, we accepted the fact that some you guys are ignorant.
Um, okay, judging by his interesting grammar choices one would think he'd be a bit more familiar with his home country, such as say this...

Preachers Told to Condemn Turkey’s Honor Killings
State Minister Mehmet Aydin made his appeal after Turkish newspapers reported the fatal shooting of a woman on Friday by her two brothers as she lay in a hospital bed in Istanbul recovering from an earlier assassination attempt.

The papers said Guldunya Toren, 22, who came from the town of Bitlis in southeast Turkey, had been killed after giving birth to a child outside wedlock a few months ago. The Vatan daily said she had been raped by her cousin.

Reports quoted a women’s organization, Ka-Mer, as saying there were currently 25 other women hiding from male relatives in Turkey after receiving death threats. Ka-Mer said women could face death simply for failing to cover their heads.
Or perhaps this...

Father strangles 14-year-old daughter in Turkey's latest ``honor'' killing
Ignoring the pleas of his 14-year-old daughter to spare her life, Mehmet Halitogullari pulled on a wire wrapped around her neck and strangled her -- supposedly to restore the family's honor after she was kidnapped and raped.

Nuran Halitogullari, buried Thursday in a ceremony attended by women's rights advocates, is the latest victim in a long history of so-called "honor" killings, which Turkey's government is struggling to curb.
The list goes on asshat, you got anything to say...I thought not. Moving on.

Cihan from North Jerkistan writes...
about the movie:
its comlpetely all about shows the american crime in our hoods.this is middle east man.get the hell out of here.this is our town
Reyhan from Lower Idiotstan shares this...
hey ım turkish..this film is just telling about truths..americans r killers !!get away from ıraq .stop this..if turks say something it ll happen soon..dont worry!!! IM PROUD OF MY NATIONALITY...GOD BLESS TURKS..
See "Honor Killings" above. Oh, and my buddy MasterGunner much prefers "Ice Cold Killing Machines." Make a note of it.

Jenissary Aga who dwells in the delightful hamlet of Crackpipistan opines...
have you ever heard Kurtulus War, the war that the Turks get their freedom back from you, the first war made and end with a victory against imperialism which also resulted in a rebellion boycotts and finally freedom in other eastern countries in which yours bloody hands were on.
Our hands were on? Do you mean 'Merica or just the mean ole' West? Look, you got your ass handed to you back in the day, get over it, move on. But we/'Merica had nothing to do with it.

Just in case you had any concerns he might be sane he is nice enough to offer...
I think you also don't know the truths about your country . The Truth is this; you destroyed your twin towers by yourself and named it as terrorism then kept your huge ass over and dropped it Middle east ONLY for oil...
Basarduran who inhabits a quaint cave near Buttheadistan has this to share...
You american people have less IQ and education than our children.The only working part of you is your mouth, brain is out of order.You r living in an unrealistic world.Wake up and see the truth.In addition dont talk about Atatürk without having a brain.

Trying to get in the spirit of the thing I offered this...
I think I can play this game too...

Q: How many Turks does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

A: I'll tell you when they get electricity!
TrIceCold who shares a nice three flat with his gay lover on the West Side chimes in...
For ignoarnt americans only; no need to write how right we are how wrong you are. one example settles all the discussion on who is more barbaric. You dropped 2 nuclear bombs on Civilian cities in Japan to show your power. 135.000 in Hiroshima which was half of its pop back then and 64.000 people in nagazaki all civilian, women, children, babies in couple of seconds, not tanks, not soldiers. I think even if everything you say was true about Turkey, we still couldnt catch up with you in hundred years. and please educate yourselfs cos your government censors everything and you are not even aware of it.
You're right! You couldn't catch up in a thousand years, especially if you keep raping and then killing your daughters, though this may be some subtlety of Islam us decadent Westerners just can't possibly understand.

Avenger brings us a message from the Religion Of Pieces (ROP)...
u.s. and brits committed horrific acts of violence in Iraq to better serve to their zionist masters...
u.s. is the enemy of Allah and his messenger. Allah can never be defeated, but He will destroy the u.s.
This is the final verdict...

'O mighty u.s., you thought that you were strong, mighty and rich. You thought that you will never face fear, destruction and defeat...But all the things that you had fear of will strike you...You will suffer defeat, poverty, humiliation and finally destruction. It is because you over run the limits, spread injustice, filth and terror...'
Filth? And here I thought cleanliness was next to godliness?

Let's wrap up this cavalcade of hits with this nugget from Moskit...
The movie is about the facts. Why everybody is getting so upset?
America is evil. Bottomline. -Rus
Let's just remind ourselves of what we're talking about here. In the first Gulf War some Turkish special forces guys were embarrassed by our guys, our bad, rather it hadn't happened, but there you have it.

So what do our asshat allies do in response?

They make a movie which features a Jewish doctor cutting out the organs from living people and selling them on the streets of major cities.

Ex-squeeze me, perhaps I've lost my damn mind here but what does that have to do with anything? Our soldiers are embarrassed...It must be the Joos!

This is not the hallmark of sanity folks, it just ain't.

This just in: Mein Kampf bestseller in Turkey

"A lot of people in the West don't realize this has always been a popular book among radical Muslims," says Steve Hagerman, founder of Turkish World Outreach. "They think it's a tragedy Hitler didn't win the war. This is symptomatic of growing anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism in the country."

These are our allies?

There's lots more wackiness if you follow the links, I only scratched the surface here. I have feeling this post will generate another one down the road a bit.

As seen @
The conservative cat Don Surber Is it just me? Bloggin' Outloud Pursuing holiness third world county pirates man yer vimmens! right wing nation basil's blog Jo's cafe bright & early

Blue star chronicles

The Artyom Reader

Cheat seeking missiles

Gary Sinise: A Class Act

As mush as we rag on Hollyweird around this here blog it's incumbent on us to recognize when somebody from that community does something exemplary and without fanfare.

Gary Sinise is doing just that. With his Operation Iraqi Children he is helping Iraqi kids get the tools they need to get an education.

If this isn't a good cause I don't know what is.

My hats off to you sir!

H/T Blue Star Chronicles

Quote Of The Day

To be civilized is to restrain the ability to commit mayhem.
To be incapable of committing mayhem is not the mark of the civilized,
merely the domesticated. – Trefor Thomas

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The American Worker Under Assault

Employees at KLA-Tencor in San Jose, CA got some very bad news last night. They were told that they will be required to train a crew of Indians that will be arriving in the morning. After their replacements have been adequately trained their employment will be terminated after 60 days. Once trained, the Indians will be moved back to India to resume operations.
This from's Job Destruction Newsletter dated February 23, 2006. It's too new to be in their archives yet, but it should be up in a couple of weeks.

About 15-20 once-loyal employees in the Accounts Payable department are affected. These jobs are considered back office and are mostly clerical. As we all know the BPO business is booming in India, and KLA-Tencor wants to join the party.

The Indians are downstairs at this moment as HR processes them in. TheTencor employees are upstairs waiting to be marched to the execution chamber. Everyone is walking around like zombies. People are crying. It's a bad situation at Tencor right now.

Tencor is using the 60 days employment to blackmail the American employees into training their Indian replacements. If they don't train their replacements they will be fired on the spot. Gracious of them, huh?
Un be-freakin'-lievable. Not really, of course -- we all know this is going on -- but your brain just doesn't want to process the info, does it? It makes my whole body ache to read this shit.

Jake and I are joining an Illinois Minuteman Project rally this afternoon to support the American worker against the invasion of ILLEGAL aliens and those who love them (read: want to give them amnesty). The American Worker is just getting screwed from all sides. If your job isn't threatened by someone coming here ILLEGALLY to take it, your company just might decide to let someone in India do it instead. After YOU train them, of course.

It's bullshit, and to add insult to injury, it's courtesy of THE PEOPLE WE ELECTED TO REPRESENT US.

If you aren't already jumping up and down screaming at them, WHY THE HELL NOT?
A few good resources...

Numbers USA
Federation for American Immigration Reform
Center for Immigration Studies
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How To Destroy America

The magic formula for doing away with this great nation isn't magic at all. In fact, this eight-step process is as easy as apple pie.

Take it from the former Governor of Colorado, Dick Lamm, who revealed the "steps" at an immigration-overpopulation conference in Washington D.C., attended by some of America's deepest thinkers.

Before Lamm, however, the first speaker, a brilliant professor named Victor Hansen Davis, gave his talk. He discussed his new book "Mexifornia" which told how immigrants, both legal and illegal, were destroying the entire state of California. He said this wave of immigrants would eventually march across the country until it destroyed all aspects of The American Dream.

Then it was Gov. Lamm's turn. He stood up, walked quietly to the lectern and began to speak. What he said stunned the audience. They sat absolutely spellbound as the ex-governor casually said, "If you believe that America is too smug, too self-satisfied, too rich, then let's destroy it. It is not hard to do. If you know how to go about it."

Then, Lamm went on to reveal the procedure that he said was certain to do the trick. He spelled out the eight simple steps.
"First," Lamm said, "I would turn America into a multi-lingual and multi-cultural country. History shows that no nation can survive the tension, conflict, and antagonism of two or more competing languages and cultures.

"Second, I would encourage immigrants to maintain their culture and make it an article of belief that all cultures are equal, and that the Black and Hispanic dropout rates are due to prejudice and discrimination by the majority.

"Third, I would celebrate diversity rather than unity. I would encourage all immigrants to keep their own language. It is important that we have various cultural sub-groups living in America, reinforcing their differences, rather than emphasizing their similarities.

"Fourth, I would make the fastest growing demographic group the least educated. I would add a second underclass. They would be unassimilated, uneducated, and antagonistic to our general population.

"Fifth, I would get big foundations and businesses to give these efforts lots of money. I would establish a cult of 'Victimology' by starting a grievance industry blaming all minority failures on the majority population.

"Sixth, to bring down America, I would produce dual citizenships and promote divided loyalties. Celebrate diversity over unity. Stress differences rather than likenesses. Greece had a common language and literature and all worshipped the same God, but Greece fell to the Persians. E. Pluribus Unum - from many, one. If I put emphasis on the 'pluribus' instead of the 'unum' I can balkanize America as surely as I'm standing here.

"Seventh, I would place all subject matter off limits---make it taboo to talk about anything against the cult of diversity. I would make it impossible to enforce immigration laws. I would have a mantra, It would be this: because immigration has been good for America in the past, it must therefore always be good.

"Last, I would censor Professor Victor Davis's book, "Mexifornia," It exposes the dangerous plan to destroy America. If you feel America deserves to be destroyed, don't read that book."
This is not new, but it's awfully good. I stumbled across it and couldn't resist posting it.

It also made me consider something. Let's posit that we have already lost this battle, the numbers of legal and illegal immigrants are overwhelming us. Our president has made it as clear as day that he's a part of this process, along with all the other elites, and will do anything in his power to continue the unravelling of this great land. And finally those who profit from illegal and surplus illegal immigration have the money, power and access to be heard in Washington.

And we don't. It's really that simple, yes, HR4437 looks good until you consider that the Senate has already made it clear that they have every intention of adding a guest worker program (we sho' do be luvin' de slaves up in 'Merica!) and you'd have to be an idiot to think they won't water the bill down until it's just as ineffective as all the other perfectly good laws littering the books right now. You know, the laws already on the books that if we merely enforced would solve this problem tomorrow.

The forces of political correctness and multi-culturalism have dug in deep in our culture and most Americans are more afraid of being called a bigot or a racist than are concerned about passing down a great and united country to their children.

Illegals and their representatives have more power in this country than the citizens. Think I'm kidding? Ask yourself, who do you think your congresscritter is more likely to listen to, you or someone who heads an agency that blatantly assists illegal aliens in breaking our laws?

Considering the fact that these agencies and coalitions receive millions of your tax dollars I think it's a pretty simple and obvious answer. When you contemplate that most states tacitly allow illegal aliens to vote and to be counted in the census thus showing up in terms of representation, again, they have the clout, we don't.

So what do we do?

I say again, we have already lost. I do not believe this fight can be won legislatively. And if I am correct that illegal and uncontrolled immgration are true and present dangers to our country and shared way of life, what do we do? How can we fight a battle we've already lost?

If uncontrolled immigration and illegal immigration do pose a threat, then it would stand to reason that these is a point of no return. A tipping point when either the country must break apart, violence must occur, or we finally achieve the third world status our current government seems hell bent on creating.

The way you boil a frog is frighteningly similar to the road to hell, broad and smooth, with no sudden bumps to jar it to an awareness of it's fate. That I fear is the fate of the American middle class, the lower class is already almost completely gone, replaced by third world workers both here and abroad.

As a wise person once said, if it was lawyers sneaking over the border it would stop tomorrow.

I am proud to be a Minuteman though in ways I do know it is pointless. If for no other reason that when shots are fired, when someone tries to wrest part of this country away through force or demographics I can say honestly that I stood on the side of the angels, I stood shoulder to shoulder with patriots.

I know this is a depressing post already but I'm going to add to that. When I don my prognosticator's cap I cannot see an end to this that does not contain violence. An end that does not include mass rioting in American cities, armed groups of citizens patrolling the border and shooting those attempting to cross. Illegal aliens being hunted in the streets, CEO's and goverment officials bodies hanging outside their corporate offices or governmental edifices.

Let me assure you this is not what I want to happen, it is however, in my opinion the most likely outcome I see.

Please tell me I'm wrong, tell me that we really haven't been sold out by a corrupt government, that our government hasn't really gotten into bed with anti-American forces that hate and loathe us for our success. Tell me that our democracy really isn't hanging in the balance. That these horrible visions I've been having are just smoke and mirrors.

Because if I'm not, god help us all.

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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Jack Idema Fighting For His Life

This just in: Al-Quaeda is attempting to take the prison where Jack is being held.

Real time updates here.

More coverage here.

If you have no idea what in the hell i'm talking about go here.

H/T Rotty Pup

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Chicago Minutemen Protest Mexican Consulate

"In the beginning of a change, the patriot is a brave and scarce man, hated and scorned. When the cause succeeds, however, the timid join him...for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."
-Mark Twain

This is the Mexican Consulate in Chicago...

This location and 51 others are where the Mexican government successfully subverts American law and sovereignty.

These are the Chicago Minutemen...

These are the only people brave enough to stand against Mexico's continuing subversion of our country.

You may be wondering just exactly what is it that Mexico has been doing to warrant this type of response, so glad you asked...

bulletvote against America in the UN

bulletoppose us in international forums

bulletmeddle in our labor law

bulletstir things up in California

bulletoffer Mexico as a haven for murderers

bulletmeddle in our military

bulletattempt to win the loyalty of Mexican- Americans,

bulletthreaten to negotiate with wartime enemies,

bulletflood our cities with dubious documents

bulletuse their consulates to meddle in internal politics

bulletand in general, do everything possible to subvert our immigration laws

Source: VDare

I came across this quote from Adlai Stevenson that I thought was rather apropos...

We talk a great deal about patriotism. What do we mean by patriotism in the context of our times? I venture to suggest that what we mean is a sense of national responsibility which will enable America to remain master of her power — to walk with it in serenity and wisdom, with self-respect and the respect of all mankind; a patriotism that puts country ahead of self; a patriotism which is not short, frenzied outbursts of emotion, but the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime. The dedication of a lifetime — these are words that are easy to utter, but this is a mighty assignment. For it is often easier to fight for principles than to live up to them.
Tell a Friend-Adlai Stevenson, Speech to the American Legion Convention in New York City, August 27, 1952 Quoteland

You may rightly wonder what a twenty or thirty people can accomplish. It's ridiculous, right? Pissin' in the wind I believe is the phrase. I mean in a city of three million people, half a million of which are illegal aliens, we're wasting our time right?

Nope, we are holding out hope to those who aren't yet brave enough to stand with us. Every protest we've held has drawn more people, and at each protest we find more and more people of every race and color nodding and honking and waving.

Sure, we still get flipped off and called rude names, and sure we're told on a regular basis to "go home" or asked if "we don't have anything better to do."

But there will always be dumb people, people to stupid or lazy to even care about their country, what really warms the cockles of my heart is that I believe they are a minority. An annoying, obnoxious and vocal minority, but a minority all the same.

When I read that Adlai Stevenson quote I was reminded that whenever we protest we are peaceful and cheerful. It is only when those who oppose us arrive that things get ugly. Our guys and gals believe in the rule of law so it's no great shock that that carries over into how they comport themselves in public protests. The other side promotes lawbreaking and anarchy so is it any real shock that arrests only happen when they're around?

So to those who agree that this problem is out of control, to those who are afraid they will be called racists and worse (and you will). I'm asking you to come out of the shadows. Stand with us, make this a better country. A country we can be proud of.

A final thought, though contacted the big media outlets did not cover us today. Not one reporter came out. Do you know why I think they didn't?

Because we're boring. Minutemen don't commit crimes, Minutemen are respectful and smart. Minutemen in other words are boring, yet if the Minutemen were as all fired dangerous as the media would have you believe why weren't they out there covering us today. Because they knew as well as we did that there would be no counter-protesters. It's only when the counter-protesters show up that blood flows and people start getting arrested.

What I'm getting at is if you're afraid to come out to something like this, don't be. I guarantee what you'll find are people mostly just like you. People concerned about this country and willing to take a stand for her. If that sounds good to you we'd love to have you!

See all the photos here.

I will post links to other Minuteman organizations below and I'll give Debbie the final word...

Chicago Minutemen

National Minuteman HQ

High Desert Minutemen (California)

Texas Minutemen

Utah Minutemen

Friday, February 24, 2006

Weekend Round-up

Well, here we be staring at the front end of another weekend, and what better way to celebrate than to take a little spin through the blogosphere and see what sort of trouble our friends and fellow bloggers caused this week...

Always on Watch brings us a truly bizarre story of censorship in the ongoing goofiness over the cartoon fiasco, because she's, you know, always on watch!

Our pal the Gun Totin' Liberal has a boots on the ground and emminently sensible view of the ports fiasco (lots of fiasco's going down)

The Mary Hunter over at TMH's Bacon Bits figures out who's to blame for global warming (dum-dum-dum) and it's not windy old Al Gore!

Lisa Renee at Liberal common sense passes along a cool myth busting story (that we got sucked into) and takes a big name blogger to task for some less than stellar behaviour. This is what I love about the blogosphere, as often as the dead dog media take us to task for being hyper, the truth is I see mistakes corrected forthrightly in the blogosphere all the time, and I think that's pretty darn cool!

Our Garre de Cerveza MasterGunner over at Tanker Brothers has a few choice words for REM and Cindy Sheehan. What the hell are they thinkin'?

Beth over at Blue Star Chronicles sums up nicely.

I hope you have a great weekend! Keep MJ and I in your prayers, our protest tomorrow is in a rough neighborhood, I don't expect trouble, but then again, who does right?

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Letters To The Editor

From: The LA Times
No technologically advanced industrial nation like the United States, which has 27 million functionally illiterate adults, needs to be concerned about a shortage of unskilled workers. It's a myth that Americans won't do hard or unpleasant labor; it's bottom-of-the-barrel wages that American workers reject. Millions of illegal immigrants have relentlessly increased the supply of cheap labor while steadily depressing the wages of unskilled Americans.

President Bush has never provided a scintilla of evidence regarding the economic justification for foreign guest workers. There are 7 million unemployed Americans, very many of whom are unskilled and directly compete with unskilled illegal aliens for the same kinds of jobs. It's high time to put these unskilled Americans back to work at legal wages and with decent working conditions.



It's reassuring that a newspaper whose editorials support immigration can report the unvarnished truth in news articles: Immigrant workers contribute to unemployment among blacks. The civil rights movement of the 1950s and '60s was able to reduce job discrimination because it took place before immigration skyrocketed.

Having volunteered for civil rights causes, I am disturbed by the backsliding in recent decades. I also am disturbed by the hypocrisy of businesses that prove they don't discriminate by hiring Latino immigrants even while they refuse to hire blacks.


Santa Barbara
Can anyone explain to me big media's hard on for illegal immigration? It truly eludes me, if I remember aright didn't black folks used to get special treatment, and perhaps rightly so, so now that black folks are getting hammered by illegal immigrants it's as if they don't exist anymore.

Is the media fickle, stupid, evil, all of the above?

I'm glad the LA Times printed these letters but I've read their positions on illegal immigration and as far as I can tell all it would take for them to consummate that relationship would be some smooth Barry White and a icy cold bottle of Chablis.

Are illegals the new civil rights battle? I think we all know the big media is stuck in the sixties and are endlessly looking for a new crusade, even where none exist.

If illegal immigration is the new civil rights battle somebody at these publications needs to break out a dictionary and look up the word civil.

H/T The Lonewacko

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The Congressional Battle

It's important to realize that our biggest enemy in terms of stopping illegal immigration and slowing down out of control legal immigration is our elected officials.

Today's ruiner of American prosperity is Arlen Spector.

This just in from Dan Stein at FAIR.
Giant Amnesty Puts Economic Special Interests Before Security and Lives of American Workers

Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA) has put forward a 305 page bill for next week's Judiciary Committee consideration that can only be described as a nightmare for American workers and a dream come true for the Chamber of Commerce. Listen to a special audio message from FAIR President Dan Stein about this bill. (MP3 format)

If you are employed in any job in virtually any industry and think your job is secure, think again. The number of guest workers permitted in this bill is unlimited and available to every sector of the U.S. economy. No job will be spared unfair competition from cheap foreign workers and employers chomping at the bit to reduce labor costs.

The bill is divided into several sections. Here's a preview:

Title I Border Security

* Increases in border and customs personnel are provided, but those increases depend on future congressional decisions to allocate resources.
Translation-It may never happen.
* Border surveillance is promised on the basis of a provision calling for a plan to be developed.
Translation-It may never happen.
* Border security is promised on the basis of a provision calling for development of a strategy.
Translation-It may never happen.
* North American security is promised based on a provision calling for cooperation from Mexico and Canada and a report.
Translation-It may never happen.
* Entry-Exit system is to collect biometrics from all entering and exiting immigrants, but no provision makes this mandatory.
Translation-It may never happen.
* Border fencing between the U.S. and Mexico is promised based on a feasibility study.
Translation-It may never happen.

Title II Removal and Denial of Benefits to Terrorists

* Terrorists ineligible for asylum.
* Increased penalties for alien smuggling.
* Strengthen penalties for marriage fraud.
* Extends program to remove criminal aliens at the conclusion of their prison terms. These provisions are needed, yet they are so obviously needed it is hard to understand why they haven't already been enacted. To ask the American public to accept all that is wrong with this legislation on the basis of these provisions is absurd.

Title III Worksite Enforcement

* Requires employer use of electronic employment verification system for new employees only.
Translation-Currently employed illegal aliens will remain undetected.

Title IV Nonimmigrant and Immigrant Visa Reform
# Guest workers

* Unlimited in number annually and available to all economic sectors
Translation-Say good bye to the middle class.
* Family members/dependents may accompany new guest workers.
Translation-Even more competition for your jobs and greater likelihood that they will never return to their home country.
* Guest worker visas for three years and renewable once for a total of six years. These workers are then required to return home for one year before reapplying for another six years.
Translation - if they were working illegally before, why would they not stay and revert to illegal status?
* Protections for American workers are no stronger than an employer's promise that he first looked for American workers.
Translation-No protections for U.S. workers.

* Legal immigration
o New visa created for students seeking advanced science degrees with a fast track to legal permanent residency status.
o Exempts aliens with advanced degrees from the annual numerical cap.
o Exempts relatives of employment-based visas from the annual cap.
* Professional workers
o Increases the H-1B high tech guest worker program from 65,000 to 115,000 annually, a 71 percent increase and exempts all advanced degree holders from the annual cap.
Translation-Tell your children to forget about pursuing advanced science degrees, because those jobs will be closed to all but cheap foreign workers.

Title V Families United and Backlog Reduction
# More than doubles employment based green cards and exempts their relatives from the annual cap.

Title VI Conditional Nonimmigrant Workers
# Amnesty

* All illegal aliens may apply to become guest workers if they merely promise they have been in the U.S. and employed illegally since before January 1, 2004.
* Window for application lasts for 12 months from enactment.
Translation-Virtually all 11-13 million illegal aliens and their family members may participate.

# Grant Programs

* Provides assistance for nonprofit organizations to recruit illegal aliens into the amnesty guest worker program.
Translation-Fraud in the application process for this amnesty is facilitated.

Title VII Immigration Litigation Reduction

* Consolidates immigration appeals in one federal circuit court.
* Additional immigration judges and court personnel are added subject to future appropriations decisions.

Here's How You Can Help!

Call Senate Judiciary Chairman Arlen Specter's office (202) 224-4254 and let him know what you think of his war on the American worker.

FAIR will provide a complete bill analysis and very soon.
I look forward to reading it. Would somebody please remind these asshats they work for us and not every other country on the planet. Sane sensible control of immigration both legal and illegal is one of the essential elements of a free and just society.

I realize that people on both sides of the aisle wish to continue these suicidal practices, and it's up to us to stop them. I don't know exactly how to get their attention, but I believe with all my heart that our government needs to fear us, or at the very least remember that we exist as something other than a source of revenue. I most certainly don't want violence, but we're not being represented here. We're being sold out and I don't know how to change it.

Please take the time to call Rep. (asshat) Specter and remind him who he works for.


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