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Saturday, March 31, 2007

I'm Sure This Is Our Fault Somehow!

Source: ibdeditorials
African leaders often point fingers at the West for "not doing enough." But last week's meeting of the Southern African Development Community shows why sensible wealthy nations are reluctant to give aid.

For at that meeting, some of Africa's so-called leaders disgraced themselves by endorsing the brutal, murderous regime of Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe.

Mugabe's 27 years of misrule have taken a country that was once prosperous — the breadbasket of Africa, it was called — and turned it into a poverty-stricken hellhole rife with famine, genocide and terror, and lacking rule of law.
H/T Instapundit

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The Little Girls That Run This Country!

Source: NYT

The NYT runs a bizarro world piece featuring an old favorite of this blog, Matthew (pimpin' amnesty) Dowd. It appears the chrome shine has fallen off the Bush administration for Mr. Dowd. I'll let Mr. Freaky-Flake tell the rest...
He criticized the president as failing to call the nation to a shared sense of sacrifice at a time of war, failing to reach across the political divide to build consensus and ignoring the will of the people on Iraq. He said he believed the president had not moved aggressively enough to hold anyone accountable for the abuses at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, and that Mr. Bush still approached governing with a "my way or the highway" mentality reinforced by a shrinking circle of trusted aides...

"I really like him, which is probably why I'm so disappointed in things... ...I think he's become more, in my view, secluded and bubbled in... ...I'm a big believer that in part what we're called to do - to me, by God; other people call it karma - is to restore balance when things didn't turn out the way they should have... ...Just being quiet is not an option when I was so publicly advocating an election... ...[Deciding to join the Bush campaign was] almost like you fall in love... I was frustrated about Washington, the inability for people to get stuff done and bridge divides. And this guy's personality - he cared about education and taking a different stand on immigration... ...I think we should design campaigns that appeal not to 51 percent of the people... but bring the country together as a whole... ...[In the future] I wouldn't be surprised if I wasn't walking around in Africa or South America doing something that was like mission work... ...I do feel a calling of trying to re-establish a level of gentleness in the world."
LW reports that Matthew (pimpin' amnesty) Dowd now supports Barack Obama's campaign for president because, and I'm totally making this up "Barack Obama is known for his ginormous sweet smelling genitalia, and isn't that what America needs right now?"

May I just go on record as saying: Is there any possibility this nation could 'man up' just a smidge? I'm not asking for Andrew Dice Clay Manfulness here, but I'm having a hard time with the American Girl Dolls being in charge of this country!

I'm Matt (pimpin' amnesty) Dowd and I like ponies and strawberries and I want to bomb the shit out of Iran!

Previous coverage on our favorite amnesty pimp:

In Response To Mr. Dowd

Bush/GOP Scrambling for Base, Independents?

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Oh How Lovely!

Source: seattlepi
Dengue surging in Mexico, Latin America

MEXICO CITY -- The deadly hemorrhagic form of dengue fever is increasing dramatically in Mexico, and experts predict a surge throughout Latin America fueled by climate change, migration and faltering mosquito eradication efforts. Overall dengue cases have increased by more than 600 percent in Mexico since 2001, and worried officials are sending special teams to tourist resorts to spray pesticides and remove garbage and standing water where mosquitoes breed ahead of the peak Easter Week vacation season... More alarming is that a deadly hemorrhagic form of the disease, which adds internal and external bleeding to the symptoms - is becoming more common. It accounts for one in four cases in Mexico, compared with one in 50 seven years ago, according to Mexico's Public Health Department.
Will reach America in...3...2...1...?

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Shocker: Those Who Profit Indirectly From Crime Don't Like The Law Enforced!

Source: marinij
Clergy opposes immigration raids

Northern California Catholic bishops and other Bay Area faith leaders gathered Friday in front of St. Raphael Roman Catholic Church in San Rafael, asking the federal government to suspend arrests of immigrants pending reform of immigration laws. "As people of faith, we realize that the issue of immigration is an issue not only of legality, but it is also an issue of morality," said the Rev. Paul Rossi, pastor at St. Raphael. Agents of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the largest investigative branch of the Department of Homeland Security, arrested 65 people and deported 23 in raids March 6 and 7 in San Rafael and Novato.
I think the "good" Father was misquoted in one line, let's see if we can fix that...
"As people of faith, we realize that the issue of immigration is an issue not only of legality, but it is also an issue of morality, and profit! Don't forget profit fool!"
Much bettah!

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Shocker: Criminal Enterprises Don't Like Law Enforcement!

Source: AJC

I know, I know, I'm shocked as well.
ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: State’s new rules vex contractors

Large contracting firms on public jobs soon will have to screen new hires through a federal online system and reject those not authorized to work in the United States. It’s part of Georgia’s new law to crack down on illegal immigration.

“What we’re trying to do is simply to prevent the hiring of undocumented workers in Georgia, and to prevent them from working for the public sector,” said Sam Hall, communications director for the Georgia Department of Labor.

The agency issued draft rules this week for how contractors must verify new hires. A public hearing is scheduled for May 3, and final rules will come out shortly after.

In a state considered to have one of the fastest-growing illegal immigrant populations in the country, the new rules have contractors worried.

“Finding quality craft tradespeople has been a challenge for many, many years, and anything that could potentially affect that number causes great concern,” said Bill Anderson, president of the Associated Builders and Contractors of Georgia.

The draft rule requires contractors and subcontractors with 500 employees or more to run new hires through the Department of Homeland Security’s Basic Pilot Program starting July 1. They and their subcontractors must sign an affidavit saying they have done so.

The requirement will eventually apply to all contractors and subs in 2009. It is a part of Senate Bill 529, the Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act, which became law last year.

“Only time will tell how this will really affect our industry —- whether it will cost money or cause heartaches trying to find workers,” said Ray Rodriguez, human resources vice president for Marietta-based paving company C.W. Matthews Contracting Co., which has 1,500 employees.

The federal government’s Basic Pilot Program matches an employee’s name against the Social Security number and checks immigration status. In most cases it instantly zaps back an answer as to whether the information matches and an employee is allowed to work in the United States.

About 15,300 employers nationwide now use the Basic Pilot Program, which is voluntary.

In Georgia it will be mandatory for all public jobs, but not for private home building or other nonpublic work.

While some contractors say they anticipate no problems, others wonder how the screening program will affect the available work force.

If there’s a shortage of legal workers and labor prices rise, a contractor might have to eat into his profit to do a job, said Mike Hardin, president of Alpharetta-based Harcon Inc., a subcontractor that sets concrete forms for parking decks, high-rises and office buildings.

If the labor market gets really tight, it’s possible companies won’t bid on public contracts, Hardin said. “Right now, times are so good, you have such a huge selection of jobs you can take, why would you take those jobs?”

Georgia’s draft rule contains no penalties for failing to screen an employee, and the Georgia Department of Labor will only conduct random audits of companies once the state Legislature devotes money to pay for enforcement.

Cobb County adopted its own rules for contractors in January. Those who do business with Cobb could be charged with breach of contract for not using the Basic Pilot Program and could be found liable for damages if the county experiences delays on a project.

Cobb likewise is not planning aggressive enforcement and will at most respond to complaints.

“At this time we are not planning on riding around and checking paperwork,” Cobb County spokesman Robert Quigley said.
Here s DA King's response which, oddly, the newspaper didn't see fit to print...
State’s new rules vex contractors? Golly, considering that SB 529 merely dictates that contractors comply with existing federal laws, it is more than a little difficult to find any sympathy for the “vexed” employers.

While it is likely extreme and unreasonable to require the contractors being paid with taxpayer dollars hire legal labor, most Georgians supplying those dollars – and the funds to pay for the medical care for the black market workers we all see everyday - kind of hope that those charged with enforcing the law find more enthusiasm.

The AJC reports that “there is no criminal penalty for not complying” with the law that requires the use of the free federal employee verification system. Wrong: False swearing that the Basic Pilot program is being used is…a crime.

One must ask: Why are tax dollars being spent on a Department of Labor public hearing on the draft rules? Is there still a chance that the contractors can convince the Labor Commissioner to ignore the law? Again?
Yep, who'da thunk it, criminals not liking the law enforced, imagine that!

H/T Dusty Inman

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Why We Fight!

Immigration Watchdog has been running a great photo series entitled "Why We Fight." In it he shows the real face of illegal immigration, the things the main stream media won't show you. Here's ours...

If you believe it is perfectly okay for Mexico to import their revolution into America? Then by all means do nothing about it.

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Illegals, Illegals, Everywhere You Turn

Source: Tucson Citizen (H/T Immigration News Daily)
A planned hijacking of a drug load turned tragic Friday when bandits mistakenly opened fire on 23 illegal immigrants, including three small children, hidden in a pickup, state and federal authorities said.

A man, Antonio Perez-Perez, 30, and a woman, Consuelo Perez-Roman, 28, were killed. A third victim, Everando Perez-Salas, 47, was injured.
The 23 comprised 3 families, all from Chiapas. The group entered the country illegally near Sasabe and were picked up by smugglers, who crammed them into the back of pickup truck with a camper shell.
Two suspects, Rosario Humberto Araujo-Monares, 21, and Martin Flores-Gaxiola, 18, were arrested Friday at a campsite a half-mile south of the shooting, just west of Green Valley.
That's two more players in this story who made it into the country illegally. Just to work hard, mind you -- work hard at hijacking a load of drugs. Mistaking the vehicle filled with humans for one filled with a drug load, they "showered the truck with bullets from the front and both sides."

But wait, there's more.
While deputies tried to make sense out of the chaotic scene several miles west of Green Valley, several other groups of illegal immigrants, unrelated to those ambushed, came onto the scene. They were taken into custody by Border Patrol agents.
Let's see. That's a few illegal alien human smugglers, a couple of illegal alien drug smugglers, 23 smuggled illegal aliens, and assorted other groups of illegals wandering the area.
Authorities have said such attacks have become increasingly common over recent years. More illegal immigrants are moving into the United States through the Tucson area, and more border criminals converge on the area to rob them of cash or kidnap them for ransom from relatives.

"For a number of years we have been seeing a flood of undocumented immigrants coming into the United States, and criminals are becoming more brazen" in their attacks on them, Kastigar said.
But there's nothing to see, here, folks. Move along now.

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The Weakest Link?

A chain can only be as strong as it's weakest link, so with that in mind Digger takes a look at how border state governor's are handling the illegal immigration crisis.


A hint...

You're weak and pathetic, you make us less safe!

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Quote of the Day

Source: Christian Science Monitor
"Some say we cannot send 12 million illegals now in the United States back where they came from. Of course we can!"

--Walt Edwards, U.S. Border Patrol (retired)
You see, the idea of mass deportation doesn't mean that, if there are 12 million illegal aliens in the country, law enforcement officials have to physically deport 12 million people. Large number, to be sure, but the much greater number will be those who self-deport...when they realize that we're actually going to enforce the laws they've been breaking.

Like Eisenhoewr's Operation Wetback, in which Edwards took part...
Then on June 17, 1954, what was called "Operation Wetback" began. Because political resistance was lower in California and Arizona, the roundup of aliens began there. Some 750 agents swept northward through agricultural areas with a goal of 1,000 apprehensions a day. By the end of July, over 50,000 aliens were caught in the two states. Another 488,000, fearing arrest, had fled the country.


By September, 80,000 had been taken into custody in Texas, and an estimated 500,000 to 700,000 illegals had left the Lone Star State voluntarily.
We do not, as a nation, lack the ability to fix this problem...but those we have elected to represent us have neither the desire nor the will. As citizens, it is our job to "help" them find both.

That's Funny Right There - I Don't Care Who Ya Are!

H/T Daily Gut

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Celebrate "Our" Movement, or Else!

Hint: "our" does not refer to Americans

Source: Reuters
Hundreds of students, some waving Mexican flags or chanting in Spanish, walked out of Los Angeles-area schools on Friday to demand national and state holidays honoring migrant labor activist Cesar Chavez.

Some 500 students, mostly from heavily Latino neighborhoods of east Los Angeles, walked out of their classes in a demonstration organized by the immigrant-rights group By Any Means Necessary, school officials said.
You may remember By Any Means Necessary from previous activities, including getting violent at a local Michigan board meeting a couple of years back. You know...just your usual board meeting stuff -- rioting, turning over tables, endangering court reporters. First-hand account plus video here.

California state government offices and colleges were closed yesterday in honor of Chavez day. Public schools, however, were open, prompting this response from BAMN:
"Whether they want to close down the schools to honor the Chavez holiday or not, we are closing them and forcing everyone to recognize our Movement and honor the Chavez holiday!" the Web-site said.
Way to go, guys. Force is always a great way to win people over to your way of thinking.

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Deep Inside The Mind Of A Lunatic!

Hannitized blesses us with some more of his "wisdom" in comments. He really doesn't appear to comprehend the meaning of 'conflate."

Let's dig in shall we?
The lands weren't stolen because they were barren? Apparently Jake lacks the historical knowledge of seeded lands (its an irrelevant point anyway and I will elaborate on that). And even if he has an understanding of that he lacks the knowledge that Native Americans didn't really settle the land. There were the Olmec, Myans and Aztecs who in some areas did. But the natives who occupied the American South West and West coast, did not. What Ol Jakey tries to pretend didn't happen is that the Spanish conquered the natives and force them to blend in or perish. The Mexican peoples were largely citizens not of choice, but of consequence.

Second, I guess to jake if the land isn't settled, you can take it. Therefore, he shouldnt care if immigrants come into the country and take land that doesn't have houses or currently being settled? Fair enough Jake? Can they just take the land nobody is using?

Lastly, Jake seems to ignore the Spanish-American war. The war that was started over border issues around Texas succession. I wonder why he leaves that fact out? Oh yeah, because America had to illegally steal the land in order to get to the point of the Treaty of Guadeloupe Hidalgo. Not to mention that the Mexican government only represented the Spanish, not the conquered peoples. It would be like saying the American government spoke for Native Americans in its territory, before it took the territory of Mexico. Its a farce, a lie and it is not reality.

What Jake would have you swallow is the history that makes sense to him, coming from a Euro-centric point of view. Nothing to see here folks.
First, yes, I come from a Euro-centric view. I do not smear myself with patchouli oil like our resident hippie and pretend I'm something I'm not.

Second, are we Spanish? Did I miss that day in history class? In fact, we helped uninstall the Spanish in Mexico, but since that would be evil America doing something good you'll never hear about it from our resident hippie.

Third, absolutely nothing illegal about anything leading up to the treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo. Calling it such doesn't make it so. What our resident Hippie neglects to mention is what I dealt with in my post, that the REASON the Texicans were INVITED was that the land was empty and not being used.

Fourth, is it just me or does our resident Hippie appear confused on who exactly Native Americans are and who Mexicans are. I don't think a majority of Native Americans would agree with his position, certainly not the ones I've known personally.
What Jake doesnt realize is that Many of the Native peoples of Arizona, California and Texas (who were pushed to Texas and Mexico from many reservations from the Americas) didnt have a choice in choosing their way of life. When the Europeans arrived, they robbed the Natives (who were there before them) of their way of life. Forced to live in a capitalistic society, complete with social class determining your position in it. Much like the Blacks in the US. If you had a native American blood in you, you were a second or third class citizen with little chance to advance in society. only the Pure Spanish were able to flourish, as best they could.

What you see when immigrants cross the border is not the Spanish who failed in Mexico, but the second and third class generations offspring. These are the people who suffered through the cultural changes that were forced upon them from the Spanish. When he says they are welcome to return to their own lands, he really doesnt mean that because many of them have homelands in California, New Mexico, Arizona and Texas. No, he does not wan't for them to return to their lands at all. You can return to your lands Jake.
Again, are we Spanish, am I missing something? This argument is simply leftist fantasy masquerading as fact. I talked about actual history in my post, it's response? Made up nonsense that simply doesn't comport with anybody's understanding of what happened.

Since these aren't "their lands," no, I don't think "they" should return. Look leftist loon, wars are fought, wars are lost, land is taken, I denied none of this in my post. To call it illegal is simply throwing words out as if words have no meaning. A war is not "illegal" because it's fought, do you even know what makes a war illegal?

And who else should we deal with but those people running the country? Should we have gone hut to hut and polled? Are you retarded? Never mind, rhetorical question.
Oh yes, those dumb "Mexicans". As if being Mexican represents one race and class of people who come from a land where everyone was treated as equals and had a fair chance to succeed. As if the Natives had a choice.
The Natives had no choice when they were conquered and they had no choice when they were made 2nd, 3rd and 4th class citizens due their bloodline. There was a time in this continent when those with Native blood had to deny it or hide it in order to gain social prestige. You can't pick yourself up from your boot straps if you are an oppressed people and your government didnt adequately build an economy where you had a real chance.
Are you talking about Mexico or America? You are very imprecise in this comment. Yet in Mexico this is still true and in America it isn't, gosh, how evil of us?

And yes, I think Mexicans are very dumb economically which is what I clearly noted in my post. I believe that socialism is for retards, hence, you're a retard. Mexico continues to make remarkably dumb economic choices, this is because we didn't allow them to keep California?

No you idjit, it's because they love a big, corrupt government. Which is entirely their business until it becomes our problem, which it currently is on so many levels.

You often accuse me of lying, being a moron, yet you do the one thing all dishonest debaters do H, you cherry pick your points, why? because either you're a remarkably poor debater or you know in your heart that your full of shit. My money's on the latter.
No Jake. STOLE LAND and INVADED LAND THAT WAS RIPE that they HADN'T HAD TIME TO UTILIZE. Give me a break with that spin. Further, Mexicans left the land that was stolen because the laws Americans made after they invaded its cities made it impossible for them to live comfortably because Americans were racists.
Uh-huh, how about all that RIPE LAND in Mexico right now? Why hasn't it been UTILIZED? I'm dying to hear how it's all our fault. An extraordinary aspect to your pathology is your ability to take any situation and turn it so America is at fault. How are we holding down Mexico today H? Are we forcing them to privatize companies? To be so utterly corrupt they cannot even have a functioning economy? These are things that could be changed, but not by us, only by those directly effected.

This will be the last time I ever pull one of your comments above the fold H, care to know why as you fade into obscurity? Because of this line...
Mexicans left the land that was stolen because the laws Americans made after they invaded its cities made it impossible for them to live comfortably because Americans were racists.
Yes H, and Mexicans weren't? You are a disgusting example of a moral relativist. You can excuse any behavior by any individual except Americans. Or better, you will find a way to blame Americans for all the world's ills. Know what chief? America isn't perfect, I've never claimed it was, but it is a pretty damn good country and we try to get better which puts up on a large part of the world.

But to one with your pathology it's never enough, it will never be enough until this country is destroyed for all her many and manifold sins, as judged by you, and sins are never judged more harshly than when judged by one with no love for the sinner.

You are a man who has lost the savor of being an American. You are a man without a country, and as such I pity you. If you judged a friend or a spouse as harshly as you judge this nation you would soon find yourself friendless or divorced. You are not a 'citizen of the world' no matter how much you may think you are, and the peace and prosperity you so take for granted has been purchased by the earlier generations of this country with blood and sweat and toil and yes, mistakes, by those good people you so despise from the luxury and comfort of the current day circumstances.

It is always a mistake to judge history with modern eyes, you weren't there, you don't know and frankly you lack the wit and empathy to even try to understand, yet you judge your forebearers as racists and murderers and rapists, this is not even a tithe of the story. It's just that due to the weakness of character that's been bred into you once you heard those parts of the story you could hear nothing else.

Like so much else on the left, you're not merely against America, you're on the other side rooting for her destruction, and may we meet on a battlefield someday sir. You know what side I'll be on, I wonder where we'll find you?

You are welcome to continue to leave comments but I will no longer be responding or ever pulling your stuff above the fold, and I am a man of my word. You are of course welcome to start your own blog, but as that would take courage color me unsurprised that you would not opt for that, no, you'd rather leech off our bandwidth, built with effort to score your points, how courageous, bravo sir, bravo!

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Friday, March 30, 2007

This is My City

Source: AP/Yahoo!
The city issued its first foie gras fine to a hot dog seller of all people, accusing "Hot Doug's" of violating a Chicago ban by lacing its specialty dogs with the duck liver delicacy.

Doug Sohn, who runs Hot Doug's "The Sausage Superstore and Encased Meat Emporium," agreed to pay $250 Thursday for the first-time offense.

Sohn had been openly serving foie gras-laced hot dogs since the ordinance took effect in August. He says he knew about the rule — when he got a warning letter from the city, he had it framed and placed on his counter.
No matter how you feel about foie gras, you have to see the irony of a city that has now officially begun fining people for serving the "duck liver delicacy" while passing a resolution calling for the federal government to officially not enforce immigration laws.

Or, to put it another way...
Successful entrepreneurial citizen -- BAD
Illegal alien convicted of Social Security fraud defying deportation order in church -- GOOD

Defies logic, doesn't it?

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Tancredo Throws Hat In The Ring On Monday!

Source: Denver Post
Tom Tancredo will announce Monday on an Iowa radio program that he is running for president.

The Littleton congressman, who has had an exploratory committee, will tell radio host Jan Mickelson in Des Moines that he is formally joining the race for the Republican nomination, two sources close to the congressman said.

Like other presidential candidates using alternative forums to break the news that they are seeking the Oval Office, Tancredo, the anti-illegal immigration stalwart, is choosing the medium that has given him a home for almost a decade.

“We’re looking at a day of announcements on talk radio,” a source close to the campaign said. “That’s where the conservative movement has made its mark. That’s where our people get their news.”

Tancredo decided to join the race after raising more than $1 million two months sooner than the goal he had set, one of the sources close to Tancredo said. Though that is a tiny amount of money compared to what other candidates are raising, Tancredo intends to spend that and at least $1 million in matching funds in just Iowa and New Hampshire.

Tancredo’s goal is to force top-tier Republican candidates Sen. John McCain of Arizona, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, to talk about immigration, the source close to Tancredo said. In particular, Tancredo will target McCain, co-sponsor of the immigration legislation that passed the Senate last year before dying when House Republican leaders refused to merge it with House legislation.

Tancredo will speak on at least 20 different radio programs Monday. Numerous stations are calling asking him to speak, the source in his campaign said, adding, “people are very excited about it and want to be a part of it.”

On Tuesday Tancredo will fly to Boston where he will speak on a radio program there that has a large market in New Hampshire. The week will be spent on talk radio.

“Over the years when we really didn’t have a voice, we turned to talk radio,” the campaign source said.

It also fits Tancredo because talk radio is “the voice of the immigration movement,” the campaign source said. “It’s through talk radio that the movement has spread across the country.”

Tancredo told The Denver Post earlier this week that he isn’t going to decide any time soon whether he’s going to leave his congressional seat as he runs for the Republican presidential nomination.

“I don’t know that I won’t run again, should things not turn out that I was president of the United States,” Tancredo said.
Fingers crossed!

H/T immigration watchdog

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The Natives Grow Restless With A Quiet Muttering...

Source: ukcommentators
Guardian apostate said...

I live in the West Midlands. Wolverhampton to be exact. Our local MP recently held it up as a shining example of multiculturism in parliament (he was also the Labour MP grandly pronouncing to be a friend of Islam in the Undercover Mosque documentary). On the surface it may seem to be true but underneath many people are unhappy with what's developing. Without any seeming alternative they just quietly leave. I know many people of Afro-Caribbean descent, many of whom I like a lot, but sadly, on balance, I've come to the conclusion I'd rather live in a more English setting. It's not just British culture that's affected. The days of the blues parties and sound system clashes are pretty much over. It's just too dangerous. I'm not overly taken by Indian culture either. I have 4, living in a tiny one bedroom flat above me, and I appear to have absolutely zero in common with them. They talk in their own language amongst themselves and mostly listen to Indian music and radio. My culture is slowly falling away in so many subtle ways. It is't only immigration Labour has got wrong. For me, in some ways quite worse, is the state of Education. That seemed to be the tipping point for most of my friends with families who've left.
H/T Vdare

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In Regard To the Harassment Of Patriots

From ifightback on the SOS boards
Our Republic is based on the Constitution & the welfare of the citizens of the United States. It's based on "of the people, by the people, for the people"

In other words, it's for "us", meant to work to "our" advantge, & meant to be run by "us"

Our Constitution gives us specific guidelines to follow to ensure all American citzens are treated fairly & without bias. Again, the keywords here are "American citizens"

Our rules of fair play are meant strictly for our citizens. They're not open to interpretation by activist judges or politicians

This country, it's laws & it's rights are for American citizens only

What the American people seem to have forgotten is our politicians & our form of government work only for us & represents us only

What we see happening today isn't just "the way it goes" nor does it have any reality based on factual law. It's our politicians & political elite making up the rules as they go along

Our Constitution & our form of government was never meant to usurp the will of the people. The rights & privileges afforded American citizens were meant for just that, American citizens

When our political elite bestow the rights of American citizens onto illegal aliens, foreign nationals, etc., they're committing a crime. This isn't the way it was meant to be. This isn't something we have to "live with" because we live in a free country

These politicians, lawmakers, judges, etc., are committing fraud upon the American people & America herself. Again, they're committing crimes against the American people. It's called treason

They can spin it anyway they like, but when our political elite use our Constitution & our rights to usurp our sovereignty & go against the wishes of the American people it's a factual crime. Nowhere does the afore mentioned rights of the citizens give them the power to bestow said rights upon non-citizens

Our rights & our safeguards protect US, the citizens, from OUR GOVERNMENT. It does NOT give our government the right to use them against us. The idea that our rights & protections are to be given out to & used freely by foreigners in our country is a fallacy

They stand on their bully pulpits & speak of our Constitution & our form of government as if those give them the right to allow an invasion & destroy our Republic. It's nothing but smoke & mirrors meant to deflect the treason they're committing

People will interpret our Constitution in many ways, but for those who think it gives foreign nationals the same rights as American citzens, I say you're dead wrong

What kind of laws would allow a nation to destroy itself? What form of government would allow itself to, due to it's concepts of freedom, to be done in by those very same concepts?

That in itself is absolute insanity. Are we to consider ourselves so free, so open that we'll destroy ourselves & our childrens futures in the proccess?

Our Constitution was put into place at a time when the concept of sovereignty actually meant something & the thought of millions of illegal aliens invading America was unheard of

Anyone who thinks that it was written with the 'rights" of foreign nationals in mind is insane

So America, it's time to wake up & realize this isn't happening because it's an inevitable part of living in a free & open society. It isn't. We the people have an absolute right to determine how we want our country run & who we let in

To think that we would allow & go along with ridiculous, dishonest & absurd interpretations of our laws in order to benefit those who would destroy our nation is beyond insanity

This is not the way it was meant to be

Americans, this is your country, & it's your duty to purge OUR governemnt of these treasonous whores we call "leaders". Our politicians are playing word games while they wrest control of our country & hand it over on a silver platter to illegal foreign nationals, & you're buying it lock, stock & barrel

When a certain towns police, DA's & judges go after a law abiding American citizens while they ignore the real criminals in their midst, does that not set off alarms?

When American citizens, trying desperately to protect their country & their children within the law, are harassed & prosecuted while the real criminals, illegal foreign nationals, walk our streets with impunity, that doesn't make you ask yourself what's going on?

When our "government" seems hellbent on protecting the rights of illegal alien criminals over the citizens, when they listen to the crowds of illegals marching in our streets but ignore the pleas from their own constituents, it doesn't seem to you that something is terribly wrong?

When will Americans understand this is their country & this is their government? When will they realize that they've handed their power to a small minority of corrupt carpetbaggers, rogues & thieves?

We must quit saying "oh well, there's nothing we can do about it". Because there is something we can do about it


A real American patriot Governor will see to it that American citizens are represented in his or her State

A real American patriot Police Captain will see to it that our laws are enforced & make sure his police force protect the citizens

A real American patriot DA will go after & prosecute real criminals

A real American patriot Mayor will make sure his or her constituents voices are heard & heeded

The moral of the story?

Put power hungry, pandering, treasonous snakes into office & watch as your rights & protections are taken away. Watch as your country is turned into a lawless, anarchy ridden hellhole

Put real American patriots into office & our laws & system of government will finally begin working for Americans again

It's up to you America. Turn off the TV & research those in power, at all levels. Find out just whom they're representing. Pinpoint the traitors, educate your families & friends & begin to purge YOUR government of these vile criminals

All it takes is to be educated on the issues & on those who represent us. It's not hard to do. It's very easy

Do you love America? Do you want your children to live in a free & prosperous America?

Then elect Americans into office

It's that easy
That was beautiful dude, thanks!

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Kaus: "The Citizenship Rush?"

Source: Slate
It's pretty amazing that the N.Y. Times could report that legal immigrants "have opted to become American citizens in historically high numbers in the last decade"--quoting an expert to the effect that "today's legal immigrants are signing on to a closer relationship with the U.S. ..."--without even mentioning that the 1996 welfare reform granted citizens access to some benefits that are denied to legal immigrants. ... P.S.: I'm not saying legal immigrants come here for government benefits. I'm saying you have to at least consider whether it's a factor in the citizenship boom. ... 30 Seconds of Googling: See, for example, "Welfare Reform Sparks Rush for Citizenship," CNN, August 8,1996. ... Do Times reporters talk only to the interest group that hands them the study? [At least they weren't having sex--ed Yes, then they might be biased!]... 5:18 A.M.

Heh! Yeah, the reason they've lived in this country for decades without becoming a citizen is because they lub us, they weally, weally do!


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Quote Of The Day II

Chrichton on Global Warming...
Historically, the claim of consensus has been the first refuge of scoundrels; it is a way to avoid debate by claiming that the matter is already settled. Whenever you hear the consensus of scientists agrees on something or other, reach for your wallet, because you're being had.
Read his speech "Aliens cause global warming."

Of our friends who "believe" in global warming, not one has of yet read this. Oh brave champions of truth!


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American Sharia?

Hannitized dropped another treat in comments yesterday underneath this post.
He sez: First of all, my comment was intended to refer to Muslims in our country, not in the Mid East or Africa. I understand we have an issue with radical Islam.

The purpose for my remark was to reflect on your hysterical idea that we are going to destroy our country from within because we have Muslims in our country. What you are tasked to prove is that the type of behavior you have outlined above is happening in OUR country.
My question would be: Does he even read this blog, or has the liberalism eaten away his brain to such an extent that he's not able to view things that don't fit his PC assumptions? Or, more saliently, is he trying to hone arguments on this blog to make America less safe?

First let's dispense with this nonsensical question:

Hirsi Ali under threat in US

Civil Rights?

Individual Jihad?

When He's Right He's Right!

Thank You Goddess Diversity! Thank You!

Chasing After The Elusive "Savages & Killers" Vote?

Taxicab Jihad Update

Democracy Cures All Ills?

Why Not Believe Them?

The "New Americans?"

The "New Americans II"

As I wrote in an earlier post to our cheerful Muslim invaders..."See, here's the problem, you can't behave as utter stone age savages in one context and honestly not expect us to wonder when you will revert to this behavior. Especially as this behavior occurs literally all over the world and is creeping into the West with Muslim immigrants."

You can't have it both ways. You can't say "yes Islam is a problem" followed closely by "but not in the United States." Well, why not? Islam has made itself perfectly clear that it has every intention of "beating" the West. And I for one have no problem believing them.

Hysterical? Nice try H, you attempt to shame me from protecting me and my family, what does that make you, exactly? Appeaser? Traitor? Fool? Sap?

A liberal is someone who is incapable of acknowledging that there could be such a thing as an enemy. The ultimate irony is that though I am a firm believer in American exceptionalism this has nothing to do with what we're talking about here, I do not think American soil has some magic ability to magically erase a person's previous experience and training, and if that experience and training mitigates toward being a violent savage in the name of Islam?

I am a particular fan of Hannitized's attempts to harrumph his way out of this. I'm sure you recall the stock English character from books and films? Heavy set fellow, big mustaches? Fought in the "Big One?" And when this character is confronted by behavior or information he doesn't like he tends to harumph and grump without actually saying that he disagrees, this is Hannitized's way.

This blog is predicated on certain basic dictum's. The first is this quote from George Orwell...
To see what is in front of one's nose needs a constant struggle.
It's not hard to not see things you refuse to see. It's not difficult to ignore things that are unpleasant or scary. It's also not hard, though it's tremendously "liberal*" to ignore things that are morally difficult. When an individual or a religion assures me they are my enemy I have no problem taking them at face value. When an individual comes along, someone like, oh I don't know, how about Hannitized, and tries to shame me and you out of believing direct statements from our enemies?

What exactly does that tell you about Hannitized?

Hannitized? Why don't you go clean the beach and leave the heavy lifting to the adults? Thanks!

A big H/T to KD for the pic!

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I Do Believe I Called This!

Source: Denver Post
Immigration reform sputters
A White House plan has lawmakers split along party lines, with Sen. Ken Salazar pointing to “onerous” conditions.

Washington - A renewed congressional drive to pass immigration reform hit a roadblock Thursday when lawmakers split along party lines on a White House proposal.

Republicans either defended the Bush administration’s ideas or called them starting points for discussion.

Democrats said parts of the proposal were unworkable, including high costs to apply for permanent residency, and a temporary-worker program that would not allow workers to bring their families.

Those party-line differences came less than a day after a bipartisan group of senators, including Colorado Democrat Ken Salazar, met to start work on a new immigration bill.

“I do not want a comprehensive immigration reform proposal that’s not going to be workable,” Salazar said. “When we create conditions that are so onerous, it won’t solve the problem.”

The differences underscored how controversial and difficult it still may be to pass legislation, even though the Democratic- controlled Congress and the Bush administration want immigration reform.

The Bush administration’s ideas for immigration reform legislation have come out as Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff has met with Republican senators.

Those meetings have been “to try to build consensus among a majority of Republicans,” on immigration, White House spokesman Blair Jones said.

“Once a majority of Republicans begin to coalescence, we would meet with Democratic senators to discuss a way to build broad bipartisan support for comprehensive immigration reform,” he said.

The president’s initial proposal, according to those familiar with it, includes a provision for temporary workers to stay two years, after which they must leave the country for six months.

They can then renew twice, for a total of six years.

The proposal requires illegal immigrants who want legal status to pay fees starting at $3,500, plus a balloon payment of $8,000 if they gain permanent-resident status.

The proposal also shuffles some categories of work visas, reducing the number allotted for family members such as adult children, adult siblings and parents, said Marshall Fitz, director of advocacy for the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

“Temporary workers are here to meet the needs of the country,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C.

Those workers shouldn’t necessarily get to bring family members or get in line for permanent residency, Graham said.

Salazar said he is reserving judgment on the Bush proposal “until I see how these concepts are laid out in a bill.”

He added, “I don’t want to see the tool of immigration reform break up families. I don’t think that’s the moral high ground.”
Onerous? Yeah,I suppose to an open borders Democrat anything short of whispered endearments and chocolates would be "onerous!"

The irony? The reason "Comprehensive Immigration Anal Rape" will not occur? Democrats? Why? Because they just can't help themselves, they will turn this bill into a carnival ride of delights for our cheerful invaders, just one problem though, there are still these pesky "citizens" who they have to pretend to give a shit about. Yeah, sorry about that guys, sorry you can't be the god-kings of all creation as you so clearly deserve, sorry!

H/T immigration watchdog

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Same Tune -- Different Country!

Source: dailymail

In every place where immigrants, whether legal or illegal, are allowed to swarm we see the exact same results. Why is this so difficult to understand?

From Britain...
Immigrant baby boom puts NHS under strain

Maternity services are under strain because of recently-arrived Eastern Europeans seeking pregnancy care and abortions on the Health Service, experts have said.

Increased demand for these services from immigrants from the new EU countries poses a 'huge challenge' for the NHS, the British Pregnancy Advisory Service said. *snip*

Official figures show that 579,000 people have come to the UK from Poland and neighbouring countries since they joined the European Union in 2004. In some areas of Britain, as many as one in four women seeking an abortion comes from Eastern Europe. *snip*

But GPs in Luton say one in four women asking for an abortion is Eastern European. Dr Nina Pearson from the Lea Vale Medical Group, which runs four GP practices in the town, said that in one of their surgeries 400 patients register a month - and 80 per cent of them are Eastern European.
A pointed reminder about government's ability to predict, or duplicity, you decide...
700 are arriving every day from Eastern Europe

The number of Eastern Europeans flooding into Britain has soared to 700 a day.

Official figures show there are 579,000 Poles and other residents of the former Soviet Bloc registered to work here.

The total does not include the self-employed, children or partners of the migrants, who do not appear in the Government figures.

The true number is likely to stand at 800,000 - or one in every 75 people living in the UK.

It is the equivalent of a city the size of Leeds, the third biggest in the UK.

The migrants - as well as placing enormous pressure on schools and hospitals - are receiving up to £75million in benefits.

According to a Home Office report, 70,000 are receiving handouts such as tax credits, child benefit or council housing. It is a leap of 15,000 claimants in three months, or almost 30 per cent.

Most worrying for the Government is that the influx, which began with the controversial expansion of the EU eastwards in May 2004, shows no sign of slowing.

During the last three months of 2006, there were a staggering 63,000 new applications to join the worker registration scheme.

"The Government assured us that no more than 13,000 immigrants per year would arrive from A8 countries (those that joined the EU in 2004). This figure completely blows that estimate out of the water. "Immigration can be of real benefit to the country but only if it is properly controlled, taking into account its impact on the economy, public services and social cohesion. This is demonstrably not the case."
Our future? Magic eight ball sez: Likely!

Nah, can't happen here, right?

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Nothing To See Here Folks!

Source: jpost
There is a growing threat that terrorist groups such as Hizbullah will acquire nuclear or other WMD technology, a senior US State Department official told The Jerusalem Post this week.

He indicated that there are a “large number” of nuclear smuggling incidents each year, some of which are “substantial” and not limited to low-grade material.

“You have this environment of material, expertise and supporting equipment [for weapons of mass destruction] being more widely available than before,” he said. “You have that coupled with the demonstrated interest of some terror groups to acquire these capabilities, and that is a real concern to us.”

“It’s a bigger threat than it was in the past… You see work by the groups to try to acquire the means. It’s not just the will. They are working to acquire the means,” he said.

While the official wouldn’t discuss the specific capabilities of Hizbullah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad, he said “each of those terrorist groups are ones the United States is very concerned about.” He also said Arab and Muslim countries were increasingly playing a role in combating the spread of such technologies to terrorist organization.
H/T Hot Air

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Jackass Quote of the Day

Source: KTAR-Phoenix

A proposed ballot initiative targeting illegal immigration in Arizona includes revoking business licenses of companies that hire illegals.

Lidia Guzman of "We Are America" offers this argument -- and shares her keen mental prowess -- with this gem:

"The employers are not behind it..."
Her mother must be so proud!

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Illinois Halfway to Driving Privileges for Illegals

Source: Chicago Tribune

Illinois would become one of only a handful of states in the nation to authorize illegal immigrants to drive legally on their roads under legislation the Illinois House passed Wednesday to create a special driver's permit for undocumented residents.

The 60-54 vote was an important victory for immigrant advocates, who have focused their energy this spring on several measures before the General Assembly.
That's right, folks. Even as other states are moving in the right direction, mine is clamoring to take a big step in the wrong one.

There goes the Trib -- like most media -- lumping legal and illegal immigrants into one big mushy group for which "immigrant advocates" lobby. Lawlessness is what they are advocating, but what else is new?

"Today we make history," said Rep. Edward Acevedo (D-Chicago), the sponsor. "The roads in Illinois will be a safer place, and immigrants can drive to church, to work, and take their children to school legally and without fear."
LEGAL immigrants have no need for fear as they go to church, work, and take their kids to school. ILLEGAL ones should have something to fear. The last time I checked, driving is considered a legal privilege. Why in the world should we grant a legal privilege whose very presence a whole lot illegal?

The controversial proposal for a driver's certificate for immigrants, which proponents say would encourage many of the state's estimated 400,000 undocumented immigrants to get proper training and automobile insurance, still faces more tests before becoming law.
Which brings me to my final point. What makes anyone think that any significant number of people who came here illegally, work here illegally -- often using fraudulent, illegal documentation, and already drive here illegally are suddenly going to become law-abiding illegal aliens (heh!)? Do they really think that hundreds of thousands of people in Illinois illegally are just sitting around waiting to get in line for a chance to pay 6 times what citizens pay for a legal document granting driving privilege? And to diminish their monthly remittances by a legally mandated auto insurance premium?

The Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights estimates that 250,000 uninsured illegal immigrants are on Illinois roads. Advocates believe as many as half of them would apply for the driving certificates.
"As many as half?" Must be nice to pull vague, unsubstantiated shit out of your ass without anyone questioning where it came from.

But the key is in that last sentence, isn't it? Advocates believe. They have faith. It's their religion. And they're not only trying to force it on the American people -- they're calling us every name in the book, from racist to xenophobe, when we won't silently submit to their religion.

And they have the nerve to call me un-American.

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Conflation, Made Up History and Hannitized!

Hannitized left this comment in a hot steaming pile beneath this post from earlier today...
is that it conveys the message that we are willing to accept some unquantified degree of violation of our laws.

That is a logical conclusion, only if you have no knowledge of history and no conscience about how it is these immigrants came to be "alien".

While this idea is far to complex for most idiotic Americans. There are those in this country who understand the Christian principles this country was founded on. They understand that their are certain moral truths and absolutes. Knowing this enables people to put aside the concept of legal law, in place of moral law.

Most American like to pretend to cloud this issue with wrongs that have been committed over seas by other nations. They do this in order to delude the historical facts our country is burdened with. We are conquerers of nations and people.

A much more less deluded example would be to look at what is happening in Hawaii. We have the Native people who are being pushed out of their own land because Americans have come and invaded the islands and pushed them to the brink of extinction. Now, as these people suffer economically due to their cultural differences they slowly find themselves unable to compete with the cheerful invaders because the property values continue to rise as the elite-cheerful invaders continue to invade the land that was stolen from them.

Many Hawaiians are living on beaches because they can not afford rent. Is this illegal to live on the public beaches in tents? Yes. Is it morally right to enforce the law on these people? No. But a balance must be struck in order for things to work out.

The law enforcement of Hawaii is in a rough spot. They know the misfortune that Hawaiians suffered as the cheerful invaders came and changed the language and culture they were used to. But they also know that the Hawaiians need to rise up and get a foot hold. How do they do that? Well, they are given Hawaiian homelands and other various means of social benefits that enable them to pull themselves up by their bootstraps.

The same type of logic is what you see when you hear talks of Amnesty for "illegal" immigrants. The so-called illegals are doing nothing more than trying to regain a foothold in the land that was once theirs in addition to trying to come up to speed in a culture that engulfed them, changed their world and that they are now forced to live in.

The real question is; Can America afford this influx? Does America benefit from this influx? If so, how much and where do we draw the line?
Hannitized | 03.29.07 - 3:56 pm | #
Let's dig into this puppy...
That is a logical conclusion, only if you have no knowledge of history and no conscience about how it is these immigrants came to be "alien".

While this idea is far to complex for most idiotic Americans. There are those in this country who understand the Christian principles this country was founded on. They understand that their are certain moral truths and absolutes. Knowing this enables people to put aside the concept of legal law, in place of moral law.
Hannitized is fond of suggesting that modern day enforcement of our borders and immigration law is somehow comparable to the Dred Scott decision, just one problem with that, Dred Scott dealt with those who were being denied citizenship because the state didn't acknowledge them as human. Nothing of the sort is going on today.

When you replace perfectly sensible laws with "emotive" laws, laws based on what you "feel" is right, you more often than not end up with low level anarchy.
Most American like to pretend to cloud this issue with wrongs that have been committed over seas by other nations. They do this in order to delude the historical facts our country is burdened with. We are conquerers of nations and people.
And? Your point would be what? This has relevance today how? Answer: It doesn't!

This is emotional based thinking. And as we'll talk about in a minute not germane to this conversation nor in any way applicable, all conflations aside.

But let's take one second to consider this foolishness. Here's what he's saying if you strip it down: Since we were great big MeanyPants back in the day we are now obligated to lay down and die when people aren't happy they come from pitiful excuses for a country. Know what H?

A much more less deluded example would be to look at what is happening in Hawaii. We have the Native people who are being pushed out of their own land because Americans have come and invaded the islands and pushed them to the brink of extinction. Now, as these people suffer economically due to their cultural differences they slowly find themselves unable to compete with the cheerful invaders because the property values continue to rise as the elite-cheerful invaders continue to invade the land that was stolen from them.

Many Hawaiians are living on beaches because they can not afford rent. Is this illegal to live on the public beaches in tents? Yes. Is it morally right to enforce the law on these people? No. But a balance must be struck in order for things to work out.

The law enforcement of Hawaii is in a rough spot. They know the misfortune that Hawaiians suffered as the cheerful invaders came and changed the language and culture they were used to. But they also know that the Hawaiians need to rise up and get a foot hold. How do they do that? Well, they are given Hawaiian homelands and other various means of social benefits that enable them to pull themselves up by their bootstraps.
This is a bad example for reasons I'll get to in a minute.
The same type of logic is what you see when you hear talks of Amnesty for "illegal" immigrants. The so-called illegals are doing nothing more than trying to regain a foothold in the land that was once theirs in addition to trying to come up to speed in a culture that engulfed them, changed their world and that they are now forced to live in.
Other than being almost pure fantasy and nonsense this is a compelling argument. Hannitized rails against "idiotic Americans" not knowing history, yet there is literally no connection to anything in the historical record in this entire screed.

The lands the Americans supposedly "stole" from Mexico were empty, barren lands, hence the need to "settle" them. The Texians were settlers, one doesn't tend to "settle" bustling lands. And even after the lands were supposedly "stolen" the Mexican government offered to sell two more parcels to the United States including Baja California which makes the claims of Mexican hardship over the loss of these lands a bit hard to swallow.

These "so-called illegals" are exactly that, how on earth have we "engulfed them, changed their world and that they are now forced to live in." If they don't wish to be "engulfed" they are more than welcome to return to their native lands, of which these are most certainly not. To suggest that Mexicans are somehow entitled to live as Mexicans in America?

Uh, no. I really don't think so. This is patent, dare I say, Liberal and leftist nonsense. If anything has "engulfed" Mexicans it is their very own poor economic choices, and their inability to move away from feudalism.

Let's follow this specious logic through to its end, shall we?

By Hannitized's lights all Mexicans living in what is by any standard, Mexico, have inherited some sort of right to enter the United States in contempt of our laws because a hundred and fifty years ago we fought a war, took some land they were not making use of, and ultimately paid them a rather princely sum for land they weren't making use of!

Did I mention that they weren't using the land, that it was almost completely empty? So how that is "engulfing" folks living in modern day, poorly managed Mexico is a mystery to me.

Or, let's put this another way. Are we really to believe that if the United States hadn't taken this chunk of land that Mexico wouldn't be the corrupt, backwards third world country it is today? Why? It's not as if we took a majority of their resources, we didn't. Would the restoration of this land magically turn Mexico's poor economic judgment around? Would they suddenly fall out of love with socialism? (Pemex, the largest business in Mexico is owned by the state, that is socialism by every definiton I am aware of)(Just anticipating H's attempt to suggest that Mexico isn't really a socialist country, yes H, it is)

To follow that line of thinking, are we to believe that if Atzlan were to spring into existence tomorrow people wouldn't still be pouring over the American border? Of course they would, to get to where the money is fool! You could give Mexico all the land in the world and so long as you have to bribe school teachers for grades it will remain a backwards country.

This idea that we somehow bear responsibility for Mexico's poor choices has never made a lick of sense to me, we have carried this country on our back, bailing them out when they forgot that they couldn't take ALL the money as bribes in the 90's. NAFTA, which if they weren't complete retards actually could have helped them, but no, it's all Mr. Meanie pants America's fault that Mexico is filled with corrupt economic retards who are a hell of a lot better at pointing fingers than fixing their own shithole country!

And how in god's name did the border cross someone in Chiapas? How is that even possible as anything other than a silly slogan?

If they're engulfed here perhaps it's because they are somewhere they ain't supposed to be. Maybe it's because they have become expert at blaming others for their own failures. Maybe most of all they have forgotten that at the end of the day Mexico is a sovereign nation, not our retarded cousin, and that change begins at home, not protesting in other countries streets demanding what the sinkhole of a country you came from is incapable of providing!

And this is my ultimate complaint with these folks. They escape here illegally from a country that is incapable of providing them with the ability to make a decent living, this is understandable, but then they march in our streets, denigrating this country? I'll be goddamned if I'll accept that! At that point you can shoot every one in the head and I'll cheer! You do not break into this country illegally then have the temerity to tell me we're oppressing you? Fuck you and the Burro you rode in on you sacks of crap! Peddle this nonsense to a "conservative" like Hannitized, I'm sure he'll weep big tears for ya!

You want to sell nonsense history H? Do it on another goddamn blog because I won't stand for it! Crack an actual history book, not the Communist one, it won't kill you! And find another analogy because this one is weak my brother, weak!

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Lawmakers say I-10 is major slave trafficking route

Source: mysanantonio
AUSTIN -- At least one out of every five men, women and children trapped in sexual slavery or indentured servitude in the United States has passed through Texas, say lawmakers wanting to help law enforcement target the problem. "The I-10 corridor, which goes from El Paso, San Antonio and then to Houston, has been designated by the Department of Justice as one of the main trafficking routes in the country," Sen. Leticia Van de Putte, D-San Antonio, said Wednesday at a Capitol news conference with social activists and clergy from Houston and San Antonio. "We can put an end to this wretched underground world of sex slavery and indentured slavery," she added.
The wages of illegal immigration.

H/T immigration news daily

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As Hannitized sez: Those Wacky Savages!

Source: christiannewswire
On Monday afternoon Tedase and two female coworkers were conducting street evangelism on Merkato Street in Jimma, Southern Ethiopia. Merkato Street runs by a Wahabbi Mosque. As the team was walking by the Mosque, a group of Muslims exited the Mosque and began to run after them to confront them. Tedase’s female coworkers ran away from the mob but Tedase continued on. The Muslims caught up with Tedase, pulled him into the mosque, and savagely beat him to death. Sources from Jimma reported that Tedase was beaten with a calculated intention to kill him. This was no accident or case of mob frenzy getting out of control. His body was later taken to the hospital for an autopsy and he was buried Tuesday, March 27.

Our sources also reveal that Jimma Christians were conducting an evangelism campaign, and news of the outreach was spreading among Jimma residents as well as militant Muslim groups in the area. The Muslims that belonged to the Wahabbi sect purposefully beat Tedase to death as a message to Christians that they are ready to combat evangelism.
I'd say bomb'em back to the stone ages, but that seems redundant somehow!


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