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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Shhh, Don't Say Anything

'Boondocks' steps over line in its treatment of King

The rift between Al Sharpton and black cartoonist Aaron McGruder has been festering for a couple of weeks. It erupted shortly after the Cartoon Network aired a controversial episode of the animated series The Boondocks on Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday.

In that show, King is depicted as having survived the shooting that took his life in 1968. Instead of dying, the civil rights leader slipped into a coma from which he recently emerged. Standing at a podium to address a room full of blacks, King is shocked by what he sees.

As the music blares, fistfights break out, some people swill liquor while others engage in sexually explicit dancing. When his calm attempt to get their attention is ignored, King blurts out: "Will you ignorant niggers please shut the hell up?"

Then the civil rights icon tells his audience how disappointed he is with their behavior. "I had a dream once," the fictional King says. "It was a dream that little black boys and little black girls would drink from the river of prosperity, freed from the thirst of oppression. But lo and behold, some four decades later, what have I found but a bunch of trifling, shiftless, good-for-nothing niggers."

This is followed by King's recital of a litany of problems and failings of blacks that is laced throughout with the n-word.

McGruder defends show

On Nightline the following day, McGruder defended the show, saying "it's kind of our job to be out there on the edge." Sharpton didn't agree. He demanded an apology from the Cartoon Network. He didn't get it. In fact, shortly after the King show aired, the cable network renewed The Boondocks for a second season. *snip*

McGruder makes a good point when his cartoon character talks about the failings of some blacks to live up to King's dream. But while I still think McGruder is a genius, I believe he went too far in this episode. By having King make such flagrant public use of a word that his cartoon character describes as "the ugliest word in the English
language," McGruder pushes the slain civil rights leader into the swamp of self-loathing speech.

That's a dangerous gambit, given the racially mixed audience to which his show plays. Some people might get the point he's trying to make. I fear, however, that most will not see - or hear - anything beyond King repeatedly calling his people "niggers."
Do I like the use of that word? No. However, if a black man can't make this statement, who can?

This smells to me like the same argument used against Bill Cosby when he spoke out against the problems he saw in the black community. That bastard, he told the truth in public, oooohhhh, how dare he?

The person who will be most effective speaking anto the heart of any community, is a member of that community. And that individual will speak the language of that community.

Considering the number of times I have heard black folk use the "N" word amongst themselves, it seems a little strange that anyone would be upset that a boundaries pushing black cartoonist be would called on the carpet for doing what the vast majority of his peers do.

Remittances are Mexico's biggest source of income, says Fox

Holy guacamole Batman!

NEW YORK – Money sent from Mexican workers in the United States to their families back home has reached a record $12 billion in 2003, Mexican President Vicente Fox said Wednesday.

Remittances "are our biggest source of foreign income, bigger than oil, tourism or foreign investment," Fox told reporters after a meeting with Mexican-American businessmen.

Well ain't that nice. It makes me feel all warm inside that America is propping up the corrupt government south of our border. And remember, that's just Mexico, how much American money do you think is hemorraging over our borders that could be put to work here to benefit Americans?

"The 20 million Mexicans in the United States generate a gross product that is slightly higher than the $600 billion generated by Mexicans in Mexico," Fox said, adding that his country has the ninth-largest economy in the world.

"If we could add up the two products, Mexico would be the third or fourth economy in the world," he said.
First: How sad is it that 23 million Mexicans in the United States produce more money than the 100 million living in Mexico?

Second: I don't want 23 million Mexicans living in America! Does that sound insensitive to you, well, I would be a lot more open to 23 million Americans of Mexican descent. 23 million Mexicans makes my butt itch, I don't want 23 million of any nation's citizen's living within the borders of my country. Call me crazy, but it cannot turn out well. It just can't!

Fox said the money transfers grew after Mexican consulates started giving identity cards to their citizens in the United States.

"The cards are working. All doubts have been cleared up," Fox said. "Almost 2.5 million people have them, and we want all Mexicans to have them."
One of the happiest days of my life will be when those damn things are dead and gone. No Senor Fox, precisely no doubts have been cleared up. Those cards are a danger to me and mine and I will do everything in my power to make them a past tense problem. The FBI don't trust'em. I don't trust'em and you shouldn't trust'em.
Fox said he would discuss the question of migration with
President Bush at next month's meeting of 21 world leaders at the Asia Pacific
Economic Cooperation forum in Thailand.
You can talk until you're blue in the face guys. ninety percent or so Americans are unhappy about the illegal immigration mess and want it cleaned up right now. I can't even imagine the pain to Mexico when 16 billion dollars dries up over night. It will be quite a hit to their economy, no doubt about it, and I find myself fresh out of compassion.

Considering the wildly silly and insulting things Mexico has been saying, well, it will be sweet when the payback starts flowing southward.

Always. always, always follow the money trail. Mexico needs to keep illegal immigration high for a variety of reasons. No matter how you slice it it is not, cannot be, and shouldn't be our responsibility to support the economy of another sovereign nation. To feed her people in perpetuity. You teach a man to fish...

With all due respect Mr. President, you're gonna' lose this one. I'm sorry you opted to support the citizens of another country over the very people who look to you for protection and support. I think a lot of you sir, but on this issue I am incapable of understanding your position, along with eighty percent of my fellow conservatives and a surprisingly large contingent of Liberals.

H/T Digger's realm

illegal immigration

A Guest In My Home

We hear claims that immigrants are somehow bad for the economy – even though this economy could not function without them. Pres. Bush SOTU

And we must have a rational, humane guest worker program that rejects amnesty … allows temporary jobs for people who seek them legally … and reduces smuggling and crime at the border. Pres. Bush SOTU

No guest is so welcome in a friend's house that he will not become a nuisance after three days.
Titus Maccius Plautus (254 BC - 184 BC), Miles Gloriosus

A guest is like rain: when he lingers on, he becomes a nuisance.
Yiddish Proverb

In his state of the union address last night President Bush again called for a guest worker program. Like some species of madness the president continues to alienate his base on this issue.

But let's take a minute today to think about what a guest is. Traditionally a guest is someone you welcome into your home. This is usually, though not exclusively, someone you know and care enough about to invite them into your and your families space. Certainly, on occasion we welcome perfect strangers, though we ask them to respect our homes and if they don't we kick them out.

So the president would like to invite all twenty million illegal aliens currently in our country to be guests. I mean, when we say "guest worker" program that's what we're saying right?

So who are these guests that the president has so graciously welcomed into our shared home? Well, many truly are good people, hard working and honest. They love their families and I'm sure they generally follow the law.

Here's the problem though, I don't know who these people are and neither does president Bush. I would assume just as certainly that there are also very bad people mixed into the hard working mass. Drug runners, gang bangers, maybe even terrorists. Yet our president insists we welcome these folks into our house. And make no mistake, America is our house. This land is our land, the same way your house is your home, or would be if not for Kelo.

Here's what we do know though, the majority of these folks came here illegally. As better than I have said, given the chioces in Mexico I would probably do the same. That doesn't make it right or even okay in my book. So no matter what, these "guests" first act in our shared home was to enter illegally, stay illegally, drive illegally, work illegally, and these are the folks we refer to as honest and hardworking, not criminals.

Of course, some are criminals, which ones? Well, who knows? nobody checked them at the door, we don't have a bouncer to check ID's at the door like the worst dive in town would.

Ultimately of course the definition of a guest is someone who leaves. They don't live in your house forever. How hard will it be to get guests to leave after six years? pretty tough I'll wager. yet the president insists that we welcome these folks into our home.

Should we?

I say no, I think we should welcome a certain number of immigrants who wish to come here and partake of our unique country and culture. To those who demand to come here and enjoy the bounty of this great land without giving back of your heart to this country that welcomed you, all I can say is...

A guest is like rain: when he lingers on, he becomes a nuisance.

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Stubborn Is Thy Name! SOTU live blogging

He said it!

For Pete's sake he went ahead and said it!

Guest worker!

I'm stunned, speechless, literally unable to imagine the sheer arrogance of this statement.

The people have plead with him to let it go, but, like with Miers, President Bush can be one of the stubbornest sons of bitches on the planet.

Mr. President, While I overall support you, please, for the love of god, let it go man, we ain't buying!

The President is at his best when he talks about freedom around the world. The opening section, dealing with Iraq and the war on terror was stirring. I agree wholeheartedly that we must engage with the world, but not at the expense of our people or country.

I was also insulted that he continued the ridiculous argument that Rove, Mehlman and other party operatives have been trying without success to sell.

He said "And some say that immigrants are bad for the economy." Nobody is saying that, and what's really annoying is to have my president accuse me of being xenophobic for wanting him to stop illegal immigration! The word Mr. President is ILLEGAL!!!!!!

No matter how you dance, no matter how many different names you try out, the answer is NO!!

I, and those who care about this issue are just as stubborn as you sir, and you're gonna lose this fight chief.

Immigrant Groups Try Convince us Not To be Tough on Illegal Immigration

This just made me so happy.

From the Arizona Daily Star:

It was 20 years ago when President Ronald Reagan signed into law the Immigration Reform and Control Act.

It made it unlawful to knowingly hire undocumented immigrants. It boosted border enforcement. It created a special class of agricultural immigrant workers and it granted amnesty to nearly 3 million previously undocumented immigrants.

Proponents said it would be a comprehensive solution to illegal immigration.
It wasn't.

This year Congress is on the verge of adopting another comprehensive immigration law. If it does and President Bush signs it, the new legislation likely will be heavy on law enforcement, further militarize the border, ignore America's labor needs, threaten the environment and punish undocumented immigrants and their families, said Catherine Tactaquin, director of the National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights in Oakland, Calif.

"If it passes before the November election, Congress is likely to close the door on immigration policy for years," Tactaquin said.

If that happens, many immigrants — legal and illegal — will suffer from the new, enforcement-only legislation for years to come, she said.

Well, if this is the reaction to the current legislation being hammered
out, GREAT! Making illegal immigration groups unhappy
is one of my major goals in life. I hope they are in a real panic! If
you don't like it GO BACK TO YOUR OWN COUNTRY!

As far as I am concerned nothing being discussed is nearly tough enough
on illegals.

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They Commit Crimes Cuz' They Love


(HERNDON, VA) January 31, 2006 – The home of George Taplin, leader of the Herndon Minutemen, was targeted with graffiti this weekend by opponents of the Minuteman’s stand for enforcement of immigration and employment laws.

The graffiti was spray-painted on the sidewalk in front of Taplin’s Herndon home using a stencil and language that mimics the appearance of signs carried by supporters of the controversial taxpayer funded day labor center in Herndon.

The graffiti attack is being investigated by the Town of Herndon police.

Two separate messages were spray-painted: “No One is Illegal” and, under a heart-shaped globe, “Love Sees No Borders.”

Taplin issued the following statement on the incident:

“The Herndon Minutemen will not be intimidated from exercising our constitutional rights. Our position is simple: enforce immigration and employment laws and don’t encourage law-breaking by subsidizing it with tax dollars.

“While the Minutemen scrupulously follow the law in their actions, it is telling that supporters of criminals who preach tolerance would resort to a criminal act that conveys a message of intolerance for those who seek for the law to be upheld.”

Just to state the obvious?

Love see's borders, idiots don't!

H/T The Minuteman Project Blog

The Purposeful Ignorance of Illegal Immigration Supporters

I just read the following in an ICIRR newsletter. I tried to find it in the Daily Southtown online, with no success. I'll keep digging, and provide a link if I can.

When we get to the fisking my comments, as always, are in red.

Meet Mehrdad Azemun.

He is a senior organizer with the aforementioned ICIRR.

He attended the same protest we did back on January 9th...the one at the Home Depot in Cicero to protest ILLEGAL immigration.

I wrote about it here.

Mehrdad wrote this about it:

On the question of immigration, we're a nation of two hearts
By Mehrdad Azemun, Daily Southtown Guest Columnist

On a recent Saturday morning I got up a little early and drove out to the Home Depot in Cicero. Unlike most other guys driving to Home Depot on a Saturday morning, I wasn't looking for power tools or a new kitchen sink -- I was trying to pledge allegiance to one of the two hearts of this country.

Let me explain. On that Saturday, anti-ILLEGAL immigrant groups around the country had called for protests against ILLEGAL immigrant workers. And there they were in Cicero: a dozen so-called ??? "Minutemen" with video cameras to tape and harass (The truth? We stood quietly on the sidewalk, displaying our message on signs to those driving by. We didn't interact with the counter-protesters or illegals at all. Hardly harassment.) mostly undocumented ILLEGAL immigrants who show up at the Home Depot looking for a day's ILLEGAL labor of carpentry or home repair to feed their families (WOW. Mehrdad actually refrained from playing the pity card until the end of the second paragraph!).

I joined the crowd of 100-plus immigrants (lumping those who are here legally and ILLEGALLY into one convenient, if highly inaccurate, group) and allied people of faith, celebrating the reality of our country's diversity (read: the reality of an ILLEGAL invasion 11 million -- but who's counting? -- strong). Over on the sidewalk, the Minutemen held signs reading "Stop the Invasion." Looking at those two groups of people in that parking lot, I was reminded again: We are a two-hearted nation.

Anyone who has either lived through or reflected on our nation's history can see our country's great paradoxes. This country -- this beautiful country with wretched tendencies nonetheless -- is a two-hearted one. One heart is the heart of compassion, of liberty and of true justice. This heart is what makes our country's heritage so great and admired around the world. I love this heart! Compassion -- helping people -- we do lots of that. Liberty -- I deeply appreciate the freedoms we enjoy in this country -- like being able to stand in front of Home Depot and protest. Justice -- we depend on our government to protect us by enforcing our laws.

The other heart is the heart of racism, fear and separatism. This second heart -- which has beaten throughout our history -- is beating at the center of the Minutemen and other anti-ILLEGAL immigrant movements. And unfortunately for our country's true moral, spiritual intellectual and economic growth, this racist heart is as real as the other one. I would like to know if Mehrdad has ever spoken to one -- ONE -- Minuteman. He's never talked to me. I'm not a racist. He's never talked to Jake. He's not a racist. Yet Mehrdad is only too willing to slander us and all the other Minutemen he's never met.

My family and I lived through these paradoxes and have felt both of these hearts beating. As a young Iranian immigrant living here in the late 1970s during the Iran Hostage Crisis, I went to grade school and learned about the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave -- yet outside the classroom saw a nation that acted like neither, as Americans (not all Americans) ganged up on Iranians and compared us to animals. I grew up believing in that first heart of compassion, and I have chosen to love this country as a true patriot, despite its paradoxes. Mehrdad and I can agree on this point. What he experienced is reprehensible. It is, unfortunately, a fact of human existence. Fortunately, however, we have laws against it in this country.

No matter how many times they may deny it (I will deny what is false until I've drawn my last breath, no matter how many times people like you lie), the Minutemen and other anti-ILLEGAL immigrants are evoking the darker heart as they play on our country's racism and fears about Those People (Let me clear this up for you. When I refer to ILLEGAL immigrants, I am referring to ILLEGAL immigrants. Those who have come here ILLEGALLY, stay here ILLEGALLY, and work here ILLEGALLY. There is no distinction of race, skin color, nation of origin. Just plain ILLEGAL.) -- racism that has been stoked through history about Those People, like African-Americans ("Colored Seating Section Here"), Muslims and South Asians ("Towel Heads Go Home") and even White people themselves ("No Irish Need Apply") (Even White people themselves? Your ignorance reaches insulting new depths, Mehrdad, when you imply that only White people are racists.).

So as we go about our everyday lives, and as our U.S. Senate prepares to debate immigration reform this year, we have a choice of which heart we lay our hand over as we say the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag. Where will your palm make contact with your heart? Will we lay our hand over the same heart as Martin Luther King and Jane Addams, or will we lay our hand over the heart of David Duke, the KKK and the Minutemen?
Am I personally offended by this lying, propagandistic drivel? OF COURSE I AM. You can't read the words of someone who, knowing nothing -- NOTHING -- about you, slanders you maliciously in the name of political agenda.

And that's the important thing to remember. Mehrdad Azemun works for an organization that defines their purpose (from the same newsletter as this article) thusly:

The continual goal of ICIRR is to win legalization for all in our communities.
They want our government to not only forgive the millions upon millions of people who have come here illegally, but to welcome them with open arms. And, left to their own devices, I don't doubt that many of those who represent us would do just that.

It's just not going to happen. Citizens across the country are stirring. They are taking notice of the toll that ILLEGAL immigration is taking on our country, they are rightfully outraged, and they are speaking up about it. There is a growing unwillingness to continue allowing those we elect to choose the interest of greedy businesses, ILLEGAL immigrants and foreign countries over Americans.

It has nothing to do with race. It has nothing to do with the "two hearts" that Mehrdad alleges.

It's about our democratic government's obligation to look out for us, the way they've failed miserably, and the fact that, if we want them to do what they swore to do when they took office, we're going to have to force them to do it.

If that's what it takes, I'm in.

Immigration fuels housing battles

More problems with illegal immigration.

From USA Today:

Overcrowded housing is emerging as a battleground in the national debate over immigration as towns and counties crack down on landlords who permit many unrelated people to occupy single-family homes.

Local officials in New York, Virginia, Massachusetts and Georgia have evicted residents, threatened landlords with fines or jail time or legally narrowed the definition of family to combat a problem they say disrupts neighborhoods.

“Our focus is on health and safety,” says T. Dana Kauffman, a Democratic member of the board of supervisors in Fairfax County, Va., a suburb of Washington. “I've seen crawl spaces turned into bedrooms. … We've had people tap into gas lines.”

The board is asking the Virginia Legislature to allow it to punish landlords with up to a year in jail for violating local rules barring more than four unrelated people from living in a single-family home.

Some activists say measures limiting the number of unrelated people or extended family members in a home target immigrants, particularly Hispanics, who often need to share a home to afford the rent.
These people that come here are wonderful hard working people that do
nothing but contribute to our economy and improve our quality life; yeah

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Tanker Brothers: The Hidden Story

As always the Tanker Bros. bring us the crispy, delicious goodness.

My favorite line...

"We will not be afraid!!!"

Yep, gotta love that.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Say It Ain't So!

Knight Ridder and reporter Dave Montgomery fellate Rob Allyn in print, spit or swallow, that's my only question.

Do you remember Rob Allyn? He's the PR flack Mexico hired to make Americans believe we're not at war with them.

My favorite bit...

But, in a telephone interview from his Dallas office, Allyn said his company has "been flooded" with supportive telephone calls and e-mails, many of them from CEOs and senior political figures. "They've all been congratulatory and encouraging us," he said. "People at that level understand the value of Mexico as a trading partner."
No. Stop. I don't believe it. Global elites and asshat politicians who have been flooding this country with slaves for the past forty years called to congratulate him? On what exactly?

There was a time when we'd hang guys like this.

How many average Americans have called to congratulate this traitorous snake, I wonder?

I think those who run large corporations and deal in millions of dollars every day have a nasty habit of forgetting that they are very vulnerable. Those millions will not protect them when Americans reach the boiling point. Politicians too forget that they answer to the "people". Remember guys, those people that buy your products and vote your saggy asses into office. The ones you try so desperately to ignore, then placate like children when they cry out for mercy from your rapacious ways.

Well, everything has a season.

This is a little off point, but I think it may have some bearing here. Personally, I was disappointed that no one fired a shot over Kelo. I'm not kidding, at some point we are supposed to fight back. Have we been so emasculated by our estrogen based society that we've forgotten that sometimes fighting is the right response? Though I will admit trying to get Souter's house and build the "Liberty Hotel" was pure genius.

Sometimes our leaders need a little whiff of reality. I am not necessarily advocating violence, but I am advocating standing up and snarling when it's appropriate. I am advocating telling the government who works for us "no" on occasion.

I think it's time to reinvigorate the junkyard dog spirit that made this country great. We didn't become who we are in the world solely because we were nice. We became who are we are because we would do what was necessary while others whistled a happy tune in Hitler's coal mine.

And this train of thought leads me inexorably back to our borders. This problem will not be solved with 'niceness'. Drug cartels aren't nice, 'undocumented migrants' who hold this country in contempt aren't going to stop abusing this country until we make them stop, and talking alone ain't gonna get the job done.

Nope, it will lead to violence, it already is, no matter what Skeletor, I mean Mr. Chertoff would have us believe, bullets are flying right now. Border Patrol agents are being shot and attacked on a consistent basis, and these are the folks we want to make 'guests' in our house?

Excuse my bitter laugh. Nope, I don't think we'll stand for that and that will lead to violence. Quite a bit of it in fact. I just want to prepare you for what is coming.

When the enforcement act passes we will have open war with Mexico. You heard it here first folks, remember that.

H/T The Lonewacko

Ahhh, The Smell Of Fear

This just in: ICIRR (Illinois Coalition For Immigrant and Refugee Rights) may require a clean pair of briefs...

TAKE ACTION: Turning Workers into Criminals

Republican Speaker Hastert fast-tracks anti-immigrant bill;
Democrat Leader Emanuel delivers key Democrat votes

Do we want an America where

…busboys and gardeners are sent to jail as felons?
…a priest is a felon for taking a sick undocumented immigrant to the hospital?
…a teacher can go to jail for taking an undocumented student on a field trip?
…immigrants will stop reporting crimes or serving as witnesses for fear that
local police will deport them?
I realize y'all would rather eat your guts with a zesty relish before that dreaded word, ILLEGAL, was alowed to cross your lying lips, but since that's exactly what we're talking about here, the answer to your loaded questions is a resounding...YES!

That is precisely what the Hastert/Sensenbrenner “border security” bill would do!

This past Friday evening the US House of Representatives approved HR 4437, the bill proposed by US Rep. James Sensenbrenner. The House Republican leadership, led by House Speaker Dennis Hastert (from the western Chicago suburbs) pushed this bill through on a fast track; the vote took place ten days after Sensenbrenner introduced the bill.

This bill is loaded with punitive, mean-spirited provisions that will harm not only millions of immigrants but also many people who work with immigrants on a daily basis. Among the lowlights:

- The bill would turn millions of hardworking immigrants into criminals by making unlawful presence in the US (previously a non-criminal matter) a felony.

- It would make anyone who provides any aid to an undocumented immigrant a felon (including relatives, lawyers, teachers, clergy members, and social service workers).

- It would authorize local police to enforce immigration laws.

It would force employers to verify Social Security numbers, including those of current employees, in effect forcing millions of immigrant workers out of work.

- It would spend $2 billion on a nearly 800-mile long fence along the Arizona and California border.

- It would broaden many grounds for deportation and increase penalties for many immigration-related offenses; and

- abolish the Diversity Visa program, a major immigration program enables thousands of immigrants who lack a family or employer sponsor to lawfully come to the US.
Excellent! Outstanding! Bravissimo! More please! After the decades in which Americans have been ignored on this issue the door's gonna swing shut pretty hard boys, watch your fingers.

The House leadership did not allow a vote on the Secure America (McCain-Kennedy-Gutierrez) comprehensive immigration reform bill, which was submitted as an amendment. The final bill contains no provisions for enabling immigrants to gain legal status or even temporary work visas, and comes nowhere near the comprehensive reform that our immigration system needs.
Good, until the door is all the way shut, we will not even entertain any talk of increased anything. Shut the door for about five years, then we can talk.

The bill passed by a vote of 239-182. Seventeen Republicans voted against the bill. Thirty-six Democrats voted for it, providing the margin of victory.

Among the Illinois delegation, three Democrats (Bean, Costello, and Lipinski) voted for the bill; all others Democrats (Rush, Jackson, Gutierrez, Emanuel, Davis, Schakowsky, and Evans) voted against. All of the Republicans in the delegation voted for the bill except Hyde and Lahood, who did not vote.

In particular, Rep. Melissa Bean, who represents the northwest Chicago suburbs, not only voted for the final bill and in favor of the border fence, but also submitted an amendment to order a federal study on the impact of undocumented immigrants on public schools and property taxes. That amendment was not brought to a vote and not included in the final bill.
Oh no! We can't have that, can we ICIRR? If somebody actually studied that you couldn't run around and tell us how wonderful illegal immigration is. Also, let's remember that ICIRR and other similar groups rake in millions from far left, open borders organizations like the Ford Foundation, along with sweetheart deals with the city of Chicago to teach "immigrants" how to game the system. It's not altruism, follow the money trail.

Also, Rep. Rahm Emanuel, a Democrat who represents 123,000 immigrants in Chicago’s northwest side and the western suburbs in Cook County, reportedly pressured several Democrats to vote yes on the bill. Rep. Emanuel is chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which coordinates funding for Democrats running for House seats. He seemed more concerned about winning elections than about the lives of his constituents.

The bill is not yet law; it must still be approved by the Senate and the President to become law. The Senate may consider the bill as early as February.

Yes indeed, and here's how you can...

Minuteman Project

Chicago Minuteman Project


These are merely a handful of organizations combatting illegal immigration. Almost every state has a chapter of the Minutemen or another likeminded group.

It's your country folks, if you'll fight for her!

**This was a production of; The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate please go to The Uncooperative Blogger or Freedom Folks and email us. We will add you to the blogroll, and send you the rest of the info you will need.

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Tanker Brothers: Just Like That!

I fight for an America whose citizens hold their heads high, stick their chests out, and proclaim to the World: "I'm an American!"

So Says our pal Master Gunner over at The Tanker Brothers.

Me too pal, me too!

Check it out!

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

The Brownsville Herald dropped this steaming pile of delight under our noses this morning.

Border violence likely affecting migrants
Okay, as an aside, does anybody other than me find it curious that "immigration" issues reporters seem to run about 90% Hispanic? Conflict of interest, anybody, Bueller? Bueller?

Now back to the show...

January 29, 2006 — A recent wave of violence against Border Patrol agents in the Rio Grande Valley has the potential to harm immigrants who pass through here.
I realize I'm pissin' in the wind here but, what about the Border Patrol agents? Yeah I don't think Sara Ines Calderon gives a rat's ass about them either. Moving on briskly now.

Officials say human smuggling has become ensnared with drug trafficking, making it a more dangerous, desperate and expensive game. This raises the stakes and makes the whole process more violent for everyone involved.“When millions of Mexicans crossing the border are perceived as enemies, they are going to try to respond to that situation,” said Ignacio Corona, professor of Mexican and Latin American Cultures at Ohio State University.
Game? This is a game to you Mz. Calderon? Not to me missy, and not to most right thinking Americans either.

Allow me to clarify something Mz. Calderon couldn't be bothered with. "Human smuggling" includes people being smuggled into this country, this land based on freedom and liberty, to be honest to god slaves. How about them apples? Trying to downplay that seems like the height of cappucino breathed weasely goodness. Cuz rich folks deserve slaves! I mean without Maria who how would I raise my children? Kiss my fat white hairy pizza eatin' butt, slave lover!

It's also utterly ridiculous to paint "migrants" and drug cartels as being fundamentally different. The only difference is a matter of scale. "Migrants" are little criminals, drug cartels are huge criminals. In many ways "migrants" scare me more, they are unraveling our society right before our eyes. Drug cartels merely feed the well defined addictions of a minority that haven't changed much in decades. Police agencies know how to deal with the cartels, if only we'd take the gloves off, but an invading force of people who feel they have a right to be here illegally?

Increased enforcement at the border — more Border Patrol agents for example — makes migrants more desperate, driving them to extreme measures or dangerous geography, according to Karl Eschbach, a demographer who studied the causes of migrant deaths along the U.S.-Mexico border in the early 1990s through 2003.“It would affect the ordinary labor migrant who attempts to come across, and I can’t imagine that it’s affecting them for the good,” Eschbach said. “As enforcement becomes more effective, there becomes a motivation to act in a desperate way.”
I've said it before, I'll say it again. criminals never enjoy being busted for their bad deeds. So should we not enforce the border as these raving asshats would suggest? I mean I'd hate to inconvenience the ravening hordes of locusts who wish to sneak over the border. I hope you're catching this. These folks, in a round-about way, are suggesting we just give up on border control lest common criminals get hurt.

I have a news flash for these geniuses, sometimes criminals get hurt, nay, killed in the commission of their crimes. I have as much compassion for poor mexican folks as the most bleeding hearted open borders advocate. Where we differ is simply this, they would throw the doors open wide ignoring decades of evidence of the enormous toll illegal immigration has wrought in this country, I would ask Mexico to get it's act together. These poor folks we're talking about come from a country after all, why can't their country deal with this?

Anf finally, the truth will out...

Some call this trend “increased militarization” of the border, which Corona said is bound to increase violence. A stronger militarized presence at the border makes smugglers, and by extension immigrants, more desperate, a perfect recipe for violence.“Forces are going to be opposed, and they are going to provoke some kind of response, some kind of retaliation,” he said. “If you don’t have a weapon, you are going to use a stone.”

Thank you mr. Corona. It's about time one of you egghead idiots acknowledged what's really going on here. Yes, I agree, I think these criminals will respond violently when denied their booty. I think as well they will become more desperate as Americans deny them the abused largesse they have enjoyed for far too long.

This is a war of attrition, unfortunately at this point the good guys are losing. Much like Joel Stien's recent column stating for the record that he didn't support the troops, this article spills the beans. It is nothing more than a thinly veiled threat. They are suggesting if we have the temerity to ask immigrants to come through legal channels mass violence and uprisings will occur. Since I have been saying this for years color me unsurprised.

Yes, dealing tardily with the long ignored problem of illegal immigration will be tough, make no mistake. But we Americans excel at solving tough problems.

Y'all should be a bit more careful who you threaten, we Americans also excel at kicking ass when necessary!

**This was a production of; The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate please go to The Uncooperative Blogger or Freedom Folks and email us. We will add you to the blogroll, and send you the rest of the info you will need.

H/T The Lonewacko (Bringing us the high blood pressure and the crispy goodness!)

Minutemen Denied Spot in California Parade

The Minuteman Project border patrol group sued a Southern California city on Friday after organizers of a "Patriots Day" parade refused to let it enter a float because the group was deemed too political.


The lawsuit accuses the city and the Laguna Beach Patriots Day Association of discrimination because other political advocacy groups -- including one supporting illegal immigrants -- will be allowed to take part in the March 4 parade.


"If it's a city of peace and tolerance, I think it's hypocritical to say that and promote that and be liberal and not allow different points view," Minuteman spokesman Tim Bueler said of the resort town and one-time artists' colony.

In addition to the group supporting illegal immigrants, Bueler said the parade would include another called Peace Vigil opposed to the war in Iraq and another he described as "pro-abortion."

Too political? Let me get this straight. Marching FOR the government to treat people who enter the country illegally like welcome and invited guests: not political. Marching AGAINST the government doing virtually nothing to stop illegal immigration and secure the borders for the safety of its citizens: too political.

Yeah. THAT makes sense.

Way to go Laguna Beach.

Or, as I like to call it, Laguna Bee-OTCH.

Iran Wants to School Blair on Holocaust

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid-Reza Asefi invited British Prime Minister Tony Blair on Sunday to attend the Holocaust seminar to be held in Tehran this spring, the Tehran Times reported.

Talking to domestic and foreign reporters at his weekly press briefing, Asefi said if Blair attends the seminar, he can hear and raise issues which he cannot hear in London.
Issues he can't hear in London? Might those possibly issues like...

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has described the Holocaust as a "myth"...
If the prime minister needs an escape from reality, may I suggest a trip to Disneyworld? The fantasy factor will be about the same, but I bet it's a lot more fun than a Holocaust seminar.

Senator Sheehan?

U.S. peace activist Cindy Sheehan, whose son was killed in Iraq, said she was considering running for office against Sen. Diane Feinstein while she waited for the California lawmaker to back a filibuster of Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito.
At first it seems that Sheehan understands the whole democratic process -- you don't like what someone in office is doing, you vote for someone else, or just run for office your bad self. Then, uh-oh, you read on...

"I'm appalled that Diane Feinstein wouldn't recognize how dangerous Alito's nomination is to upholding the values of our constitution and restricting the usurpation of presidential powers, for which I've already paid the ultimate price," Sheehan said in the statement.
usurpation: to seize and hold (as office, place, or powers) in possession by force or without right

No matter how much you disagree, slander, hate -- whatever -- the president, he did not usurp presidential power. He was elected. You might want to get that distinction down pat before you think about running for political office your own bad self. It's kinda important.

Another tip for the would-be senator? You might want to shoot for an image slightly more "senatorial" and dignified than this:

P.S. GoooooOOOOOOOO Alito!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Guard the Borders Blogburst

By Heidi

This first month of 2006 has seen a spate of unprecedented media attention to on-going border breaches such as drug smuggling tunnels and Mexican Army incursions. Deceitful Mexican government officials have disavowed any knowledge of such breaches, instead presenting laughable theories of "American soldiers disguised as Mexicans". Even our own Secretary of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff, has covered for the Mexicans by dismissing border incursion as mere navigational "mistakes". (He's failed to comment on the gunfire from said "lost" Mexican soldiers.)

No one is fooled. Our border agents continue to risk their lives confronting heavily armed Mexican soldiers and smuggling gangs, while our own American citizens living on the border continue to petition our government for security - to no avail. Two American states, Arizona and New Mexico, have declared a state of emergency in their states, as the financial and societal obligation of caring for illegal immigrants crushes their economy and resources.

In four states, the two above plus Texas and California, the new majority is the Hispanic, though mostly illegal. Such a disparity between law-abiding, tax-paying American citizens has caused the unconscionable situation to develop that the minority now pays for the services and support of the majority.

In the meantime, trillions of American dollars flow out of our economy and into Mexico's in the form of tax-free cash remittances from illegal labor. These cash disbursements are the largest form of income for the country of Mexico:

Remittances "are our biggest source of foreign income, bigger than oil, tourism or foreign investment," Fox told reporters after a meeting with Mexican-American businessmen.

"The 20 million Mexicans in the United States generate a gross product that is slightly higher than the $600 billion generated by Mexicans in Mexico," Fox said, adding that his country has the ninth-largest economy in the world.

"If we could add up the two products, Mexico would be the third or fourth economy in the world," he said.

Three years later, the number of illegal Mexicans in America is higher than ever, their impact on U.S. social services even more draining, and the free income is flowing ever-faster into Mexico's coffers. Think of it, their largest source of income costs them nothing in terms of infrastructure, research and development, education, and social services! They export their poorest, neediest citizens (at no cost to themselves) and sit back to wait for the free income to flow. No wonder they feel the need to ease their citizens' illegal entry into America by providing handbooks and maps - it has a direct impact on their economy! What other income-producing activity could they undergo that would require no construction, no training, no law enforcement, and no responsibilities whatsoever to their citizens? Why would they want to curb a free and very lucrative income? The illegality of it bears no consequences or costs, so the Mexican government has no incentive to fix a system that works wonder for them!

I do not know how much longer we can afford to single-handedly support an entire nation through second-hand disbursements. The trillions of American dollars that boost Mexico's economy are trillions of dollars not strengthening our own. Possibly even more important, the cultural impact of the burgeoning class of illegals is superseding American traditions and values and having a severe impact on our elections and government.

Our country was founded upon the premise "of the People, by the People, for the People" - and those People are constitutionally meant to be AMERICANS. Yet, foreign interest lobbies are have an ever-increasing detrimental effect on our local, state, and federal government as non-citizens are accorded most of the rights and privileges of American citizenship and garner actual governmental representation. This corruption of the intent of our Constitution has been allowed through the steady erosion of our national sovereignty.

Today, there are an estimated 23 million Mexicans working and living in America, according to Vicente Fox, who claims he is the leader of 123 million citizens: 100 million in Mexico and 23 million in America. Is it any wonder that he and like-minded special interest lobbies feel the RIGHT to demand more and more from our acquiescent government? Americans watch incredulously as they get most of what they demand, at our expense. To our shame, our nation's government has abdicated our rule of law concerning national sovereignty and national security.

We now have a large foreign presence within our borders that is NOT American, has no intention of ever becoming American, has no regard for American law, nor loyalty to America. This is akin to hosting a nation within a nation - and worse, one that is loyal to a foreign power.

Last week, in a related article, I summarized our current scenario as such:

Let’s recap: we’ve got your basic violent criminals (mafia, drug smugglers, rapists, killers, etc) crossing UNDER our border with impunity…we’ve got heavily armed Mexican military blatantly crossing OVER our border to protect such criminals…firing on American Border Patrol agents to collect $200,000 bounties…plus, we’ve got ongoing sightings of enemy soldiers from other nations, possibly China or North Korea, crossing our border…also firing at our Border Patrol agents…we’ve got Muslim terrorists infiltrating easily and regularly from Mexico…we’ve got Muslim terrorists that have already successfully smuggled in nukes from Mexico…we've got American citizens living armed in a border zone that has become lawless...though we are at war, our borders are undefended and breached on a regular basis... our sovereignty as a nation is defiled…and WE’VE GOT AN AMERICAN GOVERNMENT THAT KNOWS ALL OF THE ABOVE AND HAS NEVER DONE ANYTHING ABOUT IT!!!
Our government today has monumentally failed in its most foundational duties to our lawful citizenry, as guaranteed by our Constitution. There is no doubt in my mind that our conflicted and disloyal elected "leaders" politicians desperately need the following reminder, from President Theodore Roosevelt:

"In the first place we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin But this is predicated upon the man's becoming in very fact an American, and nothing but an American...There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn't an American at all.

We have room for but one flag, the American flag, and this excludes the red flag, which symbolizes all wars against liberty and civilization, just as much as it excludes any foreign flag of a nation to which we are hostile. We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language. And we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people."
--Theodore Roosevelt 1907

This has been a production of the Guard the Borders Blogburst. It was started by Euphoric Reality, and serves to keep immigration issues in the forefront of our minds as we're going about our daily lives and continuing to fight the war on terror. If you are concerned with the trend of illegal immigration facing our country, join our blogburst! Just send an email with your blog name and url to euphoricrealitynet at gmail dot com.

Blogs already on board:

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A Lady's Ruminations
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The Other War

Members of a violent international gang working for drug cartels in Central and South America are planning coordinated attacks along the U.S. border with Mexico, according to a Department of Homeland Security document obtained by the Daily Bulletin.

Detailed inside a Jan. 20 officer safety alert, the plot's ultimate goal is to "begin gaining control of areas, cities and regions within the U.S."

Let's slow this down a little.

Detailed inside a Jan. 20 officer safety alert, the plot's ultimate goal is to "begin gaining control of areas, cities and regions within the U.S."
You were aware that drug cartels are using our national forests as plantations for growing their product?

The next logical step is to consolidate their power on this side of the border.

The MS-13 member, who claimed to have smuggled cocaine for the Gulf Cartel, explained a plan to amass MS-13 members in Mexican border towns such as Nuevo Laredo, Acuna, Ojinaga and Juarez. The Gulf Cartel runs its drug smuggling operations from Del Rio, Texas, to south of Matamoros, Mexico.

"After enough members have been pre-positioned along the border, a coordinated attack using firearms was to commence against all law enforcement, to include Border Patrol," the alert states.

Now, let me say that these types of things have been reported before and nothing happened. However, the mere threat is enough to make me sit up and take notice. especially considering border violence is way up...

In Arizona's Santa Cruz County, where in May a sniper shot two Border Patrol agents in the legs, Sheriff Tony Estrada said he was alarmed by the documented threat.
Me too Tony!

The primary subject of the alert concerns a confrontation between a U.S. Department of Agriculture inspector and 20 men armed with assault rifles in the area where a creek feeds into the Rio Grande in Zapata County on Jan. 9.

The inspector, who was on horseback, said a boat dropped the group off inside U.S. territory.

The incident report concluded that the men probably were from Central America and members of either MS-13 or ex-Guatemalan Kaibiles, a military special forces unit specializing in jungle warfare and counterinsurgency.

Read the whole thing by clicking on the title of this post.

Why are cops facing off against the Mexican Military?

Here's the kicker...

Law enforcement officials along the border said they had not received the alert.
Sheriff Sigifredo Gonzalez of Zapata County in Texas said he was angry about the alert because he has never received information from the Department of Homeland Security about this or any other threat along the Texas border.
Do you know what the joke is?

I worked briefly for a local jail in the kitchen. I used to receive Homeland Security alerts via email! So I received these updates but the guys who's asses are on the line don't.

Makes sense to me!

All I want to know is precisely how many cops or BP agents need to die before we can take this seriously?

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Reactions to (and from) a Minuteman

Jake and I got soaked and chilled at the latest Chicagoland Minuteman protest today. It was worth it and then some. Read Jake's coverage here, and my previous post here for background.

Jake reported the facts, so I'm going to take the opportunity to diverge from my usual "citizen reporter" post. What I'm going to focus on today is the reactions we received from people driving by as we braved the elements to take a stand against illegal immigration.

Most of them are pretty predictable. There is puzzlement as people try to make out what our signs say as they speed by. There is honking, thumbs up and waving from those who agree with us and want to offer their support and encouragement.

Then there is anger, which comes in many variations. You've got your tight-lipped, highly offended, nose-in-the-air anger. Don't confuse this with you-just-threw-an-incredibly-pungent-turd-in-my-car-window anger -- they look alot alike. You've also got your verbal anger, which often includes phrases such as "go home," "racists," "we were here first," and "viva Mexico," plenty of cursing (preferably beginning with F), and other assorted witty repartee. OK, maybe not that last part. The Cecil B. DeMille version consists of an angry stare and a one-finger salute.

But the reaction I really want to hone in on is one that I saw a lot up in Waukegan today. It's harder, both to decipher and to deal with. It's hurt.

More than at any other protest, I saw plenty of faces today that reflected a personal response to our protest. Near me people held signs with messages like "Protect Our Borders," "Honk to Support the Police," and "No Amnesty." Mine read "COME legally, WORK legally, DRIVE legally" on one side, and "Enforcing Our Laws IS Justice" on the other.

I get the anger. It's a defense mechanism. "Hey! I'm doing (or supporting) something that's wrong, you called me on it, and I don't want to face it, so I'm going to deflect it with anger." It's a surface reaction, therefore we respond to it easily, instinctively. A shout. An insult. A middle finger.

The hurt is what lies beneath. It's honest. It's raw. It's deep. It's painful. "I'm doing (or supporting) something that's wrong, you called me on it, and that hurts."

I saw it, up close and personal, today. And I felt it. I still feel it.

I'm afraid that some people stop doing what they believe because they mistakenly see that hurt and think they are causing it. If I do something wrong, and someone calls me on it, they didn't cause my pain. I DID. So I'm going to keep on doing what I do, because I really believe it's important -- crucial -- to this great country of ours.

Just don't think it's easy, or that it's all about standing on a street corner holding a sign or waving a flag. Standing up for what you believe comes with a price. That price is sharing the pain that transcends which side of this issue you're on. It's not an Us vs. Them thing -- it's just an Us thing. A human thing.


I saw it, up close and personal, today. And I felt it. I still feel it.

The Battle!

This church in Waukegan Illinois was ground zero in the fight against illegal immigration today.
Waukegan recently began enforcing the law, which was a refreshing change of pace, in specific they were citing anyone caught driving without a license or insurance.

Hispanics felt this unfairly targeted them and complained that enforcement of the law was racist. MJ blogged about this here.

So the protest was today, Sunday, a cold, wet, blustery Chicago winter day. MJ & I were among the first to arrive. We'd received an email earlier in the week warning us that it might get ugly today, so we came mentally prepared to be called racists and much worse for standing up for our country.

So you can imagine our delight and surprise when 40-50 patriotic Americans showed up. Proud and determined to stand up for their country. We saw some familiar faces today and had the pleasure of making some new friends as well. We also had the very nice, and yet bizarre experience of meeting someone who knew us from this humble blog who had some very encouraging things to say. Thanks!

What about the opposition you ask?

The people in the foreground are Minutemen. If you take a glance across the street you can see all those who took a stand today for criminals.

That's right boys and girls, not one single individual showed up to taunt us or call us racists for demanding that our government enforce the law.

Let's review...

Patriotic Americans!


Perhaps they all overslept! No wait, maybe they were hung over. No that's not it, maybe they thought they'd melt in the cold rain. Maybe they realized how utterly asinine it was to agitate for lawbreakers, nah, never happen!

One quick comment about the church in general on this issue. Hispanics tend by an overwhelming margin to be Catholic. The Catholic church in America has been fading for decades. The Catholic church has joined with several political groups working to create open borders. Every time an illegal jumps the border the American Catholic church most likely gains a butt in the pew and money, so when they boo-hoo about justice just remember, Que Bono.

Que Bono, who benefits, or follow the money, this is the question a detective asks when solving a crime and this is the question you should be asking whenever a group supports illegal immigration. Such as, oh I don't know...The chamber of commerce. Hmmm, whatever might their motive be? Well it's a mystery to me, but if you figure it out be sure to let me know.

A couple of anecdotes. The cars passing by seemed to support us by a factor of about three to one, though it's not always easy to tell. The response was very encouraging. I was delighted that many, many African Americans were waving and honking. This issue affects all Americans of every color, white, black, or brown and we need to stand together to make this country great again.

Later in the morning a car pulled up with three Latino gentlemen inside. They weren't happy. They took the time to circle around and explain to us that they were the true owners of America and all evil white people need to leave. Another car containing a Hispanic lady who, frankly, could stand a couple of months of rigorous Jenny Craig action yelled out that they weren't leaving. One would assume by "they" she meant illegal aliens.

Ma'am, I got news for you. And I say this with all due deference, yeah, you are leaving. Maybe not today, probably not tomorrow but, Americans are fed up with folks strolling over our Southern border and treating this country like a candy store. Racing over the border to pop out anchor babies that tether you here, and provide you with benefits your own rich countries are too cheap and corrupt to provide.

Tired of politicians treating American citizenship like a commodity to be bought or bartered, or even worse, as though it were of no value at all.

American citizenship is a jewel of precious value, that's why people suffer and risk their lives to come here, why brave men and women have fought and died to preserve it. But when you reduce citizenship to new votes or cheap labor it loses it's luster.

So ma'am, you're leaving, I just don't know when yet.

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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Funniest Thing I ever heered!

Not actually funny, more along the lines of laugh to keep the devil away.

Dr. Evil over in North Korea wasn't getting enough love from the western media so he decided to rattle the saber a bit.

SEOUL, South Korea -- North Korea warned of nuclear war Saturday and vowed to strengthen its deterrent forces as it demanded that Washington show evidence backing its allegation that the communist regime is counterfeiting U.S. money.
And blah, blah, blah. until this...

Also Saturday, the North dismissed U.S. accusations of counterfeiting and other illicit activities like drug trafficking. "The nature and mission of (North Korea) do not allow such things as bad treatment of the people, counterfeiting and drug trafficking to happen in it," KCNA said.

Sweet Jaysus! What in the blue blazes do these tin horn dictators smoke? Camel poop?

What's that Kim? You monstrous, ginormous asshat? I can't hear you over this suffering little baby you piece of crap!

Couldja speak up, I thought you said something about the "mission of North Korea" not allowing you to treat people badly.

What's a matter, cat got your tongue?

On this Sunday as we give thanks for all our blessings let's recall the true face of communism. As the idiot children of groups like code pink and world can't wait pine for a communist America let's recall the untold misery and suffering their beloved system has caused worldwide.

And let's take a moment to remember how unbelievably blessed we are to live in the greatest nation on earth.

Mr. Right!

Mr. Right at the Right Place blog has a great piece up today.

Check it out!

He also hosts a lot of picture caption contests, if that's your bag.

Out And About!

MJ and I will be attending a Minuteman protest in Waukegan, Illinois Sunday morning.

If you don't hear anything by around 1, well, it's been a pleasure.

We're told it's supposed to get ugly, so prayers would be appreciated.

MJ & Jake


Mother of Congressman Tancredo dead at age 92

WESTMINSTER, Colo. (AP) - Adeline Tancredo, mother of U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., has died at age 92 after suffering a stroke last year, the Rocky Mountain News reported Saturday.

The daughter of Italian-American immigrants, she lived in Denver most of her life and work at Joslins Department store downtown for 45 years.

When Tom Tancredo decided to give up being a school teacher and run for office he used his mom's spaghetti sauce recipe as a campaign ad.

"We had no money, of course, and we were just trying to figure out . . . something to hand out to people that was inexpensive that they wouldn't throw away," the congressman said Tuesday.

He said his mother was embarrassed by the idea at first. "I'm not sure she wanted to emphasize the ethnicity," he said.

Later Mrs. Tancredo and her husband, Gerald, went door-to-door on their son's behalf.

She often told her son: "Tommy, I don't know about politics. When people say, 'What does he believe in?' I say, 'I'm not sure, but he's a very good boy.' "

"I couldn't leave my job. I couldn't have campaigned," he said. "I relied on them entirely." Lately, there has been talking of him running for president on a platform aimed at controlling immigration.

A long time member of St. Joan of Arc Church, Tom Tancredo said his mother "was the most spiritual person I've ever known. If there was a direct conduit to the Lord, she was it."

Last May she became partially paralyzed after a stroke and last weekend her condition deteriorated.

She was preceded in death in 2003 by her husband, Gerald.

She is survived by three sons, Jerry, Ralph and Tom Tancredo, all of Littleton; two sisters, Rose Franks and Eleanor Galterio, both of Arvada; 10 grandchildren; 17 great- grandchildren and four great-great- grandchildren.

Arrangements were pending and were being handled by Horan & McConaty.
Our hearts and prayers are with you Mr. Tancredo.

And if you decide to run, you have our vote!

God bless you sir, keep fighting the good fight.

H/T The Minuteman Blog

The Reality Based Community


Foreign Secretary Luis Ernesto Derbez after a couple of solid pulls off the crack pipe shared these words of wisdom.


MEXICO CITY - Mexico's top diplomat suggested Thursday that American soldiers disguised as Mexican troops may have been in the military-style Humvee filmed earlier this week protecting a marijuana shipment on the border.

Well sure, because, that's the real problem here. I don't see any solution other than disbanding the United States army. Sorry Master Gunner, but what'cha gonna do? Ernie says it's bad, it must be bad.

Fun facts for extra bonus points!

Did you know?

In addition, while Fox claims to be good personal buddies with President Bush, Fox chose September 11, 2002, to pull out of the 1947 Rio Treaty. The Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance, signed by member states of the Organization of American States, pledges each country in the Americas to defend against an attack on any signatory nation. Perhaps it is only coincidence that September 11 was the anniversary of brutal terrorist attacks on U.S. soil.
Oh yeah, they probably hadn't heard of 9-11. That's a common mistake, sure.

Remind me, why haven't we nuked these sons of...

But wait, if you order now you'll receive an unbelievably arrogant pissant neighbor to the south...

In the United Nations, Mexico joined France and Russia in opposing the American position against the Iraqi regime. The United States sought United Nations (UN) approval of meaningful arms inspections and enforcement in Iraq.

Mexico employs “Gulliver” diplomacy toward the United States, according to its former foreign minister, Jorge Castaneda. Last November, as the UN Security Council wrestled with how to deal with Iraq’s floutings, Bloomberg reported how Castaneda “said smaller countries on the United Nation’s [sic] Security Council should tie up the U.S. to bring it in line with their views on issues such as Iraqi arms inspections.”

“I like very much the metaphor of Gulliver, of ensnarling the giant,” Castaneda was
quoted. “Tying it up, with nails, with thread, with 20,000 nets that bog it down; these nets being norms, principles, resolutions, agreements, and bilateral, regional, and international covenants.”

Whew! Good thing they're allies, cuz that be sounding like stupid talk to me. The kind of talk that would normally earn a country a little bombing. Then again, considering our president's illicit love* for our duplicitous neighbor I guess they can get away with anything. it's not like Mr. Bush should put the citizens of this country first, heaven forbid!

I mean, who'd cut the grass then?

(President Bush to Vincente Fox: I wish I knew how to quit you)

H/T The Minuteman Blog

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Friday, January 27, 2006

Give The Man A Cigar!

In possibly the dumbest statement ever uttered this padre covers himself in well earned shame...

The Rev. Tony Valdivia is not encouraged by talk of "comprehensive immigration reform" in Congress.

The overarching message reaching his parishioners, 70 percent of whom he estimates lack immigration papers, is that they are not wanted here.

"I just don't see a light at the end of the tunnel," said the pastor of St. Louis Bertrand Church in East Oakland. "We are many but we have very little political power."
Did somebody forget to take their smart pill?

Doesn't one have to go to college to be a padre?

Maybe he did the mail order thingie.

I'm just sayin'

Click the title of this post to read the rest of the article.

H/T Beyond Borders Blog

Illinois Governor: I Love Illegals!

This just in: My governor is a wanker!

"People who are working hard, paying their taxes, are of good moral character ... regardless of their immigration status, they, too, should be able to share in the American dream," U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) told reporters at a December 11 service at New Zion Baptist Church in Chicago, where Blagojevich announced the program.

"Buying a home is a key first step for many working families to start realizing the American Dream," Blagojevich said in a statement. "But when you are paid in cash, or you can't open a checking account or establish a credit history, applying for a mortgage loan is a lot more difficult. That's why we created the Opportunity I-Loan
program to help Latino families, African-American families, Asian-American families, and so many other families qualify for a loan and buy a home."

...One of those [Republican candidates for governor], state Sen. Bill Brady (R-Bloomington), said he intends to introduce a bill to prohibit state-backed loans to anybody but legal Illinois residents. He said people he has met on the campaign trail are outraged over the idea of the state backing loans for illegal aliens.

"The general public is furious, to say the least," Brady said. "I'm a state senator, and I heard about this Saturday and he announced it on Sunday." The program went into effect the next day...

..."Our governor is sending a message: Break our laws and we'll reward you with a new home," [candidate Jim Oberweis] said. "It's absolutely insane. We are going to reward people who are here illegally with more attractive interest rates than we give to our veterans, people who have risked their lives for our country...

...Gerardo Cardenas, a spokesman for Blagojevich, said the governor decided not to go to lawmakers with the program partly because of problems in neighboring Wisconsin, which launched a similar program about a year ago.

"In Wisconsin they went through the legislators to do this, and it has been back and forth with the governor and legislators," Cardenas said. A bill that would end Wisconsin's program is under consideration...

Now, no one has ever accused Governor Blagojevich of secreting a Mensa card on his person, however, here's quote by the asshat in chief that sums this up quite aptly I think...

"While we are forced to live in a democracy with several branches of government, sometimes in a democracy the process is frustratingly slow."

Yep, he's a wanker.

H/T the lonewacko

Mexico Supports Illegal Immigration Again

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From FMNN:

Once again the government of Mexico has chosen to support illegal immigration into the United States. This time their National Human Rights Commission, a government-funded agency, said it will distribute at least 70,000 maps showing highways, rescue beacons and water tanks in the Arizona desert to curb the death toll among illegal border crossers. They also claim that this does not encourage illegal immigration into the United States; it just makes it safer for those who choose to act illegally.

In early 2005 this same government-funded agency distributed 1.5 million comic book-style pamphlets for illegals that give them safety tips on how to safely cross the desert into the U.S. Detractors of this Mexican government policy ask the obvious question: What is next; Will the Mexican government now start buying illegal aliens, once they are inside the U.S., bus tickets to California, New York and Florida?
From UPI:

Officials from the Department of Homeland Security and State Department decried the program Wednesday, The Washington Times reported. Reports said Mexico’s National Human Rights Commission was providing maps of the border region that included information such as water caches and cell phone coverage.

The Mexican Embassy in Washington told the Times, the NHRC receives no government funds and was working with a U.S. charitable group in distributing the maps. That group, Humane Borders, sets up water caches in desert areas near the U.S. border.

I don’t care where the money is coming from The Mexican Government is providing aid to those wishing to leave their country and enter ours illegally! In my opinion, humane borders, and other wacko groups like them, are behaving in a treasonous manner. They should lose their tax free status, have to pay back taxes, and their books should be gone over with a fine tooth comb. You don’t get to be a tax free charity if you are involved in politics, and you shouldn’t get tax free status for helping people break our laws!

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