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Saturday, May 20, 2006

I'm Fred Barnes...

And I crafted this message, out of whole cloth no less.


I'm Fred Barnes and I jes luv me some illegals.

Fred Barnes resident curmudgeon and teller of tales at the Weekly Standard, has been carrying water for big business in way not seen since, well, nineteen eighty six or so.

Shhh, let's listen in...(light Fisking MAY occur)
How to Lose the House
Republicans are staring political disaster in the face on immigration.

PRESIDENT BUSH AND REPUBLICANS are staring political disaster in the face on immigration. The problem isn't that they might enact a bill allowing illegal immigrants living in America to earn their way to citizenship, inviting foreign workers to come here, and beefing up security on the 2,000-mile border with Mexico. No, it would be a disaster for Republicans if they didn't pass such a bill.
The Illegal immigration issue is the one that will most likely break the Republican party. Maybe it's time has come?
Rarely has the American public been so involved in a national issue as they are today in immigration reform. Everybody has an opinion. Everybody agrees there's a crisis when, as is the case today, hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants are streaming across our southern border and millions more are already living in this country. The public expects action from the people who run Washington--that's Bush and Republicans. But action is not what they will get if the enforcement-only House refuses to compromise. What they will get in that case is an impasse. And that means the crisis endures.
Super, I don't want a bill passed merely to pass a bill. That sounds like a bumpy road to nowhere.
The American people are not on the side of the House Republicans who favor toughened enforcement and nothing more. On the contrary, a national consensus has formed around what the president calls "comprehensive" immigration reform--that is, impenetrable border security plus earned citizenship and a temporary worker program. But there's a wrinkle in the Senate. Democrats are certain to filibuster legislation consisting solely of enforcement. So it can't pass. However, their constituency groups, particularly immigrant groups, won't permit Democrats to block a comprehensive bill. So it, and only it, can pass in the Senate. *snip*
Uh-huh, methinks the "consensus" exists mostly in Mr. Barnes scotch glass and inside the beltway.
Imagine the effect it would have on Bush's presidency. Bush is struggling as it is. It was bad enough when his lonely effort to reform Social Security last year flopped. Failure to deliver on immigration reform, the single biggest domestic issue of the decade, would mark the end of the Bush presidency as an effective political force. Bush would become the lamest of lame ducks. His final two years in the White House would be painful.
Um, good?
Passing a bill would have the opposite effect. It would help revive Bush and improve Republican prospects in the fall election. It would show they had come to grips with a national crisis. Bush and Republicans would have done so not only by strengthening border enforcement, but also by keeping faith with the American tradition of welcoming and assimilating immigrants.
You sir, are a lying sack of crap, when you leave off the word illegal you lose my respect and earn my contempt.
Enforcement-only Republicans have both political and substantive grounds for compromise. Bush and Senate Republicans have gone out of their way to fashion a bill that takes seriously their legitimate concern for security. The Senate voted for 370 miles of triple fencing along the border. It adopted English as the national language. It established tough requirements for earning citizenship. It cut the temporary worker program to 200,000 immigrants a year from 325,000.
Does it really Mr. Barnes? Clearly Karl Rove didn't get the memo.

The under-arm funk of desperation never gets any prettier folks, and I smell it coming off this loser like the reek of ass at a filthy rest stop toilet.

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