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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

CAFTA = Open Borders?

Source: Team Tancredo

Tom Tancredo updates us on the steaming pile of happy that is CAFTA...
Buried among its nearly 1,000 pages, the agreement contains an expansive definition of “cross-border trade in services.” This definition would effectively give people from Central American nations a de facto right to work in the United States. In fact, CAFTA is more than a just trade agreement about sugar and bananas; it is a thinly disguised immigration accord.

Little effort is even made by the U.S. trade officials to hide their efforts. One article of the agreement reads, “Cross-border trade in services or cross-border supply of services means the supply of a service ... by a national of a party in the territory of another party.” CAFTA also stipulates that member nations take care to ensure that local and national measures “relating to qualification requirements and procedures, technical standards and licensing requirements do not constitute unnecessary barriers to trade in services,” and the U.S. is required to guarantee that our domestic laws are, “not in themselves a restriction on the supply of the service.”

U.S. immigration limits, visa requirements – or even licensing requirements and zoning rules – could be considered ‘unnecessary barriers to trade’ that act as ‘restrictions on the supply of a service.’ Congress would then be forced to change our immigration laws, or face international trade sanctions.

If CAFTA and its successors were really just about trade, the agreements would be little more than a few pages long, setting a schedule for opening markets and phasing out unfair taxes on goods. But they aren’t. In reality, these agreements have become vehicles to expand a growing body of international law that threatens to supersede our own national sovereignty.
H/T VFR who reports that all that the only thing standing between us and this further erosion of national sovereignty is Costa Rica who has yet to approve this Faustian bargain.

Have no fear though, Hannitized assures us that "Globalization" is the best thing since sliced prunes. Mmmm, sliced prunes!

Some earlier thoughts on

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Deportation-from-jail policy riles some advocates

Source: newsday
Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy plans to announce Wednesday that he has reached an agreement to place federal immigration agents at the Suffolk County jail to ensure inmates who are in the country illegally are deported. Immigrant advocates immediately attacked the plan as redundant, saying sufficient enforcement efforts already are in place. Levy spokesman Ed Dumas said he could not immediately comment on the plan. Levy has made targeting undocumented immigrants one of the pillars of his administration. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents are routinely stationed at jails to screen for undocumented immigrants, so assigning agents to the Suffolk jail would not be unusual. A spokesman for Nassau County said the county has had ICE agents stationed at the Nassau County jail "for years."
Other things that rile the "immigrant activists?"

Denying crispy delicious "immigrants" their constitutionally protected sugary pony.

Dancing with the devil beneath the 'pale moonlight.'

Any attempt at enforcing the law.

H/T immigration news daily

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"Friends & Neighbors" Update...

Source: azcentral
Another chief of police slain along border

MEXICO CITY - As drug wars raged along other parts of the U.S.-Mexican border, things had remained mostly quiet in the Sonoran town of Agua Prieta. Not anymore. On Monday, assassins gunned down Police Chief Ramón Tacho Verdugo, spraying more than 40 bullets at him in an ambush outside police headquarters in this town near Douglas. The motive is murky, but it almost certainly involved control of the smuggling routes into Arizona, Mexican and U.S. officials said Tuesday. "Rival organizations are vying for control of these lucrative corridors," said Ramona Sanchez, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. "(Tacho's murder) is a reminder of how violent these criminal organizations are, and they will continue to use whatever means they need."
Nothing to see here folks, sharing a border as wide open as a whore's, well, you get the picture, with a failed narco-state can not possibly have any ill effects. not only has the president assured us of this but Hannitized has as well.

Sleep well Americans, your safety is our governments highest concern! Well, after pork, and kickbacks, graft and self aggrandizement. But after these very important things your safety is of the utmost importance.

Sleep well!

H/T immigration news daily

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Mexico’s Immigration Law:

Source: Canada free press

Though this article is new the idea isn't. These articles bubble up every couple of months primarily because of the massive logical disconnect in the brains of people like Hannitized...
Let’s Try It Here at Home
By J. Michael Waller, Citizens for a Constitutional Republic

Mexico has a radical idea for a rational immigration policy that most Americans would love. However, Mexican officials haven’t been sharing that idea with us as they press for our Congress to adopt the McCain-Kennedy immigration reform bill.

That’s too bad, because Mexico, which annually deports more illegal aliens than the United States does, has much to teach us about how it handles the immigration issue. Under Mexican law, it is a felony to be an illegal alien in Mexico.

At a time when the Supreme Court and many politicians seek to bring American law in line with foreign legal norms, it’s noteworthy that nobody has argued that the U.S. look at how Mexico deals with immigration and what it might teach us about how best to solve our illegal immigration problem. Mexico has a single, streamlined law that ensures that foreign visitors and immigrants are:
# in the country legally;
# have the means to sustain themselves economically;
# not destined to be burdens on society;
# of economic and social benefit to society;
# of good character and have no criminal records; and
# contributors to the general well-being of the nation.

The law also ensures that:
# immigration authorities have a record of each foreign visitor;
# foreign visitors do not violate their visa status;
# foreign visitors are banned from interfering in the country’s internal politics;
# foreign visitors who enter under false pretenses are imprisoned or deported;
# foreign visitors violating the terms of their entry are imprisoned or deported;
# those who aid in illegal immigration will be sent to prison.

Who could disagree with such a law? It makes perfect sense. The Mexican constitution strictly defines the rights of citizens — and the denial of many fundamental rights to non-citizens, illegal and illegal. Under the constitution, the Ley General de Poblacion, or General Law on Population, spells out specifically the country’s immigration policy.

It is an interesting law — and one that should cause us all to ask, Why is our great southern neighbor pushing us to water down our own immigration laws and policies, when its own immigration restrictions are the toughest on the continent? If a felony is a crime punishable by more than one year in prison, then Mexican law makes it a felony to be an illegal alien in Mexico.

If the United States adopted such statutes, Mexico no doubt would denounce it as a manifestation of American racism and bigotry.

We looked at the immigration provisions of the Mexican constitution. [1] Now let’s look at Mexico’s main immigration law.

Mexico welcomes only foreigners who will be useful to Mexican society:
# Foreigners are admitted into Mexico “according to their possibilities of contributing to national progress.” (Article 32)
# Immigration officials must “ensure” that “immigrants will be useful elements for the country and that they have the necessary funds for their sustenance” and for their dependents. (Article 34)
# Foreigners may be barred from the country if their presence upsets “the equilibrium of the national demographics,” when foreigners are deemed detrimental to “economic or national interests,” when they do not behave like good citizens in their own country, when they have broken Mexican laws, and when “they are not found to be physically or mentally healthy.” (Article 37)
# The Secretary of Governance may “suspend or prohibit the admission of foreigners when he determines it to be in the national interest.” (Article 38)…..
Read the rest here.

H/T immigration watchdog

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Guest Worker Program Mysteries Revealed!

Source: NYT

Proponents of a Guest Worker scheme have one rather large liability in their ongoing efforts to destroy this coun..., excuse me, import cheap compliant slav..., pardon me, in their efforts to sell their tripe.

Two things in specific, the first is that America has a fairly long and unhappy history with guest worker programs. These programs were notable primarily for two things, increasing illegal immigration (the hardest part is done, you're already over the border) and abuse of the honored "guests."

The second is that there are currently several types of guest worker programs going on right now, I wonder if the current crop might provide any clues to the future efficacy of expanded guest worker programs in this country, if only we could know...
Labor experts say employers abuse guest workers far more than other workers because employers know they can ship them home the moment they complain. They also know these workers cannot seek other jobs if they are unhappy.

"I'd say a substantial majority of U.S. guest workers experience some abuses with their paycheck," said David Griffith, a professor in the anthropology department at East Carolina University and author of the new book "American Guestworkers: Jamaicans and Mexicans in the U.S. Labor Market." "It's the recruitment process especially where they get cheated."

The abuses take many forms. Guest workers often pay exorbitant fees and are frequently given fewer weeks of work and lower wages than promised. Many employers fail to make good on their commitment to pay transportation costs. The Thai workers, who were supposed to be paid $16,000 a year for three years, ended up earning a total of just $1,400 to $2,400. Most of the Thai workers had their passports taken away after they arrived, leaving them trapped.

"The program has been rife with abuses, even during the best of times," said Cindy Hahamovitch, a history professor at the College of William and Mary, who is writing a book about guest workers. "There will never be enough inspectors to check every labor camp, contract and field."

For decades, farmers, tree-planting companies, and hotel and restaurant owners have argued that they need guest workers, citing a shortage of Americans willing to fill jobs in their industries. In Washington, many supporters of an expanded guest worker program say they want to strengthen protections to curb abusive treatment.
Ah yes, the government will enact protections, of course they've done so in the past, in fact, they've had to do so with every single guest worker program. In a mystery novel this is what is commonly referred to as a "clue." Clues are useful in helping one determine the past actions or motivations of criminals.

If you had to guess why do you think that every single guest worker program has concurrently spawned laws against abuse of the workers? This is a mystery too deep for me guys, maybe you can splain it to me?

H/T Lonewacko

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Shocker! Criminal Business Enterprises Band Together To Support Further Criminal Activity!

...During a daylong conference in Clearwater [hosted by Florida TaxWatch, "FTW"], more than 50 [Florida] business leaders agreed on the need for a louder and more unified Florida business voice to pressure politicians in Washington. The need for workers and fear of Homeland Security crackdowns were top issues Thursday....
Now if this person were actually still a reporter rather than an illegal immigration cheerleader what would they do in this situation?

A.) Complain bitterly about the lack of quality alcoholic beverages at the conference?

B.) Offer to buff the scrotum of all attendees who currently earn more than sixty kajillion dollars a year? (possibly redundant)

C.) Learn how many of the businesses present at this event currently profit from illegal immigration?

My heart says B but my head says C. Gosh, I wonder how many of these cheery souls who currently profit from illegal immigration have banded together that they may continue to, well, profit from illegal activity.

Are there any actual reporters left or are they all too busy polishing the scrotes of rich powerful "business leaders?"

Ah J-school, the only degree that prepares one to properly, and I think we can all agree that technique is key, polish the scrote. Is there anything a J-school candidate can't do? Other than report the news of course, I think we all just assumed that.

H/T Lonewacko

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When Savages Attack!

Source: jpost
A gang of serial rapists has been prowling the North, raping Jewish women as revenge for IDF actions in the West Bank, police revealed Tuesday after arresting six suspects.

"We are raping Jews because of what the IDF is doing to the Palestinians in the territories," one of the six suspects told investigators from the Northern District Central Investigative Unit (CIU) during questioning. During their questioning and their brief appearance at the Nazareth Magistrate's Court Tuesday, none of the four main suspects indicated that they felt remorse for their actions.

Police said they were aware of four attacks carried out by the gang, but they believed there were probably other incidents that had gone unreported by the victims. . . .

In all of the cases, the attackers forced their victim into a car and drove together with the victim to an isolated spot, where they raped her.

All of the suspects are from the Galilee town of Bir al-Maksur, a Beduin village near the Hamovil Junction. The last of the four known rapes was carried out in a forested area just outside of the village.
The first attack occurred in April 2005, when a 13-year-old girl was raped at the Zevulun Beach in Kiryat Yam. In December of that year, a 19-year-old soldier was kidnapped and raped just outside of Kiryat Ata.

According to police, the gang attacked again three days later. In that assault, the gang allegedly kidnapped a 16-year-old girl who was standing with her friends at the Kiryon Junction in Kiryat Bialik. They allegedly took her to a grove near Tamra, where they raped her.
It was after the third attack, commander of the Northern District CIU Asst.-Cmdr. Menahem Haver said, that the police realized they were dealing with a serial rape gang. In that case, the teenage victim told investigators that one of her attackers told her the attack was in revenge for IDF operations in the Gaza Strip.
Such reasonable people, strange isn't it how we can never seem to work out a peace deal with such, reasonable people?

Here's a crazy thought, let's get them over here, that way no more Jews will be raped in Israel, these guys definitely have that "New American" stink about them and I'm sure they'll instantly change from their current incarnation as implacable savages into something all warm and cuddly as soon as they hit our shores, right?

What could go wrong?

H/T Debbie Schussel

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Your Tax Dollars Hard At Work!

Source: wgrz

In comments last night Hannitized suggested that "the government" had our security well in hand and how dare I question the all knowing, all powerful gub'mint?

Ahem, if you're done laughing? Thank you....
Pens, yo-yo's, a change purse and a chip-clip. They all read, "Help secure our homeland." The merchandise even tells you how to help, by calling a number listed on all the items. That's where 2 On Your Side’s Josh Boose began the investigation.

It's a voicemail. No live operator, no federal agents. The recording told us to leave a message about any suspicious activity, criminal actions we’re aware of or information we feel needs to be looked into.

Boose called the Immigration and Customs Enforcement press office. He was told any budget questions had to be addressed to Homeland Security. So he contacted them. But they directed Josh back to the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement press office.

A Washington spokeswoman for the agency explained the process to 2 On Your Side over the phone. We told her we needed to talk to someone in a phone interview or in person. She told Boose a phone interview wasn't possible, but that she would get back to him. 2 On Your Side was about to get our questions answered.

But before we get there, here's some background. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security was established after September 11. 2001. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is an arm of the overall department. It's responsible for; among other things, border protection, drug seizures, human trafficking and tracking down child predators.

But how would a yo-yo help them track down sexual predators?

In the end, Boose requested nothing less than an on-camera interview. Only after he told the press office he was sitting down with New York Senator Chuck Schumer to discuss what he found did the northeast division call Channel 2 to set up an on-camera interview with Special Agent In Charge Peter Smith from the Buffalo office.

"We have a product line here with various levels of products that we are giving away at different sites when we're out doing our public work, our public outreach programs," said Smith.

When 2 On Your Side arrived for the interview, Immigration and Customs didn't hide the fact they bought these things. They even showed us more items. There's a piggy bank, a stuffed monkey, a mirror, a sunglasses holder, a Frisbee, a teddy bear, a stress relieving toy, a stress ball, a letter opener, a cd-dvd case, a travel mug, highlighter, notebook, travel bag, lunch pail, calculator, a wallet, toy plane, crayons, a water bottle, an orange water bottle, change purse, keychain, a flip-up mirror, a pad of paper, a light-up yo-yo, a bottle opener, a clip with two highlighters on it, a lanyard, an ice scraper, a mechanical pencil, another change purse, another key chain, a presidential ruler and a bottle of chap stick.

It's intended for teachers, students and moms and dads. It's a way to get the word about what the agency does. But the big question still, who paid for it?

Josh Boose asked Smith, "Let's talk about cost. How much does all this cost here?" "This is all coming from the treasury forfeiture fund," said Smith.

Here's how it works; the homes, cars and drug money of criminals are seized by the feds, and then sold. That money goes into a fund.
According to Smith, Immigration and Customs Enforcement received $85 million from the fund last year. When we asked how much money was spent on the trinkets, the closest number he would say is less than five percent of that $85 million. In Buffalo alone, Smith says $15-hundred was spent on things like yo-yo's and chapstick.

New York Senator Chuck Schumer agreed to sit down with 2 On Your Side's Josh Boose to talk this through. "When drug dealers and others have all the wealth, we want this money to go to fight drug crimes, not for things like this", explained Schumer.

Boose asked, "Senator, when people see these, they say, oh, it's got the number on it and people can call and report something. Is this really going to help?" "Give me a break," said Schumer. "You can find a lot better ways than yo-yo's for people to report information."

According to Agent Smith, products like this do work. These products have only been out for six month and since then; Smith says the agency has already received 119-thousand referrals.

"Is it really worth it, do you think, the cost of the teddy bear, the piggy bank, the yo-yo? Do you think it's worth it," asked Boose. "Definitely," Smith replied. "Why?" Boose asked. "All we need is one phone call from a teacher that says, hey, a student came to me and has this problem at home,: said Smith. "It could be a student as the subject of a trafficking investigation. Human trafficking!"

Boose asked Smith. "What would you say to the people who look at this, the average Joe on the street who look at this and say, are you kidding me! Look at the cd case, the pens, the calculators, the crayons. Do you really stand by this?"

"I do," replied Smith. "I've been in the business 25 years and the results are unbelieveable. $500-thousand is a cheap investment with the amount of calls we're going to get for Immigration and Customs and identifying subjects that should be investigated."
I'm strangely comforted! Your tax dollar hard at work folks, hard at work!

H/T Debbie Schussel

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Bill would mandate nicer term for illegals

Source: news-press

I crap you negative...
TALLAHASSEE -- A state legislator whose district is home to thousands of Caribbean immigrants wants to ban the term "illegal alien" from the state's official documents.

"I personally find the word 'alien' offensive when applied to individuals, especially to children," said Sen. Frederica Wilson, D-Miami. "An alien to me is someone from out of space."

She has introduced a bill providing that: "A state agency or official may not use the term 'illegal alien' in an official document of the state." There would be no penalty for using the words.

In Miami-Dade County, Wilson said, "we don't say 'alien,' we say 'immigrant.'"

She said she encountered the situation when trying to pass a bill allowing children of foreigners to get in-state tuition at colleges and universities. Wilson, who directs a dropout prevention and education program in Miami, said she politely asks witnesses at public hearings on such issues not to use the term.

"There are students in our schools whose parents are trying to become citizens and we shouldn't label them," she said. "They are immigrants, through no fault of their own, not aliens."

Wilson said the first word isn't as bad as the second.

"'Illegal,' I can live with, but I like 'undocumented' better," she said.

Asked if her bill (SB 2154) might run afoul of Gov. Charlie Crist's "plain speaking" mandate for government agencies, Wilson said, "I think getting rid of 'alien' would be plain speaking."
Why not "the best people in the whole wide world?" Has a certain ring to it, don'tcha think?

Or how about "future Democrat voters?" Or would that be a little too 'on the nose,' as they say?

H/T Michelle Malkin

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How Much Is That baby In The Window?

Source: CNN and 9news

This is especially for my new bestest buddy Hannitized...(story courtesy of Slapstick Politics)

How much is a 5-month-old baby worth?

For three Mexican nationals in Pueblo, Colorado--about $10,000:
Police say a mom sold her 5-month-old baby to get money for a down payment on a car.

Pueblo Police say they responded to St. Mary Corwin Hospital on Monday on a tip that an infant that was sold by his mother.

Police say 23-year-old Nicole

Uribe, a Mexican national, sold her baby boy to a couple on February 21.

Court documents show Uribe sold the baby for $10,000 cash. She then put a down payment on a Dodge Intrepid.

“Mom obviously wanted to get rid of the child for one reason or another and these other people were willing to take the child and then there was an exchange of monetary money." said Sgt. Brett A. Wilson with the Pueblo Police Department.

Police say Uribe sold the baby to 28-year-old Irene and 48-year-old Jose-Juan Lerma, who are also both Mexican nationals.

Uribe and the Lermas were arrested on charges of trafficking a child.

Uribe is also on an immigration hold because she is in the country illegally. She is being held on $50,000 bond in the Pueblo County Jail.
Not sure of the laws in Mexico, but north of the border there are laws against human trafficking.

Of course, when you are in the country illegally, it is expected that the laws of the land don't apply, isn't it?

An Intrepid? Are they putting stupid pills in the water down South? An Intrepid, a Dodge Intrepid? I think I owned one of those in the eighties.

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It's Your Future Folks...

Source: dailymail

Embrace the horror...
700 are arriving every day from Eastern Europe

The number of Eastern Europeans flooding into Britain has soared to 700 a day.

Official figures show there are 579,000 Poles and other residents of the former Soviet Bloc registered to work here.

The total does not include the self-employed, children or partners of the migrants, who do not appear in the Government figures.

The true number is likely to stand at 800,000 - or one in every 75 people living in the UK.

It is the equivalent of a city the size of Leeds, the third biggest in the UK.

The migrants - as well as placing enormous pressure on schools and hospitals - are receiving up to £75million in benefits.

According to a Home Office report, 70,000 are receiving handouts such as tax credits, child benefit or council housing. It is a leap of 15,000 claimants in three months, or almost 30 per cent.

Most worrying for the Government is that the influx, which began with the controversial expansion of the EU eastwards in May 2004, shows no sign of slowing.

During the last three months of 2006, there were a staggering 63,000 new applications to join the worker registration scheme.
That's not even the good part...
Shadow Home Secretary David Davis said: "These statistics betray John Reid's utter failure to get a grip on the chaos in the immigration system.

"The Government assured us that no more than 13,000 immigrants per year would arrive from A8 countries (those that joined the EU in 2004). This figure completely blows that estimate out of the water. "Immigration can be of real benefit to the country but only if it is properly controlled, taking into account its impact on the economy, public services and social cohesion. This is demonstrably not the case."

The benefit payouts will be an embarrassment to the Government, which claimed they would be kept to a minimum.
Government estimates, is there anything they can't do?


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Here's A Thought?

Source: startribune


Blogpal No More Spin has some further reporting on the mystery Imam in this

Why not get the hell out of here then...
Muslim cabbies tell airport they won’t bend in alcohol dispute

For Abdi Mohamed, it’s not a question of whether he’ll carry passengers with alcohol in his cab. The question is whether he’ll get punished for refusing to do so.

“I am Muslim. I’m not going to carry alcohol,” Mohamed, a driver for Bloomington Cab, told a Metropolitan Airports Commission panel that gathered public opinion Tuesday regarding proposed penalties for cabbies who refuse service to passengers carrying alcohol.
Cue the whiners...
Hassan Mohamud, a Muslim imam and adjunct law professor at William Mitchell College of Law, said the Muslim cab drivers are only trying to support their families, both here and in their strife-torn home country, and are being placed in an impossible situation.

“If we pass this (policy) it means cutting off the lifelines of thousands of people,” Mohamud said.
Hard truth time. If they want to live like stone age barbarians they have every right to do so, but not in this country. In fact, much like the economic and politically retarded Mexico, we are under no obligation to assist people who CHOOSE to keep their countries as retarded back waters.

Again, they are more than welcome to do whatever they please. If they really want to live under the wonders of Sharia law? Fine, no sweat off my nose, but go to a Sharia supporting country, then try to make a living, hmmm, it appears those things are mutually exclusive, gosh, I wonder why that might be?

It's a mystery folks, a mystery to deep for this broke down old chef to solve.

And for the slow and intellectually incurious? (Big H? Is that you?) They aren't asking us to "respect" their religion, no, they are asking us to observe their religion, all the difference in the world. And one I find myself under precisely no obligation to even tolerate in the public square. Especially as I find Sharia to be a particularly vicious nasty, brutish parody of religion.

Seriously asshole cabbies, Somalia called, they need you back to burn some girls to death for not buttering their toast on the Prophet approved side.

H/T Toni@ Bear Creek Ledger

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Quote Of The Day

"Thank God I am not a free trader, pernicious indulgence in the doctrine of free trade seems inevitably to produce fatty degeneration of the moral fibre."
The real "Sweaty teddy"

When Remarkably Stupid People Attack!

Source: stop honour killings
Attack on the set of a series that angered Turkish city of Sanliurfa

Chanting “Allah is greatest,” a group attacked the set of the Yaralı Yürek television series, and beat the director and his assistant with clubs and stones.

A group attacking the set of the Show TV serial “Yaralı Yürek” (Wounded Heart) in Şanlıurfa beat the show’s director Özer Kızıltan and his assistant Celal Çimen and destroyed the set. Seven people involved in the incident were arrested.

The series had allegedly angered the people of the city since it aired scenes of a rape and violence in the name of honor, shared by the lead players Vildan Atasever and Serdar Özer. The 30-odd people came to the set in Kızlar village approximately 25 kilometers from Şanlıurfa argued with director Kızıltan and his assistant. When the argument turned into a fight, the group beat the director and his assistant with clubs and stones, and broke a camera. The group then fled the scene.

As Kızıltan and Çimen were taken to Şanlıurfa State Hospital for treatment, security began an inquisition and it was later learned that seven people had been arrested in connection with the incident.

With several wounds on his body and broken teeth, Kızıltan said, “Around 30 people attacked us, shouting “Allah is greatest.”

Most of them were bearded. They shouted “you’ve soiled Şanlıurfa’s honor.” They pulled guns. We were lucky to survive, we could be dead now, they beat us with clubs to within an inch of our lives.” Asked if the series would continue, Kızıltan responded “We haven’t yet decided. We’ll assess the situation later.”
It is absolutely vital that we get these people to this country stat! They just exude that "New American" stink. Can you smell it?

Cue Hannitized puling in...3...2...1...

Gateway Pundit has more on these perfectly peaceful adherents of the wildly misunderstood "Religion Of Crispy Flaming Pieces." I would, but it's making my ass itch.

Hannitized thinks this guy is dreamy!

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Old But Funny!

H/T Ace

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General Housekeeping Schtuff...

If for any reason you need to get in touch with me and you have my cell # things may be a little wonky for the next day or two. We just switched our service and it appears neither phone is working at this point.

We switched to T-mobile so if you have any horror stories drop'em in comments! I must say I'm digging the camera phone, probably the only groovy feature I'll actually use, as a blogger it's nice to have a camera with you at all times and this is quite a bit easier to carry about.

If you're a fan of black comedies you will love...

We watched it over the weekend and it was so good we watched it again on Monday before we returning it. We are long time fans of Rowan Atkinson and his alter ego Mr. Bean so it was a nice treat to see him perform so admirably in a more serious dramatic role, not that we aren't treated to his comic genius. Maggie Smith who plays Kristin Scott Thomas's long lost, and somewhat murderous mother is a delight. She brings a solidity and a sweetness to the role that surely would have been lacking in an actress with lesser acting chops. Really can't recommend this one enough.

We also watched "One night With the King." If I had an extra thumb I'd give it four thumbs down, can't say enough bad things about this stinker. Like most bad movies the real problem was the script, it seemed the writers couldn't decide what kind of movie they wanted to make. At times it had the broadness of a children's film, then they would veer wildly into poorly written and acted melo-drama. The shame, as is so often the case with a film like this is that the fundamental story is so interesting in itself. It retells the story of the biblical Esther who had to put her life in jeopardy to rescue the Jews.

Bad script, bad actors, bad cinematography all add up to one night you could waste elsewhere.

We also watched LA Confidential. Though I am often loathe to agree with the Hollyweird elite, this film is truly a stand out. They simply did everything right, if you like noir this is a must see movie.

On a different topic, is it just me or does Hannitized appear to be having some sort of break down in comments? Perhaps because we haven't bowed to his superior, well... I'm sure he's quite superior in something, we just haven't found it yet. :)

Anything on y'all's mind?

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ramos and Compean: The Song!

This is old, I meant to post on it but, as you might imagine, a lot of things cross the transom and on occasion something gets missed. Though we did mention it in this weeks Vburst, you have watched the Vburst, right?

Michael Britton has written a song about agents Ramos and Compean. And I think it's pretty darn good!

You can download it here, he asks that if you do to please make a donation to the family who really do need our help.

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Catch an Illegal Immigrant

We've all read about college Republicans playing "Catch an Illegal Immigrant" on campuses across the country. It has, of course, drawn mucha crítica.

Source: CentreDaily

National Democrats on Tuesday urged Republican Party chairman Mel Martinez to stop the independent College Republicans from holding "Catch an Illegal Immigrant" events around the country.

A rather pointless request, as the College Republicans are independent of the RNC.

I've got a better idea anyway. How about if, instead of trying to get them to stop, we just encourage them to do something much more productive with their youthful enthusiasm:

Teach El Presidente how to play!

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Sheriff's stance on immigration scares patrons

Source: journalnews
HAMILTON -- Two local Hispanic business owners faced off with Butler County officials Monday, asking for the sheriff's office to publicly dispel local concerns about immigrant profiling so their patrons may return. County officials have taken a no-tolerance stance on illegal immigration. Leading the pack, Sheriff Richard K. Jones took the first steps in December to gain long-sought federal immigration law enforcement powers. The office is still working with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to define the scope of the sheriff's authority, Chief Deputy Anthony Dwyer said. Fear about how Jones and his deputies will use their new authority, though, has cut into business, said Angel Guerrero, owner of Casa Guerrero at 725 East Ave. Guerrero's business is in the heart of a neighborhood here with a dense Hispanic population.
Say it with me boys and girls...ENFORCEMENT WORKS!


H/T immigration news daily

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"That Will Work?"

Source: WSJ (subscription required)

One of the big lies of the cheap labor/open borders lobby is that it is virtually impossible to know when your hiring an illegal alien. Having hired illegal aliens I can assure you this is patent nonsense for no other reason than the thing that is illuminated in this article...(look for the clues, there will be a test at the end)
"Early in April of 2005, a man whose friends knew him as César went looking for a job at a wholesale distribution hub near this upstate village. At a workshop run by IFCO Systems North America Inc., the nation's biggest recycler of wooden pallets, César let the boss know that he was in the country illegally, but would be trying to buy some fake 'papers.' 'That will work,' said Robert Belvin, the 42-year old IFCO site manager. What Mr. Belvin didn't know was that César was an undercover informant working for federal immigration enforcers," the Wall Street Journal writes.
If you guessed: He should have known when the prospective candidate TOLD HIM! You win a three dollar Tickle Me Elmo doll courtesy of the Red Chinese Army.

Have a nice day and thank you for playing "lies, liars and open borders supporters, but I repeat myself!"

Locate the mystery illegal in this photo and we'll up the prize to a brand new H1-B Indian coder, courtesy of Bill Gates! Thanks Bill!

H/T Dan Stein

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On The New Amnesty...

Source: news with views
It is important for the reader to realize what happened here. The American people need to grasp the significance of what has happened here. Lobbyists who contributed millions of dollars to the campaign coffers of Democratic Senators were allowed to actually write the legislation that favors their constituents—illegal aliens and business owners with a vested interest in driving down the cost of labor in America. That legislation will allow illegals to become privileged citizens of the United States not through the historic seven year vetting process as our ancestors did. Instead, under the terms of the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007 (that reforms nothing) citizenship is imputed by Congressmen and Senators who have been bribed into submission to the New World Order with “campaign contributions.”…..
H/T immigration watchdog

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Ramos and Compean Update

Source: the daily bulletin
The Mexican national shot by two Border Patrol agents in a drug-related incident in February 2005 brought a second van load of drugs into the U.S. while he waited to testify against the agents, according to Drug Enforcement Administration reports obtained by the Daily Bulletin.

Osbaldo Aldrete-Davila - who was given immunity by U.S. prosecutors in exchange for testifying against former agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean - is the focus of a November 2005 DEA report that identifies him as the person responsible for stashing more than 750 pounds of marijuana in a van parked at a house in Clint, Texas, in October of that year...

Western District of Texas U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton, whose office prosecuted Ramos and Compean, has denied numerous times that Aldrete-Davila brought a second load of narcotics into the United States after being granted immunity.

Sutton said in a Jan. 17 "Myths vs. Reality" press release that "Aldrete has not been subsequently arrested for drug smuggling. Our office is in the business of prosecuting drug traffickers and alien smugglers ... If we had a provable case against Aldrete, we would prosecute him."

Sutton's assertion that Aldrete-Davila has not been arrested is accurate. However, an Oct. 25, 2005, DEA report shows that DEA investigators believed they had sufficient evidence to indict Aldrete-Davila, but their requests to do so were denied by prosecutors.

According to a high-level source close to the investigation, Assistant U.S. Attorney Laura Gregory was notified in October 2005 that Aldrete-Davila was being investigated by the DEA and that the agency had new evidence against him.
Offered without comment on the lying stinking weasel who brought this case and the cowardly administration that allowed it to go forward.

H/T Lonewacko

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Report: Immigrants do not commit most crimes

Source: nctimes
NORTH COUNTY -- A common perception that immigrants are responsible for much of the nation's crime is not supported by evidence, according to a study released Monday by an immigrant rights group.

Violent and property crime rates have dropped 34 percent and 26 percent respectively since 1994. At the same time, the illegal immigrant population doubled to an estimated 12 million, according to the study, called the Myth of Immigrant Criminality and the Paradox of Assimilation.

But critics said the study is biased and based on incomplete Census data.

The authors, sociologists Ruben Rumbaut and Walter Ewing, said immigrants have faced similar perceptions throughout the nation's history. Previous waves of immigrants, such as Italians and Irish, were often viewed as more inclined to crime than native-born people, they said.

Similar views are now thrust upon the newest immigrants, who are predominantly from Latin America, the authors said.

"This myth is not supported by the data and is refuted by empirical data," said Rumbaut, a professor of sociology at UC Irvine.

Researchers said they did not analyze legal and illegal immigrant populations separately, because the U.S. Census data does not ask whether immigrants are in the country legally or illegally.
This would almost be interesting except for one niggling problem. What about all those "immigrant" (snort) heavy areas like say...Chicago or New York or even LA for that matter that do not as a matter of course ask the immigration status of suspects?

Until they do? This is so much ass wipe!

Well, that and the endless conflation between legal and illegal immigrants.

H/T Debbie Schussel

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Blogs For Borders Vburst -- 022707

In this weeks episode...

Election 2008: Is the fix in?

Are the Minutemen really the violent ones?  We take a look.

More heinous crimes committed by those who shouldn't even be here!

Are Minutemen in California being poisoned?

The latest updates on "The Texas Three."

And Teddy Bears for troops?

All this and more in this weeks edition...

Check out Michael Britton's

Check out Soldiers

More photos of the East Bay Coalitions 'Free Ramos and Compean Rally'

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Baby Birds Chirping?

Source: NY Times

Odd isn't it how the same basic story narratives are not only recycled, but at similar times preceding certain events...
Demand for English Lessons Outstrips Supply

MOUNT VERNON, N.Y. -- Two weeks after she moved here from her native Brazil, Maria de Oliveira signed up for free English classes at a squat storefront in this working-class suburb, figuring that with an associate's degree and three years as an administrative assistant, she could find a good job in America so long as she spoke the language. The woman who runs the classes at Mount Vernon's Workforce and Career Preparation Center added Ms. Oliveira's name to her pink binder, at the bottom of a 90-person waiting list that stretched across seven pages. That was in October. Ms. Oliveira, 26, finally got a seat in the class on Jan. 16. "I keep wondering how much more I'd know if I hadn't had to wait so long," she said in Portuguese.
I took the same basic story down last year, here.

If you're too lazy to click over? Let me quote the denouement...
We hear legion of stories regarding the legendary "can do" of the modern immigrant. If this is an example I'm most certainly not impressed.
Yep, taught to suck off the gub'mint tit, though lord knows they do excel at that.
No worries though, importing socialists can only be a good thing, really!

H/T immigration news daily

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A Blessing?

Source: washington times

Our president likes to remind us that illegal immigration is a blessing, just one of the many reasons I suspect he's retarded, I've always been impressed by his and other cheap labor pimps ability to keep a straight face as they attempt to sell us this patent nonsense.

It now appears that illegal immigration isn't even a blessing to Mexicans, welcome to the twilight zone...
Mexican Wives Ask U.S. to Deport Deadbeat Husbands Back to Mexico

"The women of Tecalpulco, Mexico, want the U.S. government to enforce its immigration laws because they want to force their husbands to come back home from working illegally in the United States. They have created an English-language Web page where they identify themselves as the 'wetback wives' and broadcast their pleas, both to their men and to the U.S. government," the Washington Times reports. "In poignant public messages to their husbands, the women talk about their children who feel abandoned, and worry that the men have forsaken their families for other women and for the American lifestyle. 'You said you were only going to Arizona to get money for our house, but now you have been away and did not come back when your sister got married,' one woman writes to a man named Pedro. 'Oh how I worry that you have another woman! Don't you love me? You told me you love me.'"
Heh! Are they "nativists" Bill Kristol? How about you Mike Medved, are they racists for wanting their husbands deported? This really is too rich. What will the cheap labor pimps argument be next? Should we keep them here against their will because they are such a blessing to this country?

I can't stop myself! Don't worry Mexican ladies, President Bush loves your husbands too and he won't let anything bad happen to them, like deporting them even if you beg him too, cuz you only think you love them, the president? He really loves him some illegals!

H/T Dan Stein

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Source: LA Times

I'm always tickled when a logic challenged person wipes the drool off their chin and utters a statement like "Illegal aliens don't come here just to have their babies, I mean, why would they do that?" (why yes Ruben navarrete I'm looking at you, you have a little drool on your chin there.)

Possibly because on the world market American citizenship is valued at roughly 200,000 dollars? Is that incentive enough? Of course to that amazing figure we can add in such delights as instant welfare for the baby, in whose largess the parents of course share.
Now Texas is looking to end birthright citizenship and it's about damn time...

AUSTIN, TEXAS — The Lone Star State has long welcomed Latino immigrants, no matter how they got across the state’s 1,200-mile border with Mexico.

Back when California voted to cut public services to illegal immigrants, then-Texas Gov. George W. Bush was preaching that immigrants were equal players in the state’s economy.

But the atmosphere has changed markedly in Texas, home to about 10% of the nation’s illegal immigrants.

Now, a growing chorus of Republicans and some Democrats is pushing some of the harshest immigration-related measures in the United States — laws that would not only deny public services to illegal immigrants but strip their American-born children of benefits as well.

The proposal to deny services to American citizens, which is thought to be the first in the country, is part of a push to challenge the citizenship given automatically to children born in this country to illegal immigrants.

Prior rulings have affirmed that nearly all such children were entitled to birthright citizenship under the 14th Amendment. But some legal scholars have questioned whether the amendment, which redefined national citizenship to include the children of slaves after the Civil War, should cover babies born to foreign parents.

The Pew Hispanic Center estimated last year that more than 3 million U.S. citizens were born to illegal immigrant parents.

“The Texas bill could be a vehicle to get this before the courts, and we strongly support that,” said Ira Mehlman, a spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform, which has been pushing Congress to revisit the 14th Amendment. “There is no question that it is time for a review, given the number of people entering the country illegally and giving birth.”

Texas’ shift toward a more incendiary brand of immigration politics comes at a time when many state lawmakers are frustrated that Washington has failed to stop illegal immigration. Few think President Bush’s moderate proposals, which include a guest worker program and enhanced border security, will help much, even if they are approved by Congress.

State Rep. Leo Berman, the Republican legislator who wrote the bill to deny benefits to the children of illegal immigrants, admits that his goal is to set off a fight in the federal courts.

His legislation has been compared to Proposition 187, which was ruled unconstitutional after California voters approved it in 1994, but it goes further. It would deny citizens born to illegal immigrants numerous state services, including unemployment benefits and the ability to obtain professional licenses.

“A pregnant illegal alien can wait at the border, check into a hospital in Texas, give birth without paying a penny, and be rewarded for her illegal behavior,” Berman said. “That’s outrageous.”…..
Why yes, yes it is.

Anchors Away!

H/T immigration watchdog

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Yawn, Yet Another Update On That Thing That Most Definitely Isn't Happening!

Source: eluniversal

This one from Mexico where some politicians just learned that the thing that most definitely isn't happening, well, might be happening, one presumes they don't like it because they haven't figured out their cut yet....
“We (Mexicans )are taking steps toward the integration of our economy, military, energy and security with the United States . And (the Mexican) Congress isn’t being invited to participate.”
Hmmm, for something that most definitely ISN'T happening, sure be a lot of folks talkin' 'bout it.

H/T Vdare

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Way To Go Mr. President!


Well this is exciting! It appears the presidents plan is already working...
...Severe poverty is worst near the Mexican border and in some areas of the South, where 6.5 million severely poor residents are struggling to find work as manufacturing jobs in the textile, apparel and furniture-making industries disappear. The Midwestern Rust Belt and areas of the Northeast also have been hard hit as economic restructuring and foreign competition have forced numerous plant closings.

At the same time, low-skilled immigrants with impoverished family members are increasingly drawn to the South and Midwest to work in the meatpacking, food processing and agricultural industries.

These and other factors such as increased fluctuations in family incomes and illegal immigration have helped push 43 percent of the nation's 37 million poor people into deep poverty - the highest rate in at least 32 years.
Yummy! Let's listen to the president and have more of this lusciously delicious policy. Yum!

H/T Lonewacko

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Welcome To Aztlan USA!

Source: The LA Weekly

As immigration both legal and illegal spin out of control, those who are cheerleaders for the problem insist that it would be "RACIST" to notice certain, well, less than pleasant aspects of the invasion. A case in point?
Cudahy is a strange little city; some say a scary one. In 2003, city leaders fired the L.A. County Sheriff's Department — which had policed Cudahy for 14 years, focusing on gang and drug crime — in favor of a nearby municipal police force that recently erupted over public allegations of police brutality and kickbacks to police and city officials from a towing company.

In Cudahy, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency has seized almost 20 times more cocaine over the past five years than in Bell, a bordering city of similar size...

...Cudahy resembles a Mexican border town more than it does a Los Angeles suburb. Entrenched gangs and Mexican drug trafficking have trapped working-class legal and illegal immigrants in a cycle of violence and fear, in a city where less than a quarter of the 28,000 residents are eligible to vote...
Yay! Yay for the importation of Mexican style corruption! Yay for the creation of problems needlessly, Yay! for having to now solve problems that should have been nipped in the bud, NOT allowed to flourish.

But hey, I'm just a nasty dirty racist, well, me and all the Reichwingers at the LA Weekly. :)

H/T Lonewacko

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Monday, February 26, 2007

Jake Revealed!

Hannitized insists that I provide him with my curriculum vitae, he demands to know my bona fides in several areas...
I ask you to tell me what it is you are doing to serve your country? How are you helping fight the GWOT? How are you helping our Federal Government and Department Of Defense prepare to work with our allies and fight our enemies? What experience do you have that makes you aware of the overreaching effects of our actions here at home with those we cooperate with overseas? What? Tell me!
I could answer this question by saying I am a part of the Chicago Minutemen and as such I am working to see this country implement a sane border policy. I could answer that in the running of this blog which I assure you takes a fair amount of time, I am trying in my small way to project a point of view contrary to the "whistling through the graveyard" foolishness of our elites and people like Hannitized.

But my answer is much simpler: I am an American citizen.

I require no more than that to have an opinion on the GWOT. I require no alphabet soup behind my name to give my opinions credence, in fact I question how well we are being served by our current "geniuses?"

Let's look at some of his other points...
The difference between you and I is a distinct one, but not an opposite. The fact of the matter is, you just love your country differently. You seem to love your country and its citizens in the same way a parent lashes out to defend their children. You would lash out in a fashion where its ok to strike those who you feel have wronged you and yours. I love my country in a way where I would rather not lash out and instead teach a more noble lesson. I would rather teach my child how wrong the other person was and not to lash out until they are threatened to the point where they must defend themselves.
Well alright, but, when exactly can we lash out Hannitized? What would be required? 3000 people dead in a Manhattan skyscraper? The endless string of dead Americans at the hands of criminal aliens? What number of rapes would finally be enough? Murders? Pedophiles? Americans killed at the hands of those not even supposed to be here?

As I said in my piece last night, you appear to welcome this, truly I cannot fathom why that would be so. I'm sure you would cry foul at that designation but truly, you are one who says I agree we should stop illegal criminals then undoes any effort to actually do so. I can say this much, part of the problem is we work from different premises, you feel that every person on the planet has the right to come here, I feel that it is a gift when any person is allowed to come here.

So to me when the criminal alien does something heinous they've really committed two wrongs, the first is the obvious outrage, the second is spitting on this country which as far as I can tell doesn't bother you a bit.

Something you may not know is if you were to say there are no reliable figures on the number of crimes committed by illegal and legal immigrants I would agree with you, but I would go on to ask why that would be so? What other activities does our government go to such lengths to hide?

Governments count beans, it's what they do, so when you find an uncounted bean should that not be a clue that perhaps all is not well in Beantown?

As to noble? It may very well be more noble to invite the enemy within your camp Hannitized, but along with noble it may also be stupid. Is it possible that they really aren't coming here merely to work? Neither of us can answer this question definitively, yet obviously I have seen and read things that concern me and cause me to ask the questions I do. If you choose to call that racism, well, it not only undermines your argument it makes me question your sanity.

I was being fundamentally serious when I wrote about the dream I mentioned in the previous post. I fear that people like yourself will continue to attempt to lull Americans with happy smiley multicultural talk, that you believe is true, but can only be tested in the crucible of this country. In other words: what if you're wrong?

What if importing people at a rate we've never attempted before, with people like you standing in the way of any reasonable attempt at assimilation, in fact would call any such attempts "genocide." What if that leads us somewhere very, very bad?

Will you even have the decency to say I'm sorry if that were to happen?

So I ask again Hannitized, what precisely would break through that cool facade and outrage you? Because I would have to say if your not outraged now I believe your capacity to be outraged is frankly lacking. Or, this is a debating ploy and you really don't care how many Americans are sacrificed to the dark gods of globalism?

He continues...
While I understand some are at the point where they feel threatened, I would say its safe to say YOU are not one of them. Therefore, using this very serious problem as an excuse to attack minorities and those of color is a DISGRACEFUL behavior that I have no tolerance for.
Really? How fascinating, have you added mind reading to your lengthy list of achievements. You were aware that both my wife and I have received death threats? Actual ones, not the made up ones our local pro-illegal supporters receive, you know, the ones they can never substantiate? You were aware of this, yes?

You were aware that part of the reason we made our last move was local "peace activists" telling us, and I quote, "they knew where we live?" Surely you knew this?

Am I complaining? No, I am fully aware that criminals never appreciate being called criminals to their face, it is a dangerous pasttime, but how dare you act as an apologist for something you really don't understand?

And if you really think it's about color? Says much more about you, than me.

I would say to you Hanitized that most Americans who are paying attention feel threatened, why? Perhaps because there is a lot of threatening going on. It's really not a mystery. Yet you would seek to 'understand' this behavior, you're welcome to, I seek to remove it from this country.

He continues...
To pretend this isnt a dialogue that is being discussed amongst our politicians and economic analysts is simply delusional.
No Hannitized, the delusion is in thinking there is any substantive debate over this issue whatsoever, truly delusional. For whatever reason a decision has been reached, and that decision can be summed up thusly...

"There shall be open borders."

Or as I wrote in an old piece...
A calculation is being made in Washington that a certain number of gang rapes and murders are acceptable so long as the dollars flow and trade crosses the border.
Do you really think most average Americans support that notion? I mean an actual majority of regular folks? I tend to think not, I live in a big blue city and a majority of people here don't support that position, am I really to believe that as you move into the redder areas of this country it becomes more popular? Sure, sounds feasible.

I end by reiterating my question to you sir, where is your outrage? When precisely may we feel anger at our country being overrun, not by those of different races, but by those who hold allegiances to other countries and by their own admissions care not a whit for this one, those who see this country as a combination ATM and outhouse?

As I said earlier, if you're not outraged now then you are simply incapable of outrage and I find you completely unserious in any way.

You can find excuses for anything, but what you excuse does speak volumes of your character.

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Taxicab Jihad Update

Source: the tennessean
Man hit by cab after driver made anti-Semetic [sic] comments

A Nashville cabbie made anti-Semitic statements and praised Adolph Hitler’s campaign against Jews during a religious argument that culminated when he ran over one of the passengers as he left the taxi, witnesses said during a hearing today.

The cab driver, Ibrahim Ahmed, said Hitler was “trying to rid the world of Jews,” the alleged victim, Jeremie Imbus, told the court.

“I just remember ...(being)... I guess the word is ‘shocked,’” Imbus said of the Feb. 18 incident.

Imbus and his friend Andrew Nelson, both of Ohio, had come to town to visit a friend and had been out drinking in downtown bars earlier in the evening. Imbus, who was wheeled into the courtroom in a wheelchair, said he couldn’t remember much about the night.

But his friend, Nelson, said he pulled Imbus out of the cab as he kicked at the back of the cabbie’s seat. Both men the took off running, he said. Nelson heard the vehicle accelerate and then saw the mini-van hit his friend, he testified. Imbus suffered a broken leg, a fractured pelvic bone and several other injuries.

Ahmed, 37, was working for United Cab Co., at the time. He faces charges of attempted criminal homicide.
Building the Jihad in America, one cabbie at a time.


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Thought For The Day

Old but good...

H/T OPFOR via Insty

The Derb On Giuliani

Source: NRO

John Derbyshire responds to this reader email...
"Derb—As I do every week, I enjoyed Radio Derb. This week, it is quite jarring to transition from your earnest appeal to listeners to do something to oppose McKennedy's immigration disaster to your statement 'I'm a Rudy guy.'

"I know that you know Rudy's views on immigration, legal and illegal. He's indistinguishable from McCain.


"How can you care about immigration as much as you obviously do and then support Rudy? Please explain yourself."
Derb responds...
[Derb] I'll do my best. As I said a couple weeks ago: "My heart says Tom [Tancredo] but my head says Rudy."

We're not going to get President Tom, or anyone like him. There is no-one in the field, or likely to be in it, who is (a) fully aware of, and outspoken about, the immigration issue, and (b) at all likely to win.

So what do we do? How about: Support a tough-minded patriot who

(a) shows no signs of a deep ideological commitment to unrestricted immigration,

(b) is not in political hock to any of the invite-the-world business, race, guilt (Guilt? Rudy? Ha!), or Mexican-influence lobbies (although his consulting firm has, or had, Mexico City as a client),

(c) has never, in his extensive chief-executive experience, had to put immigration issues at the front of his mind, and so has a "position" on immigration like I have a position on the blocking rule in ice hockey,

(d) has a personality and intellect not the least, NOT THE LEAST, inclined towards the sappy-sentimentalist kumbaya view of humanity at large, or of immigrant humanity in particular (here, at least, his family background will have been informative),

(e) is going to have to go through some learning/repositioning exercises on several topics if he's going to get conservative Republican voters out in sufficient numbers,

(f) understands very, very well the cluelessness and incompetency of unionized civil-service bureaucracies (you don't survive 8 years as mayor of New York without learning that!) and so will be properly contemptuous of any scheme or legislation that calls for a tripling of the workload of the federal immigration bureaucracy—the most clueless and incompetent of them all,

(g) can make things happen,

(h) is Rudy Giuliani.

'Nuff said?

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