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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Celebrate Diversity?

Source: NRO

Jeb vs. Tancredo
Giving welcoming remarks on a RGA panel devoted to homeland security, Governor Jeb Bush pointedly said, "Rep. Tancredo is absolutely wrong" about the host city for the conference. "We celebrate diversity here."
That's nice Jeb, do you celebrate assimilation with the same ferocity? No? I thought not.

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Illegal Immigration: No Security Threat?

Source: eyewitnessnews
Six illegals nabbed in Atlanta airport's secure area

ATLANTA Authorities say six illegal aliens hired to do work in the secure area of one of America's busiest airports are now under arrest.
Investigators say all had security badges giving them access to the tarmac and other normally restricted areas at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. All six are said to be Mexicans working for a private company that was hired to do some drywall work.

Federal immigration officials don't believe the men posed a specific threat. But the government is concerned that they managed to get clearances for the airport's secure area.

Neither the airport nor the company the men worked for immediately responded to messages for a comment.

In more than three and a-half years, immigration officials say they've found close to six-thousand unauthorized airport workers in the U-S.

H/T dusty inman
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Feds move to deport Norcross state senator's wife

Source: AJC

Jake sez...Heh!
Federal immigration officials appeared at the home of State Sen. Curt Thompson (D-Norcross) this week to inform him that his new wife has a deportation order against her.

Thompson told agents his wife, Sascha Herrera of Colombia, was not at home at that time. She has not been taken into custody.

Thompson, who has been an outspoken advocate for immigrant rights, said he checked Herrera's immigration status before marrying her in April 2006. *snip*

Thompson advocated for immigrant rights during debates on illegal immigration that dominated both the state Legislature and Congress this year. He is a frequent speaker at events focused on immigration, including an October rally near the Capitol that drew a crowd of about 2,000 to march for legalization for immigrants.
Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

H/T dusty inman

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Found In Comments

Source: crackersquire
Anonymous said...

Dont hate la raza because most of us are hard working people. Without or Mexican labor, this country wouldnt be shit. so give us a driver licence, we need it.

you bunch of haters.

1:00 AM
It's an awfully good argument, 'without or Mexican labor, this country wouldn't be shit.' Wow, who knew that the key to the very existence of America was Mexican labor, this is really quite amazing. And of course when you hear talk like this you can't help but note the high regard this puling sack of illegal crap holds this country in.

As to "haters?" Why yes, I do hate those who, in complete defiance of our laws trample their way into this country and over her rightful citizens, if that makes me a "hater" I find I'm mighty comfortable with that. Especially when they begin demanding things they have absolutely no right to demand.

I love when these folks speak, it makes my deeply held dream of mass deportations more and more likely. Keep talking guys, I for one appreciate it.

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Saxby Poll Update


Here's how the Senators poll stands today...
Is it more important to first secure the US/Mexico border or first provide a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants?

Secure the Border: 70%

Pathway to Citizenship: 31%

10791 total votes
And thus it always goes when you put this issue before the American people stripped of confusing language and retarded false choice push poll questions such as amnesty/deportation.

Original post: here

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100% Preventable: Immigration agents arrest 45 sex offenders in NYC

Source: newsday
NEW YORK -- Immigration agents on Wednesday arrested 45 foreign-born New Yorkers who face deportation because they committed sex offenses against children.

People hailing from 19 countries were arrested in the operation.

The roundup was the latest in a series that began when New York's Department of Probation began sharing information with federal agents about sex offenders who were out of jail, but eligible for deportation.

Several of the people detained Wednesday were led from a federal building.

Those arrested included a man from Trinidad who got six months in jail for raping his 15-year-old stepdaughter, a Panamanian sentenced to probation for trying to rape an 11-year-old girl and a woman from Romania convicted of endangering the welfare of a child after having sexual contact with a 13-year-old boy.

As has been the case in previous roundups, the men and women were arrested after they showed up for scheduled visits with probation officers.

"If you are preying on our children, we will find you, arrest you and if you are not a U.S. citizen, we will remove you from this country," said Martin Ficke, special agent in charge of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement office in New York.

Officials said 20 of those arrested were in the country illegally. Some of the detainees will be entitled to additional appearances before immigration judge before they are deported, officials said.
Forty five down, nineteen million to go.

H/T Digger

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Dan Froomkin: On Calling Bullshit

Source: niemanwatchdog
Mainstream-media political journalism is in danger of becoming increasingly irrelevant, but not because of the Internet, or even Comedy Central. The threat comes from inside. It comes from journalists being afraid to do what journalists were put on this green earth to do.

What is it about Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert that makes them so refreshing and attractive to a wide variety of viewers (including those so-important younger ones)? I would argue that, more than anything else, it is that they enthusiastically call bullshit.

Calling bullshit, of course, used to be central to journalism as well as to comedy. And we happen to be in a period in our history in which the substance in question is running particularly deep. The relentless spinning is enough to make anyone dizzy, and some of our most important political battles are about competing views of reality more than they are about policy choices. Calling bullshit has never been more vital to our democracy. *snip*

If mainstream-media political journalists don’t start calling bullshit more often, then we do risk losing our primacy — if not to the comedians then to the bloggers.
Yep! Read the whole

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Holidays got you down?

Once again the holidays are upon us. If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering, “Gee, I’d love to send a few extra dollars to the wife and three kids I deserted back in Chiapas, but the cost of wiring money has gone through the roof. Will I have to spend that money on crack and prostitutes AGAIN this Xmas?” Well, fear not my little compadres because is offering FREE MONEY TRANSFERS to Latin America this holiday season! That’s right. Free.But that’s not all. also offers affiliate opportunities that can put you on the fast track to the exciting and lucrative world of international money transfers. Don’t wait another minute.
Oh yeah, Prizes prizes prizes.


Seeking Easy Answers?

Source: nytimes

Economist Tyler Cowen has a piece up in the NYT today which suggests that all we have to do to fix our immigration problems with Mexico is make sure they get an education and import anyone who wishes to come legally. Uh-huh...
The Immigration Answer? It’s in Mexico’s Classrooms

Poorly functioning Mexican and Latino educational systems are a central problem behind current immigration dilemmas, and the United States is partly responsible. If the United States took in a higher ratio of legal immigrants, and required more education, the entire North American region would be better off.

A high school diploma brings higher wages in Mexico, but in the United States the more educated migrants do not earn noticeably more than those who have less education. Education does not much raise the productivity of hard physical labor. The result is that the least educated Mexicans have the most reason to cross the border. In addition, many Mexicans, knowing they may someday go to the United States, see less reason to invest in education.

Mexican immigrants used to have higher-than-average levels of education, but today the average male Mexican migrant has lower-than-average education by Mexican standards.

David McKenzie of the World Bank, and Hillel Rapoport, a lecturer in economics at Bar-Ilan University in Israel, document this shift and show that extensive social networks of fellow countrymen make it increasingly easy for male migrants with little education to find apartments and jobs in the United States (“Self-selection patterns in Mexico-U.S. migration: The role of migration networks,” Less-educated migrants are more likely to bring crime and social problems, and they are less likely to assimilate. *snip*

Shutting the Mexican border is probably not possible, and it would paralyze American businesses and agriculture. A guest worker program without restrictions on education might be better than doing nothing, but would not solve the negative educational dynamic. Many guest workers would stay on past the expiration of their visas, again shifting the ratio back toward illegal immigration. Furthermore, workers tied to a single job, as is the case for most guest worker programs, are unlikely to put down roots.

The United States needs the courage to legalize a higher number of immigrant arrivals. The problems with current illegal migration are real. But most Americans benefit from Latino migration, even of the illegal kind, and they could benefit much more from legal and better-educated arrivals.

Now, let's wave the garlic before this economic vampires nose. The problem is cultural, or why does he think that Hispanics have such a frighteningly high drop out rate for those born here in the states?

The danger of seeing this as merely an economic equation to be solved rather than what it actually is, a fundamental cultural mismatch is that if you only look at economics you aren't seeing or acknowledging any of the cultural problems that crop up along the way.

If education were the solution and Mexican immigrants used to be more educated doesn't it stand to reason that education alone isn't the answer? If it were wouldn't it be solving the problem on this side of the border? Or does that make too much sense?

Mexico is a dysfunctional country with a dysfunctional culture. Without taking that into account you are at best pissing into the wind. Then again that seems to be what economists do best, perhaps we should allow Tyler his ridiculous rants and make an agreement to soundly ignore them.

For the good of the country.

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Compare & Contrast

Source: news-gazette via beyond borders blog
A University of Illinois advisory board has imposed sanctions on a fraternity and sorority following its investigation into a “Tacos and Tequila” party held earlier this fall.

Members of the UI’s Board of Fraternity Affairs and Board of Sorority Affairs found Zeta Beta Tau and Delta Delta Delta violated the student code as well as fraternity and sorority rules about alcohol use.

The Oct. 5 party was hosted by the fraternity Zeta Beta Tau and involved members of the sorority Delta Delta Delta. Some students attending the party reportedly dressed up as Latino and Latina farmers, gardeners, pregnant women and illegal aliens.

UI Dean of Students Bill Riley said some of the students’ behaviors were “not just uninformed and insensitive, but some (students) were downright degrading in how they depicted themselves.”

Several hundred students held a rally on campus in late October to protest the party and to urge administrators to condemn the behavior and take action.
With this...
Where is Lee Bollinger? Why have we as yet heard nothing from the president of Columbia University about his investigation into the mob attack that silenced Jim Glchrist? Why has no punishment been meted out? See this piece from The New York Post for more details on “Columbia’s Stonewall.” For background, here’s my original post on the Gilchrist incident, “The Columbia Disgrace.” This post, “Columbia Developments,” shows me falling for Columbia’s apparently bogus promise to investigate by using student “facebook entries.” And this post, “Statement from Columbia,” shows me once again somewhat mollified by what has now been revealed as Columbia’s bogus and deceptive promise to investigate. In short, Columbia has taken me, and conservatives in general, for a ride. It’s now incumbent upon us to show Lee Bollinger that this will not go away. We demand to know the results of Columbia’s investigation into the Gilchrist incident. We demand punishment for the guilty parties.
I guess we see what sorts of things are actionable on a college campus these days, and which aren't.

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Sharia law is spreading as authority wanes

Source: telegraph
Islamic sharia law is gaining an increasing foothold in parts of Britain, a report claims. *snip*

Sharia, derived from several sources including the Koran, is applied to varying degrees in predominantly Muslim countries but it has no binding status in Britain.

However, the BBC Radio 4 programme Law in Action produced evidence yesterday that it was being used by some Muslims as an alternative to English criminal law. Aydarus Yusuf, 29, a youth worker from Somalia, recalled a stabbing case that was decided by an unofficial Somali "court" sitting in Woolwich, south-east London. *snip*

Mr Yusuf told the programme he felt more bound by the traditional law of his birth than by the laws of his adopted country. "Us Somalis, wherever we are in the world, we have our own law," he said. "It's not sharia, it's not religious — it's just a cultural thing."
But is that a good thing?

H/T The Corner

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Despising The Good For The Perfect?

Source: wapo
Under a tough new Fairfax County policy, residents can no longer donate food prepared in their homes or a church kitchen -- be it a tuna casserole, sandwiches or even a batch of cookies -- unless the kitchen is approved by the county, health officials said yesterday.

The Rev. Keary Kincannon's Rising Hope United Methodist Mission Church will open its hypothermia shelter Friday under the new enforcement policy. The Rev. Keary Kincannon's Rising Hope United Methodist Mission Church will open its hypothermia shelter Friday under the new enforcement policy.

They said the crackdown on home-cooked meals is aimed at preventing food poisoning among homeless people.

But it is infuriating operators of shelters for the homeless and leaders of a coalition of churches that provides shelter and meals to homeless people during the winter. They said the strict standards for food served in the shelters will make it more difficult to serve healthy, hot meals to homeless people. The enforcement also, they said, makes little sense.
I experienced something similar to this scenario at a hotel I worked in Virginia. This was a large property that did as many as several thousand meals a day, sometimes we would throw away as much as several hundred pounds of food a day. It bothered me to see all that food going into a garbage can.

So I approached the chef and asked if he would mind of I tried to find some way to take the excess food and give it to homeless shelters. He thought it was a great idea and possibly good PR for the hotel and said go for it.

I made some calls only to quickly bump my nose against the virtually endless lists of rules and regulations surrounding these sorts of endeavors. It had to be individually packaged, or we had to deliver it to them, or it couldn't be reheated. Finally I gave up, realizing that essentially the only way the hotel could do this would be to hire a full time staff member to handle just the food giveaways, since that wasn't going to happen, the food continued being thrown away.

In my situation the blame was about 50/50 between the government and the charities themselves but ultimately they lost not only our possible donations but also those of some other hotels and resorts I contacted to see if they were interested.

The "rules" made it so difficult there was simply no way a business could accommodate them and make it worthwhile to do so to their bottom line. Seems to me there must be some sort of common sense approach that wouldn't invalidate those who would like to help. Then again it seems that bureaucracies of any size usually love rules more than helping people, though that may be my innate cynicism talking here.

Here are my common sense suggestions as a guy with thirty years in a professional kitchen.

1.) Train the people. No matter how "up to code" a kitchen may be, folks without proper safety training can still make you plenty sick, no matter how nice the three well commercial sink may be.

2.) Instead of demanding churches install a "code" kitchen, teach them how to use what they have safely. There's no reason you can't cook a safe meal at home of you know what your doing. (an average kitchen install with used equipment runs about 10G, which I presume is a lot of dough to the average church.)

3.) Partner with a local cooking school to do safety and sanitation classes for those who will be preparing the food.

You'll note I'm talking exclusively about education here, the reason for that is I've done jobs in churches and I was typically appalled at the low level of sanitation and food knowledge I found amongst the kitchen workers. Dealing with large quantity cooking is different than cooking at home, there are different rules for doing things in larger volume, that's what I'd focus on myself. But then again, I'm not a bureaucrat!

I'll wager the homeless folks would be willing to take a chance on Mrs. Maples Chuck Roast rather than have to dumpster dive. These folks need to eat, why not find a solution that makes that more likely to happen, rather than less?

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Source: wsoctv
Washington -- The Bush Administration has indicated it wants doctors, clinics, and hospitals to provide flu immunizations to illegal immigrants.

In an interview with WSOC-TV, Secretary of Health and Human Services Michael Leavitt was asked if the federal government has any safeguards to prevent illegal immigrants from catching the flu. Leavitt responded by saying doctors should give flu shots to 'every person'. Secretary Leavitt said, 'Most health departments in the country will provide a vaccination for anyone. Our purpose is to vaccinate every person who wants a flu vaccine – we're hoping to increase the numbers of those who want to have the flu vaccination.'

Leavitt’s public statement has drawn harsh reaction today from critics of the Administration’s immigration policy. 'On its face, it’s going to strike a majority of Americans as an outrage, because this is a population that’s here without the sanctioning of the U.S. government,' said John Keeley, spokesman for the Washington-based Center for Immigration Studies. 'It’s now Bush Administration policy, and a directive to healthcare providers, to administer flu shots (to illegal immigrants).'

Leavitt said the U.S. government is also asking the Mexican government to step up its efforts to immunize Mexican citizens who might cross the border. 'We’re working with our neighbors across the border,' Leavitt said, 'to do the same thing that we’re doing.'
Yeah, I'm comforted, really. Hey powerful Washington folk? Perhaps while we immunize against the flu we might do something about, oh, I don't know...Chagas, drug resistant TB, Hepatitis, and of course everybodies favorite, leprosy!

But we'll be immunizing against flu, so there's that!

Or wait, here's a nutty thought, what if we stopped people from crossing the border illegally? I know, I know, it's crazy talk. But instead of allowing these folks to stroll across the border, with absolutely no health screening, we could, you know, enforce our border?

You know, I think that idea is so crazy it just might work!

It's funny you know, I keep hearing about what an amazing trading partner Mexico is, you almost think we might have some sway with them. Something like, "If you don't stop these people from crossing the border illegally you won't see another dime in trade from North of the border!"

And were we an actual country as opposed to an economy masquerading as a country we would probably do that, if we were a country, which we're not.

H/T Bad-ass Ev

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I Hear It's Lovely This Time Of Year

Source: Int. Herald Trib
PIEDRAS NEGRAS, Mexico: Three U.S. citizens from Texas and two Mexican men were kidnapped from a hunting ranch near the U.S. border over the weekend, local prosecutors reported on Tuesday.

Erik Vasys, an FBI spokesman in San Antonio, late Tuesday confirmed witness reports identifying the American victims as Librado Pina Jr., 49, and his son Librado Pina III, 25, both of Laredo, Texas; and David Mueller, 45, of the Sweetwater, Texas area.

Witnesses told police that 30 to 40 armed men entered the La Barranca ranch late Sunday and took the five men away.
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The Good Guys!

It seems altogether rare to post a good news story on the subject of illegal immigration, but this definitely falls in that category. From the wehirealiens site we find this...
“I just wanted to let you know that we found out we were on this website and investigated what had been reported. I am a new owner of this business and was not aware of the hiring practices that had been going on. We took over this businesss in January of this year. In my finds I had found that we did have illegal aliens working at our restaurant. I let go 20 employees within one work day due to illigitimate papers.”
–Chad Head, Corky’s BBQ, Brentwood, TN
I've already called and expressed my support to the somewhat amazed hostess. Mr. Head was not in today but I will attempt to get a hold of him tomorrow and find out how exactly he will manage to keep his doors open without illegal immigrants. Because, you know, without illegal immigrants we will be living in stone huts and eating bugs, no, really!

H/T Dusty Inman

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Go Here, Do This

Senator Saxby Chambliss (R) Georgia has a poll up right now asking if it's more important to secure our borders first, or, provide a pathway to citizenship to illegal immigrants.

Poll here (left hand side, down a little bit).

As of 2 PM central it was 67% in favor of securing the border (duh!)

H/T Dusty Inman

It's That Season Again...

Source: reuters

Why H1-B visa season of course!
PHOENIX (Reuters) - Following all the rules, Indian national Sanjay Mehta came to the United States on a temporary work visa in 1997, hoping to build a glittering career in the fast-moving information technology sector.

But nine years later his application for a green card remains snarled up in a bureaucratic logjam, and he looks with frustration at the strides made by illegal immigrants who he says simply jumped the fence from Mexico.

“Washington has taken notice of them … But what about the plight of legal immigrants to this country? We seem to have been forgotten,” said Mehta, who settled in Arizona with his wife and raised two children.
K, this is a particularly sneaky variant of the anti-American worker bunch, a double head fake. Why?
Nothing has been done. The main reason has been that too many affluent, well placed citizens benefit from all kinds of imported slaves, both cheap, low skilled labor and in the case of Silicon Valley from large special visa imports of high tech people such as H1-B. source
This is an example of the high tech folks pretending they give a rat's ass about illegal immigration to get their preferred flavor of indentured slave into this country to supplant an American worker.

If any of my readers have attended J-school perhaps was there a class entitled "Corporate Whoring 101?" Or is it simply so endemic as to not require something that formal?

I'm not completely unsympathetic to this individual but, I think the question should be asked, why was he brought into this country? Did he supplant an American worker? Is he paid less than an American worker? Of course those are questions you would ask if you weren't busy pursuing a vibrant career in "Corporate Whorery!"

H/T Polipundit

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Quote Of The Day

Andy McCarthy is by far and away my favorite writer at NRO's The Corner...
For our own sake, we need to respect the enemy. That means grasping that he’s implacable, that he means us only harm, and that he must be subdued, not appeased. Negotiating with such evil is always a mistake, for any accommodation with evil is, by definition, evil.

Paul Belien Responds To Ralph Peters

Source: politicscentral

He is responding to this piece from Mr. Peters...
As a European who loves America I belong to a minority. I edit an online magazine The Brussels Journal which tries to rally the small band of pro-American Europeans and warn America not to make the fatal mistakes we have made in Europe.

I can assure you that “Eurabia” is real enough. We have received threats from extremist muslims, we have been harassed by the authorities. I was present when earlier this year a group of scholars met in The Hague to discuss Eurabia. I saw how they had to do so anonymously, under assumed names and under police protection.

Eurabia is not a myth. Eurabia is all too real.

We see how the inner cities and suburbs in various European countries are degenerating into “no go” areas, where people get killed, where the police no longer venture and where radical Muslims hold sway. The French authorities have published a list of 751 “sensitive urban areas,” which are no longer under the control of the authorities and which have become, as Daniel Pipes remarked, the “Dar al-Islam, the place where Muslims rule.” Almost 5 million people, or 8% of the French population, live in these “sensitive urban areas.” But, apparently, there is hope, because here is Ralph Peters in The New York Post, offering to have the U.S. intervene and evacuate the inhabitants to America!

Americans do not realize how dramatic the situation is in Europe today. The Europeans are running. Instead of fighting they are leaving. They are leaving the cities for the countryside. In my home town of Antwerp 5,000 immigrants move in every year while 4,000 Antwerpians move out. Many Dutch are leaving their highly urbanized country for places such as rural Norway. Some are leaving Europe altogether.

The Netherlands and Germany have more emigrants than immigrants today, and in other countries, such as Belgium, Britain and Sweden the number of emigrants is rising. These people are not driven by hatred, they are driven by despair and the hope for a better future which they realize their Eurabian home countries are no longer able to provide.
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Houston man admits trying to help Taliban

A second man, in U.S. illegally, faces similar conspiracy and weapons charges

One of two Houston men accused of training to fight with the Taliban pleaded guilty this afternoon in federal court.

Kobie Diallo Williams, 33, a U.S. citizen who was a student at the University of Houston Downtown, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to assist a terrorist group. His help included withdrawing cash from an ATM to send to the Middle East.

Another man, Adnan Babar Mirza, 29, a Pakistani national who was in the country on an expired student visa, faces similar conspiracy charges as well as three federal weapons violations. Mirza appeared today before a U.S. magistrate judge.

Mirza became illegal when his visa expired. Someone holding a student visa or in the country illegally is not allowed to have firearms.

In court, Williams admitted that he viewed coalition forces fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan as invaders. He had expressed a desire to travel to the Middle East to help the Taliban. Williams also admitted to handing over money that was supposed to help Taliban fighters and their families. *snip*

To prepare as a fighter, Williams said he used various firearms at shooting ranges and campgrounds in Harris, Walker and Montgomery counties including at Sam Houston National Forest. *snip*

The indictments, which were unsealed today after both men appeared in court, allege that during the past 1 1/2 years both men participated in firearms and reconnaissance training in Harris County and surrounding areas.

According to the indictment, the two decided last year to travel to the Middle East to engage in "battlefield jihad.''
Yummy! I think hangings are in order.

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Citizenship Agency Lost 111,000 Files

Source: washingtonpost
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has lost track of 111,000 files in 14 of the agency's busiest district offices and processed as many as 30,000 citizenship applications last year without the necessary files, congressional investigators reported yesterday.

The Government Accountability Office, Congress's audit arm, conducted the review at the request of Sens. Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa) and Susan Collins (R-Maine) after U.S. authorities granted citizenship in 2002 to a man without checking his primary file. The file, which was lost, indicated ties to the militant Islamic group Hezbollah.

"It only takes one missing file of somebody with links to a terrorist organization to become an American citizen," said Grassley, who is chairman of the Senate Finance Committee. "We can't afford to be handing out citizenship with blinders on."

Collins, head of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, noted that some of the Sept. 11 hijackers entered the U.S. legally, disappearing until the terrorist attacks. She called it "unthinkable" that the U.S. immigration system could still grant citizenship to a potential terrorist "simply because they can't find the person's file."
Yep, I feel like a nut even suggesting that there could be any potential problems with a guest worker program or amnesty, a nut.

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Friends & Neighbors Update

Source: wapo
ZIHUATANEJO, Mexico -- Andr?s Sauzo collects newspapers, astoundingly grisly newspapers.

There's the one with the close-up shot of a severed human head. There's the one with the wide-angle of a man hacked to death with a machete.

But the worst in his bulky archive of drug-war gore rolled off the presses the day after someone found pieces of what used to be Sauzo's 24-year-old namesake. A hit man had decapitated Sauzo's son, then chopped off his arms and legs. The killer was so unconcerned about being brought to justice that he scrawled his own name and nickname -- "El Barby" -- on a note left with the mutilated corpse.

Still, Sauzo's mother, Cristina Gomez, didn't bother to go to the police. "Why waste my time?" she said in an interview. "This is the way it is in a town without laws."

Gomez's reaction and the audacity of Sauzo's murder -- one of 11 decapitations in the state of Guerrero this year and one of 2,000 killings in a nationwide war between rival drug cartels -- are symptomatic of the unraveling of the rule of law that has plagued Mexico for years.
When you read this story remember, these same cartels are gaining strength in this country and our government refuses to acknowledge that fact.

Blogs for Bush sez: There is precisely nothing the United States can do for Mexico in this case - if Mexico falls, then it will have to be Mexicans who pick up the pieces and put it back together. Our job will be to provide what humanitarian assistence we can, but also to seal our borders tight lest 20 million Mexicans try to flee the collapse of their nation.

Mark Krikorian @ The Corner sez: Even the mainstream media are beginning to see that Mexico is unravelling (see here), or at the very least entering a long period of convulsions caused by the passing of the old oppressive order, similar to (but probably less violent than) the comparable cases of Yugoslavia, the USSR, and Iraq. And there really isn't much we can do about it, other than try to contain the fallout. As Roy Scheider might have said, we're going to need a bigger fence.

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Today We March...Tomorrow?


Pro-amnesty pimps such as Tamara Jacoby and Fred Barnes have trumpeted the election returns as a repudiation, especially by Latinos against the Republicans "mean spirited" attempts to crack down on illegal immigration. This piece in calls that CW into question...
WASHINGTON — Exit polls suggest Latino voters deserted the Republican candidates at nearly twice the rate of non-Hispanic whites during this month's congressional elections, the Pew Hispanic Center said on Monday.

But the conventional wisdom that Hispanics were turned off by the party's hard line on illegal immigration — and would deliver on the "Today we march, tomorrow we vote" cry from the spring's protest marches — was not the decisive factor, some experts said.

Dissatisfaction over the economy and job creation, the war in Iraq and the Bush administration's education policies proved more important to Hispanic voters than immigration issues, the William C. Velasquez Institute found in its exit polls of Latinos in Texas and seven other states that account for 82 percent of registered Latino voters. *snip*

"It may be that this election was more a reflection of this Democratic wave than any sort of fixed tack to the right or left by the Latino voters," Escobar said. "People will be analyzing these numbers and reading different things into them."
They already have.

H/T Michelle Malkin

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Source: BBC

An update from the wonderful (banana republic) of Ourgoodfriendistan...
Rivals in Mexico’s Congress have exchanged punches, just days before President-elect Felipe Calderon is due to be sworn in to office.

The scuffle occurred after left-wing deputies tried to take the podium to protest against Friday’s inauguration.

Deputies could be seen throwing punches and grabbing each other’s clothes, and at least one man ended up on the floor.

Members of the left-wing party, the PRD, say Mr Calderon won July’s presidential election by fraud.
Gosh, I can't wait till we merge with these clowns.

H/T immigration watchdog who has deliciously funny pix (I particularly liked the chickadee leaning over a railing preparing to bean someone with a can of coke, democracy in action!)

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

When Commies Opine

Source: rockymountainnews

This article by one Paul Campos displays the cognitive dissonance one has almost come to expect from those lunatics who run the asylums our institutions of higher drinking have become...
Yet the most significant fact to keep in mind about people who speak Spanish in the United States is this: such people are invariably performing useful labor. In fact, it isn't too much of an exaggeration to say that the odds a person does the kind of work that simply has to get done in order to keep civilization afloat go up in direct proportion to the probability that this person speaks Spanish.

Those among us who build the buildings, and cook the food, and clean the bathrooms, and trim the trees, and care for the children - in short, the people who, in Orwell's phrase, "make the wheels go round" - are increasingly the people who press "2" in order to hear their options in Spanish.

Meanwhile, the immense mass of well-paid parasites who infest our fabulously wealthy nation - the financial analysts, the political consultants, the managers of human resources, the vice presidents for West Coast promotion, the producers of television commercials designed to increase the consumption of certain breakfast cereals, and, needless to say, the syndicated newspaper columnists - will continue to become annoyed at the need to press "1."
This article has it all, the myth of the Hispanic superworker, why reading this one might wonder how any work got done in this country before our current infestation of illegal aliens? Not to mention, Parasites? Damn, talk about wearing your disdain for our country on your sleeve.

This is the twisted thinking of a modern day communist, I ask again, as I always do, can you name one other issue in which our supposedly conservative president and communists agree? I certainly can't.

And shouldn't that simple consonance sound a warning bell? Or do you think that the communist party has good things in mind for America?

H/T slapstick politics via Lonewacko

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Cintas warned against firing immigrant force

Source: washingtontimes

Democrats: We prefer minority status....
A Mississippi Democrat in line to become chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee has warned the nation's largest uniform supplier it faces criminal charges if it follows a White House proposal to recheck workers with mismatched Social Security numbers and fire those who cannot resolve the discrepancy in 60 days.

Rep. Bennie Thompson said in a letter to Cintas Corp. it could be charged with "illegal activities in violation of state and federal law" if any of its 32,000 employees are terminated because they gave incorrect Social Security numbers to be hired.

"I am deeply troubled by Cintas' recent policy change regarding the Social Security Administration's 'no match' letters," Mr. Thompson said in the Nov. 2 letter. "It is my understanding that hundreds of Cintas' immigrant workers have received these letters. I am extremely concerned about any potentially discriminatory actions targeting this community."
With all due respect to this bucket of pus, you cannot discriminate against those who are here illegally. The Democrats, working hard on their new minority.

H/T Michelle Malkin

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Healthcare for Illegals, But Not for Vets

Source: The American Daily

So much for the promise. So much for priorities.

For Fred, myself and the other vets who are denied or offered limited medical care from our government, these priorities are difficult to accept while we watch millions of illegal aliens not only demanding, but receiving taxpayer funded free medical care at American emergency rooms and clinics.
D.A. King, president of the Dustin Inman Society, recounts how he and his friend Fred, both vets, have been denied the medical care promised them for their service to our country. Our government apparently doesn't have the desire or will to enforce our immigration laws, but one law they will enforce is the one that guarantees free medical care -- at taxpayer expense -- to anyone who shows up at a hospital emergency room.

We are taxpayers, Fred and I, so to us, it is a little more than ironic that as veterans, we are paying for health care for millions of people who crossed our borders illegally while we are not eligible for that same promised free care from our own Veterans Administration.
Ironic, indeed. Ironic, sad, and unacceptable.

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Monday, November 27, 2006

Once Upon A Time

Source: seattlepi

I once wrote...(It's quote me night, sue me!)
You know what I find interesting? As much as the media and the left have been flailing around to find an issue, any issue no matter how ridiculous or inane to beat the president over the head with. They never seem to stumble on this one. Does that strike anyone else as curious?

As they stumble around like drunken monkeys seeking a way to hurt the president this issue dangles like a piece of poisoned fruit right in front of their faces, but nobody will pluck it.

They really couldn't stay dumb forever, could they? Joe Biden sez...
"'Mexico is a country that is an erstwhile democracy where they have the greatest disparity of wealth,' Biden said. 'It is one of the wealthiest countries in the hemisphere and because of a corrupt system that exists in Mexico, there is the 1 percent of the population at the top, a very small middle class and the rest is abject poverty.'

Unless the political dynamics change in Mexico and U.S. employers who hire illegal immigrants are punished, illegal immigration won't stop. 'All the rest is window dressing,' he said."
To quote the inestimable KD...(damn glad to have you back bro!)(lots of good stuff at the link, go, go, enjoy)
If it takes a "President Biden" to give the Mexican government the bitch slapping it deserves, count me in.
In a word? "Oh hell yeah!"

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It's Like Magic!

Source: accessnorthga

Otis Graham once wrote...

Or, they might remind others that predictions of economic calamity in the event of the curtailment of access to a low-wage population have been made many times by those who use that labor. In the most important of such instances within the last century-slavery in the South, and child labor in industry-the economy adjusted nicely to the sudden need to get the work done by others.

I once wrote...

Well, this truly is a mystery, I was under the impression that losing our illegal workforce meant we would be living in stone huts and eating bugs. Turns out, we get raises, I'll be damned.

Felons, homeless fill jobs left after immigration raid at plant

A south Georgia poultry plant is busing in felons on probation and homeless men to fill jobs left empty when federal immigration agents arrested illegal Mexican immigrants in raids two months ago.

Each day, about 40 convicted felons from the Macon Diversion Center are bused in to work at the Crider Poultry plant in Stillmore. Sixteen men from the Garden City Rescue Mission in Augusta have worked in the plant, and the mission is looking to send more.

Crider President David Purtle said that's just a drop in the bucket for a plant operating at 450 employees, less than half of the 1,000 workers there before the raid.

To fill the gap, Crider also has been outsourcing jobs in its raw deboning plant to Alabama, has raised wages to attract new workers and has turned to an outside company to hire about 100 cleaning workers. The plant has seen its processing slow down because of the smaller workforce, officials said.

Purtle said the company is also spending more on hiring _ paying to bus in the probationers, for example _ and on training, because many of the new hires have poor attendance and quit quickly.

Federal immigration officials began visiting the plant in May, estimating that about 700 workers there were using false identification. Many employees were confronted and fired. Some left on their own.

Over Labor Day, federal agents raided the plant and rounded up more than 120 illegal immigrants working at Crider or living in surrounding counties. Since then, residents say Stillmore's Mexican population has plummeted, leaving the plant with a huge labor gap.

Since the raid, at least two landlords who had rented to immigrants have put their properties on the market. Hispanic-run stores are also struggling.

"There's no people anymore," said Liliana Santos, a clerk at a downtown store stocked with Mexican fruit sodas and snacks.

Pastor Ariel Rodriguez said some people have gone back to Mexico, while the majority went to Kentucky, following a priest who used to live near Stillmore.

Since the mid-1990s, Stillmore _ a town of about 1,000, 178 miles south of Atlanta _ had grown dependent on the paychecks of Mexican workers who originally came for seasonal farm labor, picking the area's famous Vidalia onions. Many then took year-round jobs at the Crider plant.
To recap: Meat processor loses it's illegal workforce. What happens next? Did the plant close? No. So what happened?

Let's break it down...
Each day, about 40 convicted felons from the Macon Diversion Center are bused in to work at the Crider Poultry plant in Stillmore. Sixteen men from the Garden City Rescue Mission in Augusta have worked in the plant, and the mission is looking to send more.
Now that they no longer have access to low wage slaves they are forced to hire Americans -- and -- as a special added bonus Americans who they would normally overlook in favor of the invader class. That's win - win all day long.
has been outsourcing jobs in its raw deboning plant to Alabama...turned to an outside company to hire about 100 cleaning workers...the company is also spending more on hiring _ paying to bus in the probationers.
So the company was forced to be more creative in it's hiring, and Americans did exist to fill these jobs*?
raised wages to attract new workers
Pastor Ariel Rodriguez said some people have gone back to Mexico
As always, enforcement works. Yes I truncated the sentence, and yes many went to Kentucky. But if that option didn't exist? As it shouldn't?
Since the mid-1990s, Stillmore _ a town of about 1,000, 178 miles south of Atlanta _ had grown dependent on the paychecks of Mexican workers
Absolutely zero sympathy.

*If, as a business, you choose to locate yourself in a thinly populated rural area, it seems the height of arrogance to then whine about not enough people to do the work. Most meat packing plants used to be located near larger cities. The companies purposely moved them to more rural locations to pay lower wages. It was a choice. I believe the term is "you made your bed now lie in it, bitch!"


LoneWacko makes a good point here, he notes that Crider still isn't hiring regular folks, while I think offering felons and homeless folks jobs ain't a bad thing, the article does whine that thay are operating at half staff right now? Are there no regular, non-felonious, non-homeless people in Stillmore that might like a decent paying job?

Having worked in a jail I'm probably a little overly zealous on this point knowing how many folks cannot, for love or money, find a job after getting released from jail or prison.

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And Now...Your Daily Moment Of Loco!

Source: newyawker
Regular viewers of “Lou Dobbs Tonight,” on CNN, might be surprised at the venue that Dobbs chose for lunch not long ago: the Grill Room of the Four Seasons, a midtown bastion of the very same political and business “élites” that he denounces daily on his television program. The Four Seasons is the enduring commissary of the Old Guard, where Henry Kissinger waves to the former Citigroup C.E.O. Sandy Weill, there is limo-lock at the side door, and the regulars have their checks sent to the office. Dobbs’s Town Car left him at the door, on East Fifty-second Street, and the restaurant’s co-owner, Julian Nicolini, embraced him that day as warmly as when he welcomed, among others, Stephen Schwarzman, the chairman and C.E.O. of the Blackstone Group; Nelson Peltz, the C.E.O. of Trian Partners; Edgar Bronfman, Sr., the former chairman and C.E.O. of Seagram; and Mortimer Zuckerman, the real-estate developer and publisher of the News. Nicolini led Dobbs to one of five choice banquettes, and Dobbs settled in, looking very much at home.
Oh Jeepers Mr. Peepers! Lou Dobbs hob-nobbin' with the swells? Gosh golly Batman, I guess he really doesn't care about illegal immigration! Lawsy, whatever will I do?

Look, this is a pretty retarded attack here, First, I never assumed Mr. Dobbs lunched on happy meals and collected the action figures. Second, I could give a rats ass whatever it is he may or may not believe, I simply appreciate that he's the only cat on television telling the truth about illegal immigration.

I think he's earned a nice meal out. I hope he enjoyed the hell out of it.

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Proud To Be A Chicagoan?

Not today!

Please, Tell Me Again How Blogs Are Unreliable?

Source: The Divine Miss M!

I'm sure you recall this

six Sunni civilians burned alive as they left Friday worship services

Yeah, maybe not so much.

MM has the round up of bitch slapping the "Three Monkey Media"...Here.

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Ended up being shanghied to Springfield Illinois earlier today, it was a deal for another group, which we probably won't be repeating any time soon. Was on the road from 6A to 6P. This is the first chance I've had to catch my breath all day.

Sorry for the light posting should have some stuff up in a little bit.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Import The Corrupt And Get?

Source: dallasnews
CACTUS, Texas – He's known in this Panhandle outpost by an unofficial yet majestic title: "El presidente de Cactus."

His two-story Spanish villa – looking over blocks of town-center shanties – is often called "the White House." His portfolio includes the town's only grocery and laundry, at least 18 rental properties and a 575-acre ranch nearby.

It was little more than 30 years ago that Luis Aguilar slipped into this country from Mexico, eventually using a fake name, license and Social Security card to land a job at this town's sprawling beef packing plant. A decade later, he was in the right place at the right time when federal immigration reform granted him amnesty and put him on the path to citizenship.

Now, as mayor and arguably the most affluent – and influential – resident in town, he not only rents rooms and sells groceries to a new generation of illegal immigrants, but he also is paid to place them in jobs. *snip*

Mr. Aguilar, for one, slipped into the country near Tijuana, Mexico, on foot.

His goal? "A better life."

It was a treacherous, frightening journey from his home in Chihuahua: "When I cross the border, I think it gonna be my last one. I almost freeze to death."

An articulate man in his native language, Mr. Aguilar speaks a broken English learned on the job.

He spent three years working in a restaurant in Battle Mountain, Nev. In 1976, at the urging of a relative, he journeyed to the Texas Panhandle with his 18-year-old wife, Luz, and their infant daughter, Rosa. He called himself Amador Rivas. And he had the documents – albeit, bogus – to prove it.

In Cactus, he was the stereotypically hard-working, invisible immigrant. Soon after arriving, the couple had their second child, Eva. And he worked 12- to 18-hour days in the packing plant's shipping department for $10 an hour – "good money back then," as he put it.

With his job, he was able to provide for his growing family, send money home to Mexico and save a little.

Later, he was promoted to director of shipping and receiving, enabling him to buy an apartment building. For seven years, he and his family occupied two of the four units and rented the rest.

Then, in 1986, he received an unexpected gift: He was one of 2.7 million illegal immigrants awarded amnesty by President Ronald Reagan under the Immigration Reform and Control Act. *snip*

Over time, he became a force in town – and served as a beacon for other south-of-the-border immigrants pursuing the American dream.

His Spanish-style home with its arched doorways and light-colored stucco walls dominates the center of town, commanding respect from those dwelling in the shanty trailer homes that surround it.

"The people of Cactus built my home for me," he said.

He is open about his role in helping undocumented immigrants who follow his path.

"I work as the middle man for places around the Panhandle," said Mr. Aguilar, 50. "They [feedlots] pay me, and I pay the guys. I keep their timecards here in the store. I am hired to find them." *snip*
And my favorite para...
Cactus today seems less like a Panhandle burg than a colonia – magically airlifted 600 miles north from the border and dropped into the heart of what once was the Anglo-dominated, farm and ranch South Plains. *snip*

Cactus has an official population of 2,538. But realistically, it's closer to 5,000, and officials here estimate that three of every four residents are illegal immigrants, drawn by work in feedlots or the $11-plus hourly wages at the Swift Co. plant.
To recap: The mayor, an ex-illegal alien, now facilitates illegal immigration acting as a de facto coyote, though he's an elected official and three fourths of the towns residents are illegal immigrants?

Think we can scratch this city off of the American map now?

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US In Midst Of Simmering Civil War?

Always nice when smart people agree with me!

James of Texas at his Myspace blog sez...
Though the situations are different, slavery of the 1700s and 1800s in the US and illegal immigration today have their roots in capitalism in getting work done without paying very little and subjecting the workers to the threat of penalty should they object to their treatment. The US has the potential to have an all out civil war within this country in the not too distant future given the current conditions: a porous Southwestern border, steady stream of illegal immigrants encouraged by the Mexican government, angry US citizenry who don't want them here, and pro-illegal immigrant US citizens backing their presence

The outlines are there: politicians whose hands are tied, a populace split along economic and political lines, and a burgeoning mass of people who are going to remain in this country. If you know your history, this script has been seen before and it was nothing nice. The question is whether it will be played out again. Stay tuned.
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Friends & Neighbors Update: Oaxaca

Mark In Mexico continues to put the 'citizen' in citizen journalist. He continues his excellent reporting of the meltdown going down in Oaxaca Mexico.


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"New Americans?"

Source: The World Tribune
WASHINGTON — The United States has charged a leading military engineer with transferring classified information to China, Israel and other countries.

A federal grand jury in Honolulu has indicted Noshir Gowadia for allegedly sending military secrets to China, Germany, Israel and Switzerland. The 18-count federal indictment handed up Nov. 15 does not detail the charges. Gowadia, a 62-year-old engineer who worked for 18 years at Northrop Grumman, could face the death penalty. His trial was expected to begin in January 2007 in Honolulu.

“As charged in the superseding indictment, the defendant in this case attempted to profit from his know-how and his knowledge of sensitive military technology,” Assistant Attorney General Kenneth Wainstein said.

“This case demonstrates that the DoJ [Department of Justice] will vigorously prosecute those who illegally transfer such information and services to foreign countries.”

Gowadia, a naturalized U.S. citizen born in India, was also charged with sending classified U.S. stealth technology to China. Gowadia, arrested in November 2005, reportedly was involved in designing the B-2 stealth bomber’s propulsion system.
How lovely. Thank you goddess diversity, thank you!

H/T Vdare

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From the "in their own words" category we bring you a comment found on our good buddy Digger's site...
You like it or not, millions of ilegals will be legalized and then you will be terrified for now stop being cry babies or is it that an ilegal is making finally happy to your mom and/or your wife or maybe is it that when you were kid you were molested by an ilegal???

I am an ilegal and I am fucking a white mans wife maybe is your wife or maybe your mom and you know what??? they love it.


Agapito Melo Horques
For real? Who knows, but it does display the usual lack of class I associate with our invader class.

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To Conflate?

Source: normantranscript

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Oklahoma lawmakers should take a page from history and change the state's voting laws to allow all of-age state residents -- no matter what their citizenship status -- the right to vote, an OSU professor said last week.

Dr. Bob Darcy, a political science professor at Oklahoma State University, said Oklahoma should revert back to its territorial-style voting laws. Under those laws, he said, all residents, regardless of their citizenship status, had the right to vote in state and local elections.

"When Oklahoma was a territory, its election laws gave residents -- no matter what their residency status was -- the right to vote," Darcy said. "That's the way it should be now."

Darcy, in Oklahoma City to participate in the state Political Science Association's annual convention, said Oklahoma's current voting laws disenfranchise a large number of the state's population.

"Across Oklahoma there are large pockets of people who cannot vote because their paperwork isn't in order. Yet, these same people have jobs, families, homes and are paying taxes here. That's wrong."

While Darcy acknowledged that many resident aliens living here are undocumented -- or illegal -- Oklahoma, he said, was a state developed by an "immigrant society."

"Our state was founded by immigrants," he said. "So, I find the current political rhetoric flying around right now a bit ironic. This state was settled by non-citizens from other places."

Does higher education release a "stupid" chemical into the brain? Take note, whenever a purveyor of "news" conflates legal and illegal immigration? They've chosen sides and ceased to do the very job for which they receive compensation.

H/T LoneWacko

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The Federalist On The Escondido TRO

The Federalist casts a gimlet eye over the restraining order granted against the enforcement of Escondido's proposed anti-illegal immigration laws.

The 'heh' moment...
Imagine getting a federal judge to grant a TRO in suspending your local drunk driving laws on the grounds that you could end up being "exposed to an imminent threat of litigation arising from the enforcement" of such drunk driving laws, as they presently read, in the event of being caught driving while drunk. Such a nutty statement might even give Justice Stevens pause.
Read it here.

H/T Beyond Borders Blog

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Vile and Degrading???

On the Pahrump English Languageand Patriot Reaffirmation Ordinance of 2006.

Source: Casper Star Tribune

"It's an approval for people to say vile and degrading things to Hispanics. It's one of those things that cannot be tolerated," said Fernando Romero, a political activist who attended the meeting.
HUH? I've read the entire ordinance, and nowhere does it state or even come close to implying that it's okay "for people to say vile and degrading things to Hispanics."

Well, how about letting the ordinance speak for itself...

The Town of Pahrump is comprised of individuals from diverse ethnic, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds, and continues to benefit from this rich diversity.

"This isn't just about Hispanics, it's about anyone who is different, anyone who comes from a different community," said 23-year-old Henry Amaya, a Hispanic-American who recently moved to Pahrump from California. "People should be able to speak whatever language they want to."


Media attention has some here confused and intimidated, said Carmen Ruiz, a local real estate agent. The phrase, "English only," has people wondering if they can speak Spanish on the streets, she said.
Nothing in this section shall be construed to...disparage any language other than English or discourage any person from learning or using a language other than English.

"Language is linked to race and culture," said Anita Revilla, an assistant professor of women's studies at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. "This is a civil rights issue."
Culture? Absolutely. The English language, for instance, is linked to the American culture. But race? Not so much. Name for me one race that speaks a single common language.

And, as for civil rights, let's go back to the ordinance once again...

This section shall not apply to...a language usage required by or necessary to secure the rights guaranteed by the Constitution and laws of the United States of America or the Constitution of the State of Nevada.

I said it before, and I'll say it again: vile and degrading???

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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Slow Posting And Such

Sorry for the slow posting, holiday weekend and all that. I'll be attending a Chicago Minuteman event in about a half an hour which I'll be videotaping and hopefully will have something up on youtube later tonight.

If you wold keep MJ in your prayers. She has shingles and it hurts like the dickens.

I will have some posts later today of tomorrow on an interesting debate I've been watching and been a part of these last few days. It has to do with the recent Tom Tancredo flap.


Friday, November 24, 2006

They're Real And Spectacular!

A little post triptophan game for y'all. Do you think you can you tell natural vs. augmented breasts? Well here's your chance to go for, gold?

I scored a respectable 77% on the perv-o-meter! It appears my Jedi training hasn't gone entirely to waste. A hint, the type of picture was a tip off, to me anyway.


H/T DGR via Ace

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Illegal immigration debate draws crowd

Source: ajc

As per my post below...
The nationwide debate over illegal immigration came to Cherokee County Tuesday night, with people on both sides of the debate weighing in on a controversial proposal to target landlords who rent to people in the United States without permission. About 130 people crowded into a meeting room for a hearing on a proposal that stirred strong but restrained emotion, with spectators applauding speakers pro and con. Supporters saluted the commissioners and spoke of the need to uphold the rule of law, while opponents questioned the ordinance's legality and said illegal immigrants contribute to the economy. The arguments mirrored those made nationwide, as local governments increasingly find themselves grappling with an issue that has resisted quick fixes in Congress. "If you're an illegal, you're not supposed to be here," said James Bonner of Woodstock.
Carpentersville OKs immigration message to DC
At the suggestion of Village Attorney James Rhodes, trustees approved a resolution requesting action by the president and the Congress to effect law enforcement and immigration reform. But trustees and Village President Bill Sarto could not agree on the scope of the resolution. Trustee Paul Humpfer said the resolution should address the specific problems in the village. In addition, Humpfer suggested the village demand enforcement instead of reform of current federal laws, which drew fire from Sarto and other trustees. "We want them to focus on enforcing laws that are already on the books," Humpfer said. "We are asking for comprehensive reform, and that is just a buzz word for amnesty."
The debate is happening, and in the places it matters most,, amongst American citizens. Be patient and keep pushing cuz good things are coming down the pike.

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Democrats clash on immigration policy

WASHINGTON -- As the Democratic Party prepares to take power on Capitol Hill in January, tensions are surfacing over the details of plans to overhaul the nation's immigration policies. Statements by incoming members such as Claire McCaskill, the Democratic senator-elect from Missouri, could provide an early warning of the difficulties ahead. In a September television spot, McCaskill sat at a kitchen table and looked directly into the camera. "Let me tell you what I believe in," she said. "No amnesty for illegal immigrants." Democratic leaders presented a largely united front on immigration this year, providing crucial support for a measure that would have allowed illegal immigrants to gain citizenship -- a bill critics attacked as "amnesty."
At the risk of being yelled at by our good friend Digger again, I do believe I called this one.

Now, here's my take...Any bill we get from Washington right now will be so watered down as to be worthless. I have had several people tell me recently that a "win" for immigration reform would be to get a bill out of Washington.

I would ask if they thought the bill would do any good, the standard response was "no."

So why get your knickers in a twist screaming for a bill to pass that won't address the problem? It's a puzzler to me.

So, what do we want to see happen IMHO? Frankly we are no where near Washington being a useful ally at this point. My hope is that Washington stalemates allowing towns like Hazelton to continue moving forward, as each day we see a new city, and state added to the list of those dealing, or at least attempting to deal with immigration reform.

At some point this impulse will break through to the general populace possibly allowing us to vote in folks who will actually do what the American people want, rather than their corporate masters and the elites want.

If you know your history you will recognize this as the precise manner in which the restrictionist legislation in the twenties came to pass. Not top down but from the grassroots. That is how real change comes to Washington.

Recognize that democracy is working. The voice of the people is being heard and the last place that voice is always heard is Washington. So don't assume that if we don't get the legislation that we want out of Washington right now it means we are losing, we're not. It is following a pattern that is almost preordained and unfortunately tends to move at a glacial pace.

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