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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Tanker Bros Make The Big Time!

Or something like that. ABCNews and NPR run a very fair story on Milbloggers and Milblogs using our smart pal the Master Gunner as a primary source, an excellent selection might I add.

Source: ABC News
Oct. 31, 2006 — Frustrated by the media's coverage of the war in Iraq, which they felt left out the good and instead focused on grim body counts and gory car bombings, two brothers from Texas decided to put out the message they thought wasn't getting through in the form of a blog,

"Master Gunner" and his younger brother "Cav Tanker," who prefer not to use their real names, are two soldiers from Texas serving in tank divisions in the U.S. Army and running one of the hundreds of military blogs, or milblogs, maintained by service men and women.

The blogs offer people back home a view of the war zone through the soldiers' eyes. For Master Gunner, the milblog movement is a vital tool in keeping the public accurately informed.

"After every war, we celebrate the letters and words of American soldiers sent back to their families," he wrote in an e-mail. "Movies and documentaries are made about them. This is the first war where you can see our thoughts and words right in front of you, in near real-time. You can read about the schools we helped open last week or the graduation of hundreds of Iraqi policemen that we'll patrol with. And you can read it from the words of the guys that are right there."
Rock on MG!

He has more here.

And has posted the original

And this seems like the perfect opportunity to mention Project Valour IT. Digger has more.

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Import Savages?

Source: Washington Times

And get...
Lawrenceville, GA — The trial of an Atlanta-area man accused of circumcising his 2-year-old daughter with scissors is focusing attention on an ancient African practice that experts say is slowly becoming more common in the United States as immigrant communities grow.

Khalid Adem, a 30-year-old immigrant from Ethiopia, is charged with aggravated battery and cruelty to children. Human rights observers said they believe this is the first criminal case in the United States involving the 5,000-year-old practice.

Prosecutors say Mr. Adem used scissors to remove his daughter’s clitoris in their apartment in 2001. The child’s mother said she did not discover it until more than a year later.
H/T immigration watchdog

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Hazelton Under Attack By ACLU

Immigration Watchdog & Digger have the story

As IW sez..."If there is one present imperative issue to follow and support, this is it folks. So educate yourself and spread the word. GuardDog"

Donate to help Hazelton here.

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Patriotic Songs Reworked

Michael J. Weingarth pokes a stick in the eye of traditional patriotic songs.

My fave?
God Bless America

God bless America.
We basically just kick ass.
See rest here.

H/T Beyond Borders Blog

Freedom Folks Exclusive: Interview With Larry Wachs/Regular Guy

Larry Wachs and his partner have been Regular Guys radio team in Atlanta for the last eight years. Recently they were sued by two Hispanic co-workers who felt that the Regular Guys had "disrespected their culture."

We were able to interview Larry on the ongoing situation, here's what he had to say.


Jake: Can you give us a quick recap of what's happened up till now?
Larry: Go to The entire story is up there as well as musings on other topics. The story's a bit scattered over different blogs, but it's all there. To sum, these Hispanic hosts, who worked down the hall from us, had been trying for sometime to pressure the Clear Channel to give them more stations and money.They had been complaining about our on-air satire of them for quite sometime. They took one isolated incident where they were shouting epithets in Spanish at me in a public place and tried to frame it as an invasion of privacy and show a pattern of harassment.

Jake: From your earlier report it sounded like Clear Channel was in your corner. Has that changed? Why have you been suspended?
Larry: They were in our corner until the Hispanic hosts filed suit against them in civil court, and then everything went 180 degrees against us.

Jake: We have a theme we explore on the blog called "Mexitude." In your opinion is this another example?
Larry: I think they are using a culture of grievance for an ulterior motive, which is to get syndication from the radio company. It's an unorthodox strategy, to be polite, and one that demands that it's practitioners do great damage to the truth and other people. I believe my rights under my contract were sacrificed by Clear Channel to appease these people's grievances.

Jake: When Yogi and Panda talk about the "honor of their culture," what culture do you think they're talking about?
Larry: It's rhetoric that they think plays to their audience and can be used as a lever to get what they want from a big company. We'll see if their calculations are correct very soon.

Everything we've ever said about them was on the air, never in the "workplace," and it has been made explicitly clear in company HR policy over the past few years pre-dating their arrival in 2004, and to them as individuals on more than one occasion after that, that on-air commentary about other hosts is supported by the company and does not fall under the definition of workplace harassment. They have not only failed to show any examples of harassment as defined by law and company policy, but they leave out the context wherein we poke fun at virtually every host in and out of the company, and they usually take shots back. I'd estimate that we made more jabs at two other hosts than them on the whole. That, and we routinely mock ourselves. It's the competitive nature of the business we are in and it happens in every market. This is akin to rappers going to court because another rapper hurt their feelings on a CD. Actually, that might be a step toward civilization there, but still not acceptable practice in the entertainment industry.

Jake: Where do things stand now legally? And jobwise?
Larry: I have a hearing this week as to the merits of their criminal charge, which is quite bogus, and we have reason to believe they lied about the events on the criminal affidavit. There is also civil action pending against me and Clear Channel to which we are responding with counter and cross claims of our own.

Jobwise, it's early but there has been interest in the show from satellite and broadcasters. I have a good representative who has dealt with these issues before and knows how to cut through the noise, but naturally, once the legal issues are resolved, the inquiries will accelerate. There are a lot of channels out there, and very few skilled people available to fill them. Doesn't matter how big a company gets, they still need good content to drive it, else they are just an empty pipe. Broadcasters are slowly realizing that it's not enough to play music despite how well researched it is.

The show had the best 25-54 ratings of the CC cluster in Atlanta and became a cultural touchstone locally over the 8 years we've been around in the Atlanta metro area. It's a very mainstream, funny show that people of all social strata enjoyed, but targeted, mainly, men 30-45. Our approach was not reinventing the wheel, but it did stand out amongst the crowd for it's sharp commentary. The demographic was way more upscale than the lazy press and jealous rivals like to characterize it, and it wasn't a poop and boobs show either. The emphasis was on entertainment and humor as opposed to the hard core politics of AM talk radio. The show was and will continue to be a distillation of what's happening in our world through the eyes and ears of me, it's anchor.

Jake: How can regular folks and bloggers help?
Larry: I thank you for the opportunity here to get my side of the story out, but I'm not interested in disparaging any group of people or individuals that have nothing to do with it. I think what we have here are some individuals who hopped aboard a negative cultural trend to illicitly enrich themselves at the expense of others and that's what I'd like to discuss.

Jake: Is there anything you'd like to add?
Larry: I think this has less to do with illegals and immigration than the on-going appeasement of people who wish to carve our country into tribal districts and weaken the common cultural foundation that allows us to remain strong and free to pursue our individual goals.

I want to thank Larry for taking the time out to give us this interview. I imagine calls and emails to Clear Channel in support of the regular guys would not be remiss, perhaps a knowledgable reader could let me know what CC station they were on in Atlanta.

I have some thoughts on the intersection of a "grievance culture" and illegal immigration that I will write up later.

Ms Underestimated has an interview as

And Wild Bill has been a clearinghouse on

As seen @
the conservative cat Third world county Adam's blog random yak the liberal wrong wing Tor's rants

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Anniversary #14 is rapidly approaching for Jake and I. Our tradition is to take turns planning a surprise celebration for the other, and it's my turn this year.

I was surfing the net looking for something fun to do, and happened to see that one of our favorite contemporary groups is in town this weekend. So I clicked over to check out tickets for Los Lonely Boys at the Riviera and found this:
The concert is sponsored by none other than Miller Lite.

Oh well. No Los Lonely Boys for us.

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Monday, October 30, 2006

Just The Threat Of Enforcement Works!

Coupla headlines off the wires...
New Georgia immigration law to trigger mass exodus of illegal immigrants

As the year 2006 slowly moves towards oblivion, there are increasing signs that thousands of illegal immigrants residing in Georgia will have to relocate from the state to avoid encountering what most described as the toughest immigration law due to go into effect in June of 2007.

For the past two months, this website has been conducting its own independent survey to determine the reaction of illegal immigrants to sweeping new immigration laws signed by the governor of Georgia, Sunny Perdue. It turns out that 3 out of every 5 illegal immigrants have expressed outraged over the new law called the Security and Immigration Compliance Act. Most of them told our pollster of their plans to leave the state for a much easier life in states where the immigration law is more flexible.

The new law, passed a few months ago by the Georgia state legislature, will make it harder for illegal immigrants to get access to social services and will punish companies that hire undocumented workers. It requires anyone applying for state aid to first be verified that they are in the state legally and employers with state contracts are being held accountable as well. Those who do not verify immigration status before hiring anyone will be sanctioned, according to the new law. Police are also required to check the immigration status of anyone arrested in Georgia. In the past, they were not required to verify that a detained individual was in the state of Georgia legally.
Hispanics flee Pennsylvania town in advance of nearing crackdown on illegal immigrants

HAZLETON, Pa. Elvis Soto's variety store on Wyoming Street used to make money. But few customers have been walking through his door of late, and his merchandise — calling cards, cell phones, car stereos, clothing — is collecting dust on the shelves.

With bills mounting, Soto might have to take another job to stay afloat financially, and maybe even shutter his store.

This small hillside city in northeastern Pennsylvania has yet to enforce a tough, first-of-its-kind law targeting illegal immigrants, but evidence suggests that many Hispanics — illegal or otherwise — have already left. That has hobbled the city's Hispanic business district, where shops that flourished only six months ago have either closed or are struggling to stay open.
Well, I'll be dipped in bovine waste materials. It appears that the merest threat of enforcement works so well that ALL ILLEGALS (if the lying ass msm is to be believed) will have fled those areas pursuing a sane enforcement strategy against illegal immigration. So clearly enforcement doesn't work, I think that's the only conclusion one can draw from these articles.

Coupla' things before I get back to my research...
"Before, (Hazleton) was a nice place," said Soto, 27, who came to the United States from the Dominican Republic a decade ago. "Now, we have a war against us. I am legal but I feel the pressure also."
This paragraph shows how absolutely vital it is for us to have some sort of IQ test for prospective immgrants. I do not see how we can remain a powerful & sovereign nation with idiots like this guy running around and making us all dumber for having read this tripe.

And of course this...
It turns out that 3 out of every 5 illegal immigrants have expressed outraged over the new law called the Security and Immigration Compliance Act.
Criminals expressing outrage over being called criminals? Why, when will wonders cease? I need to check something here, hold tight for a minute...(sound of cats being juggled, computers clicking away in idiot savant genius, random screams, and oddly, the sound of an industrial grinder)

I'm back, sorry about that. Yeah, turns out I don't give a furry rats ass how criminals "feel" about laws targeting them, must be a small part of the pure, unadulterated evil that consumes me.

Have a nice day.

H/T dusty inman

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The Nightmare on Main Street Edition of the GTB Blogburst

By Heidi at Euphoric Reality

I was having a helluva time writing an article for this week's GTB Blogburst. Over the weekend, I started three articles and each one fizzled out for lack of inspiration. For instance, I started one on President Bush's new fence bill - the one that has no funding - and it was hard for me to work up any outrage, since I wasn't surprised at such an empty gesture. In fact, I was expecting nothing less from this President, and that's a sorry indictment of how faithless he's become. The President's abrogation of this issue has boiled my blood for years, and is one of the main reasons why I am no longer a Republican, but now a furious and rebellious Independent. As I mulled over what to say about Bush's latest nothingness, I realized that anything I had say about his treason on this issue, I've already said before - and then some.

So I started another article about the effect of the immigration issue on elections; or rather, the effect it should have, but isn't. Because here we are at election time again, having to hold our noses to go elect more of the same do-nothing politicians. Yeah, the same types who have successfully ignored the will of the people for so many years. Out of a nation of 300 million people, you'd think we could field a few really top notch candidates for leadership at any level. But noooo...

The point is that I remain uninspired and severely jaded. Call it writer's block, or call it a crisis of faith, but... I. GOT. NUTHIN'.

So, in a late hour attempt to find some really good material to offer our faithful Blogburst readers, I sent out a request to our affiliates for their favorite links this week, which I could compile for everyone's convenience. Thus, this week's Blogburst is a little bit of a Trick or Treat - some chilling, and some funny. Which is apropos, considering that our nation's immigration policy is a monstrous nightmare for mainstream Americans.

The Nightmare on Main Street Edition of the GTB Blogburst

So Bush signed a law to create a border fence. Here is an image of the fence as designed by a joint committee of Mexicans and Liberals, and approved by Bush...

"Report an illegal to the Feds and watch the Feds sit on their hands!"

Minuteman 2.0.: The Minuteman project was a publicity stunt; we now need to take it to the next level and have citizen patrols guarding the border.

"Needed: Border Billboards": As soon as sniper posts are erected along our borders, we'll need some billboards erected that read something like this...

The Carpentersville Saga: Carpentersville Illinois is pursuing a Hazelton style ordinance, but as these two videos show, not if the pro crime Hispanics and their supporters have anything to say about it!

  • The C'Ville Video

  • New Freedom Folks Video: C'ville Video Update

  • "The US Border Patrol and Border Police are Out Gunned, Out Manned and Facing an Enemy with Technological Superiority Over Them!": You knew illegals were coming into the USA daily, but did you know that down in Mexico they are literally being brought up to the border by the train load? The report has the pictures to prove it!

    Trains from Central America and Mexico en route
    to the U.S. border


    Wild Thing sent some more jarring photos of our uninvited and unwelcome and undocumented "guests"- and no, these are not crazy Halloween costumes:





    If you think illegal immigration is nothing more than "good hard-working people, with good intentions" sneaking in here for a little harmless Trick-or-Treat, then these posts from some of the strongest contributors to Guard the Borders will convince you of the ghoulish truth.

    Many thanks to Third World County, Mr. Ogre, Freedom Folks, PC Free Zone, and the Independent Conservative.

    This has been a production of the Guard the Borders Blogburst. It was started by Euphoric Reality, and serves to keep immigration issues in the forefront of our minds as we're going about our daily lives and continuing to fight the war on terror. If you are concerned with the trend of illegal immigration facing our country, join our Blogburst! Just send an email with your blog name and url to admin at guardtheborders dot com.

    A Reminder About Illegals Using Gub'mint Cheese

    I posted on this a couple of days ago, but it bears repeating when idjits (Michael Medved) suggest that illegal immigrants don't nibble gub'mint cheese...

    Source:The Norman Transcript
    Oklahoma City — An Oklahoma Department of Human Services employee says state human services officials are ignoring the policy to report potential illegal immigrants to the federal immigration agency.

    Steve Thomas, social worker II in the agency’s Oklahoma County Rockwell office, testified before members of Oklahoma House of Representatives’ Revenue and Taxation Committee during an interim study on state immigration reform Tuesday.

    ‘There’s got to be an incentive not to come (to the United States) … we’re not doing anything about it,’ said Thomas, who is up for retirement in November from the department. ‘We need to ask for identity, we need to ask for citizenship.’

    Thomas said he reviews the eligibility requirements to determine if a person qualifies to a few programs, including food stamps. He said for food stamps the person must be a citizen or an alien who has lived in the state at least five years. He looks at the income level and citizenship status of those coming into the agency, but he does not question the answers.

    ‘If they want to say they’re citizens, we go with it,’ he said. Thomas works as a social worker II, which he said ‘means I’ve been there a long time and haven’t been promoted.’ He told legislators he was put in front of a civil rights board that told him he had scared a person by revealing the reporting requirements for illegal aliens and that was deterring the person from seeking assistance. Thomas said by law he is supposed to submit a memo to the state office with information on possible illegal immigrants and the state office can then determine whether or not to report the case to the feds.

    ‘There are no workers sending memos,’ he said.

    ‘Illegal immigrants are not eligible for public assistance,’ according to a statement from the Department of Human Services, which goes on to say illegal immigrants ‘know they are not eligible and rarely apply.’
    Dispensers of gub'mint cheese see illegal aliens as potential consumers of their services as opposed to what they really are, ass leeches!

    H/T immigration watchdog

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    One Patriotic hispanic Politican: Update

    Not too long ago I did a piece called "A Challenge: One Patriotic Hispanic Politician?"  wherein I asked if there was even one Hispanic politician who wasn't putting race and ethnicity before their very Americanness, or, if being a race baiting traitor was the price of admission for a Hispanic politician?

    Well this article today is a good news/bad news type of thing...
    UVALDE, Texas (AP) -- Rep. Henry Bonilla is in an unusual position, an incumbent Texas congressman in a new district. More troubling for his re-election effort, some voters see a contradiction in the only Mexican-American in the House belonging to the Republican Party.

    ''He's forgotten his roots,'' said Pat Abrego, 47, of San Antonio.

    Bonilla clearly bristles at the notion that being a Republican betrays Hispanics.

    ''There are a lot of people out there ... who think that the color of your skin dictates your political philosophy,'' Bonilla said. ''And that's the greatest insult that you could inflict on any American, regardless of their ethnic background.''
    If ones roots force one to support illegality maybe it would be better to forget them? I imagine some Americans of Sicilian ancestry feel that way. But the key here is this, when I put that original challenge out several people took me to task for even asking the question, pardon me for sayin' but that's bullshit. That's exactly the kind of tough question this blog is prepared to ask.

    I'm pleased as punch to read what Mr. Bonilla has to say and he gets it exactly right. I have always said that any person on the planet can in theory become an American, but it's more than a matter of having the right papers, dogs have papers. It's a matter of the heart. It's a matter of choosing to put your country before your race or ethnicity. Accepting the responsibilities of citizenship along with the benefits.

    So I gladly acknowledge one patriotic hispanic politician. Of course as an old friend of mine used to say..."If you only brought one soul to Jesus in your lifetime you would have done an amazing thing, it's just a really shitty average."

    H/T immigration watchdog

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    Found In Comments

    I recently posted on the unrest in Oaxaca, an individual going by 'reportero' dropped by and left this comment...
    Many parts of Mexico are very calm - and were quiet all through the recent unrest promoted by disgruntled presidential candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. The drug problem is becoming more grave, but it's worth pointing out that it exists because of demand beyond the country's borders.

    This teachers' strike is the fruit of the methods of the old Mexico in perhaps the country's least-progressive state. The governor is corrupt and belongs to an old-school PRI, which has never not governed Oaxaca. The teachers, aren't paid well, but do collect Christmas bonuses worth about 90 days salary. They have also gone on strike every year for more than 20 consecutive years. As for Fox, he's not a man of action. He dithers and always shows poor political instincts, avoiding conflict at every turn. Adios. He won't be missed. Felipe Calderon takes over on Dec. 1 and promises to be somewhat more able - not that Mexico is suddenly going become First World.
    Ironically one of the first stories I saw this morning reading the news was this...
    Mexico's kidnap capital
    'Tijuana is going crazy' as abductions, fear soar

    The targets, typically middle- and upper-class businessmen or their sons, often are snatched in broad daylight by organized crime rings masquerading as federal police squads. One man was grabbed as he left a circus with his kids.

    North American tourists are rarely targets, so the kidnappings don’t get much attention across the border. They usually aren’t reported to police, many of whom are working with the criminal rings, according to federal and state authorities.

    Estimates of the number of kidnappings this year in the Tijuana area range from 77 to 120, according to business groups, civic leaders and private security firms. The year before, they say, there were 60.

    Tijuana may now have the most kidnappings in the world outside of the Middle East, said Thomas Clayton, chairman of Clayton Consultants Inc., a global private security company.
    And let's not forget...
    MEXICO CITY, Mexico — In a horrifying show of brutality, gunmen barged into a bar in central Mexico early Wednesday and tossed five human heads on the dance floor, after covering patrons with their weapons, officials said.

    Heavily armed men fired their guns in the air as they entered the bar in Uruapan in the central state of Michoacan, said Magdalena Guzman, spokeswoman for the state prosecutor’s office. The gunmen ordered patrons to the ground before tossing the heads.
    I don't understand the need folks feel to deny what's going on in Mexico. This is pretty clearly a state bordering on complete chaos and breakdown. Yet people seem to feel a burning need to deny all that and just chant that everything's okay.

    Clearly it ain't.

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    Mean Spirited?

    As the debate over our desire to gain control of our southern border continues.  It might be instructive to take a gander at how Mexico handles it's very own southern border.


    Sunday, October 29, 2006

    New Freedom Folks Video: C'ville Vid Update

    We attended a rally in C'ville again today. As you may or may not recall Carpentersville has been debating the implementation of a Hazelton style ordinance, at the board meeting to discuss the proposed ordinance several thousand Hispanics showed up to show their support for lawlessness and further chaos, god love those rascally bastards.

    So, recently the league of women voters attempted to hold a meeting to discuss immigration issues, the Mayor of C'ville put the nix on that (see article link below for more gory details), but had nothing to say about an open air "informational meeting" yesterday solely for Hispanics. Something truly stinks in Carpentersville. Here it be in all it's odiferous glory...

    Previous C'ville coverage:

    Three Cheers for Carpentersville

    The C'Ville Vid

    Carpentersville Blocks League of Women Voters Immigration Discussion

    As seen @
    the conservative cat third world county Bullwinkle blog Mark my words

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    New (to me) blog 'Tail Over Teakettle' does some fine analysis of crime statistics in North Carolina and comes up with this table...

    TOT has some other points to make about this, I want to focus on one thing. Is there not a clear escalation here? I'm sure the numbers are rising as the illegal immigrant population rises, but, that is a bad thing, right?

    Of course, the shamefully low numbers of deportations are just astounding. 10 in the last three years? Another shining example of the "Deportation Joke."


    It has come to my attention that these statistics are for Fulton County Georgia. For some reason my eyes did like Lucy in the Peanuts with Russian names and substituted NC every time I saw GA. Sorry about that, did I mention we went to a Halloween party last night? This update brought to by the fine folks @ the hat tip. Thanks Darnell!

    H/T The Independent Conservative

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    Fine Gradiations?

    Our pal Bucktown Dusty contrasts and compares the existential 'blackness' of "The Juice" vs. Barack Obama.

    interesting stuff!

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    Tom Tancredo On The Minutemen

    Source: CSA

    "That Minutemen project was the turning point in the national debate over illegal immigration - not some policy paper published in Washington, D.C., or any speech by any politician. The action of citizens themselves tore down the wall of denial that policy ­makers and bureaucrats had so carefully constructed."

    Carpentersville Blocks League of Women Voters Immigration Discussion

    Source: Chicago Tribune

    A meeting sponsored by the mild-mannered League of Women Voters has proven too hot for Carpentersville.

    That's because the discussion was to focus on immigration, a subject that set passions aflame in the village after two trustees proposed an ordinance to crack down on undocumented residents.
    Several thousand people showed up in this sleepy village when the board met to discuss the proposed ordinance. We showed up, too...see our video report here.

    The immigration meeting, scheduled for Thursday, was to be part of a statewide effort by the league to come up with an official position on the issue. Many of Illinois' 45 local chapters have already held public discussions without incident, said Paula Lawson, president of the League of Women Voters of Illinois.

    "This is just meant to be an informational discussion," she said. "There really aren't going to be any decisions made."
    Discussion is good, right?

    "I think I've got a real education on this based on the reality of the emotion on both sides," said Sarto, who opposed the ordinance. "It's heated and volatile, and there's a possibility for violence.

    "We never got to the point [at Village Board meetings] where the public made any comments."
    So, the man elected to lead the village of Carpentersville -- who opposes the ordinance -- says it's heated and volatile with a possibility for violence even though they never got to the point where the public made any comments?

    Methinks the village president doesn't even want to give the legal residents of Carpentersville the opportunity to speak up and discuss the issue.

    "I'm really fearful that if you allow the public to ask questions or make comments, it has the real potential to create problems."
    Yeah. Like finding out that the public doesn't agree with you. If you give them the chance to speak out, you might actually have to do what they want, instead of cramming your own political agenda down the throats of those who elected you.

    And where's the fun in that?

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    Illegal Immigration * Carpentersville * Bill Sarto * League of Women Voters

    Illegal Immigration: The Snowball Effect

    Source: Denver Post

    Eight people were arrested Tuesday night on suspicion of using forged citizenship and financial documents to purchase FHA-insured homes.


    Between July and September 2005, a Jefferson County grand jury indicted 10 people who were part of a mortgage fraud ring operating in Jefferson County.

    The mortgage ring operated out of the ReMax 100 office in Lakewood. In three separate indictments, the alleged illegal activity was the same: Realtors, loan officers and sales agents worked together to sell single-family homes to 256 people who because of their citizenship or financial situations weren't qualified for home loans.

    According to the indictments, the mortgage ring participants obtained loans for unqualified buyers by creating false documents about the homebuyer's identity, employment and credit history.

    The documents were then submitted to legitimate mortgage lenders, the indictments said.

    All of the 191 houses involved were purchased with HUD-guaranteed loans.

    "The illegal activities involved in the sale and the purchase of these homes constitutes identity theft as well as mortgage fraud," said Jefferson County District Attorney Scott Storey.
    Here is my question: Who goes to the trouble, expense, danger of coming here illegally, then just stops breaking laws once they make it to this side of the border?

    A person's got to eat, so they get a job (illegal), either being paid under the table (illegal) or using fake documents (illegal). But what if you can't get a job? You still need to eat, right? So you apply for government services (illegal) with fake documents (illegal). You've got to get to work (or the benefits office to pick up your check), so you get a car, which you drive without a license (illegal), or with a fake license (illegal).

    The argument that entering the country illegally isn't so bad, and we should just overlook it as long as the illegal alien is otherwise law-abiding is bogus. It's virtually impossible to stay in this country without continuing to break more laws. And more laws. And more laws.

    It's a snowball of illegal activity, and the American people are on the receiving end. I can only speak for myself, but I just don't want to play anymore.

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    Illegal Immigration * Document Fraud * America * Snowball

    Oaxaca Mexico Melts Down

    What started as a teachers strike in Oaxaca Mexico appears to have mutated into full fledged insurrection and rioting. Armed bands of APPO gunmen are roaming the streets...

    An American journalist, Bradley Will, was killed in the melee, his clothes stripped off his dying body by the savages...

    This is believed to be the last chilling image he captured...
    Mark In Mexico has been doing excellent real time

    Just to belabor the obvious, Mexico is an unstable narco-state, Mexico imports an outrageous number of people here from it's failed Socialist state, Mexico appears to possibly be on the verge of a complete meltdown.

    May we have a fence now...Please?

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    Immigration Lies in America, A Nation Worth Fighting For

    Source: The Daily Press

    The phony documents that illegal immigrants use are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

    With both color copiers and graphics software getting more advanced, prevalent and affordable in recent years, the "document mills" that produce the fakes can range from one man working out of his bedroom to several people making them in a clandestine shop.

    Easy access to such forgeries, along with open borders and the lure of finding work in the U.S., are a big reason illegal workers are pouring into the country. "It's a huge problem," Mike Netherland, special agent in charge of the Norfolk area for Immigration and Customs Enforcement ( ICE) said of the fake documents. "They'll have templates for the alien registration cards. They'll have blank Social Security cards - a whole stack of them. They'll sell them and make money."
    They just want to work. They just want a better life. So shouts the amnesty/open borders crowd when the subject of illegal immigration arises.

    Like most Americans, I have no problem with people wanting to come here seeking an opportunity to work hard and make a better life for themselves. But here the crucial part of the equation that so often gets left off: What if they're willing to break our law(s) to get it?

    Complicit in this assault on the American people, of course, are businesses who hire illegal aliens to satisfy their bottom line desires. Stopping that, after all, was the second half of the equation that was supposed make the '86 amnesty work: enforcing immigration laws with regards to employers who hire illegally.

    Longstanding federal law bans employers from hiring illegal immigrants, complete with a range of penalties and even possible prison time if they should do so knowingly or with "willful blindness."
    It's been twenty years since the big kahuna of shamnesties passed. It's been five years since 9-11. And still the American people are waiting for our immigration laws to be enforced.

    Instead, we've got "good-hearted, hard workers" who are at the very least breaking the law to live and work here, and perhaps breaking more laws by using these fake documents to do so. We've got businesses who cry that they can't stay in business if we actually start enforcing the law and take away their cheap, exploitable, illegal workforce. And we've got politicians, elected by the American citizenry, who seem willing to do anything as long as it's not what the people ask of them.

    Everyone has their agenda for pushing to get their way, be it reconquista for la raza, greed, political power, and the list goes on.

    My agenda is what is best for Americans. Americans who were born here, and Americans who came and will come legally to struggle through the arduous process of naturalization and assimilation. Because this is wonderful country, a tremendous place to call home, a land of freedom and opportunity, and a nation worth fighting for.

    Let's roll.

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    Red Skelton On The Pledge Of Allegiance


    This put tears in my eyes.

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    Tan Nguyen Update: Overheard At Rally Yesterday

    The always excellent Lonewacko blog brings us some unsourced comments overheard at a Tan Nguyen rally yesterday...
    * Loretta Sanchez' office produced the initial, incorrect translation. When asked about it, she smiled and said "oops."

    * Loretta Sanchez' office was give a heads up of the raid on Tan's office so it could be photographed.*

    Although nothing incriminating has been found, state police refuse to return the computers, which have important campaign information on them.
    As Lonewacko sez, "Isn't it odd how candidates who oppose illegal immigration tend to have major problems like this?"

    Odd indeed!

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    On The Wall...

    Snarky Bastards has a must read on the subject of walls. A taste...
    1,600 years of success sounds pretty good to me. If building the border wall means that the Mexicans may conquer us some time around the year 3600, that’s a risk I’m willing to take.
    Read it!

    H/T Beyond borders blog

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    While You Were Sleeping

    By: Cherie

    While you were asleep, America, this once great Nation has been taken over by illegal aliens from all over the world!! As they arrived under their "Trojan Horse" of cheap labor, they quietly and systematically invaded America and planted the mexican flag at our Whitehouse.

    While you were asleep, America, these same invaders raped, robbed and murdered your sons and daughters. Your sons and daughters were NOT able to get emergency care at the local hospitals due to hospital closures.

    While you were asleep, America, your sons and daughters were FORCED to learn Spanish, and recite the mexican pledge of all allegiance to mexico, and they were forced to beg for their jobs back.

    While you were asleep, America, your sons and daughters went off to fight a war your Government deemed necessary in the face of democracy, the same Government that has "sold out America", while you were asleep, America!

    Thanks Cherie!

    Hero Of The Day: Tan Nguyen

    The California Letter Scandal

    By: James Kotthoff

    The flap over Californian Republican Congressional Candidate Tan Nguyen’s letter to recently registered voters is drawing a lot of ink lately. Orange County California Republican Party Chairman Scott Baugh has insisted that he quit the race. DIS-Honorable Senators Kennedy and Leahy have called for an investigation. Governor Swartzenager and his opponent have labeled the letter a hate crime. California law enforcement have conducted raids on his home, campaign office and the home of a staffer. What did this hateful letter say? Well here is the translated version, the original was in Spanish.
    Greetings XXXX XXXX,
    You are being sent this letter because you were recently registered to vote. If you are a citizen of the United States, we ask that you participate in the democratic process of voting.
    You are advised that if your residence in this country is illegal or you are an immigrant, voting in a federal election is a crime that could result in jail time, and you will be deported for voting without having a right to do so.
    At the same time, you are advised that the government of the United States is installing a new computer system to verify the names of all new registered voters that vote in the October and November elections. Anti-immigration organizations can ask for information from this new computer system.
    Unlike Mexico, here there is no incentive to vote. There is not a voter registration card in the United States. Therefore, it is useless and dangerous to vote in any election if you are not a citizen of the United States.
    Do not listen to any politician that tells you the opposite. They are only looking out for their own interests. They only want to win elections without any regard to what happens to you.
    Sincerely, Sergio Ramirez
    First off what in this letter is worthy of hate crime status? Secondly this letter is factual. It is a crime to vote in any U.S. election if you are not a citizen. Even if you are a legal immigrant you do not have voting rights until you are a naturalized citizen. Any politician who tells anyone otherwise is guilty of conspiracy to commit voter fraud. And they should be prosecuted just like any other criminal.
    The thing that cracks me up about the whole story is that once again the open borders crowd can not address the issues. They must resort to hyperbole and mud slinging to obscure the facts. The facts are pretty straight forward and (at least to me) easy to understand. YOU MUST BE A US CITIZEN to participate in the electoral process. The privilege of choosing our elected leaders falls to those with full citizenship rights. That means if you are here illegally or legally but not naturalized You Cannot Vote! And ANY person who tells you otherwise is lying. to you.

    I know this may be like beating a dead horse but there are serious issues between the majority of citizens and our elected officials at this time. Secure borders, Immigration policy that benefits the working class, not hurts them, Confidence in the electoral process, Foreign policy and trade that benefits the working class not just the elite. It is a time for open and frank debate not mud slinging and deception. We should be rewarding those who dare to speak the truth not smearing them with false labels. Regardless of who is in the White House or controls the House or Senate it is time to hold politicians and the parties to account for their actions and the lack of civility in the election process.

    H/T Vdare

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    Saturday, October 28, 2006

    My Head Just Exploded!

    Source: globe and mail

    Sweetest headline of the day?
    Ottawa rules out amnesty for 200,000 illegal workers
    Now, ready for a little giggle? Here's the subhead...
    THE UNDERGROUND ECONOMY: Construction industry hit hard by decision
    What about the children? The children I say!

    Remember, this is CANADA! CANADA people!
    Ottawa has ruled out amnesty for the estimated 200,000 undocumented workers toiling in Canada's underground economy, saying it would not be fair to those who have applied legally and are waiting in line, according to a letter obtained by The Globe and Mail.

    Allowing illegal workers to stay would likely "encourage more illegal immigration," noted Linda Arseneau of Citizenship and Immigration Canada's ministerial enquiries division in an Oct. 18 letter to the Universal Workers Union.

    "Even a small increase in the number who decide to come here and stay here illegally based on the hope of regularization would simply recreate the very problem the proposal is supposed to fix," the letter says.

    The decision is a bitter disappointment to Portuguese and Hispanic groups, home-builder associations and unions in Ontario that have lobbied CIC to allow undocumented workers in the construction industry to regularize their status.
    How is it Canada can display this level of common sense and we can't? What up with that?

    CANADA people, CANADA!!

    H/T Vdare

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    Minutemen 2.0

    I recently mentioned my idea of a Minuteman Project 2.0 and somebody asked me what in the hail I was talking about. This article from the archives delves into that and our government rendering themselves obsolent, enjoy!
    In the absence of justice, what is sovereignty but organized robbery?
    Saint Augustine
    Sometimes things get out of whack. The center doesn't hold, problems are allowed to accrue until desperate action is required to fix what should have been a simple solution.

    Illegal immigration is one of these things.

    But a curious thing happened along the way, our government made itself obsolent. Average Americans, looking on at the chaos and lawlessness at the border said "enough," while the government tried like all hell to misdirect our attention. Average Americans saw the chaos in our cities caused by unrestrained illegal immigration and raised a hue and cry, while the government, in a fit of weakness, explained it would be too 'expensive' to enforce the law.

    The danger we face right now is both simple and complex. Simple in that all the majority of American people are asking for is that the laws on the books be enforced. Complex in that our government is flat out refusing to honor the will of the people.

    I obviously follow this issue very closely, I visit several immigration blogs and news sites every day. While on those sites I always make a point of reading the comments that people leave. As with any blog you have the usual assortment of loons and malcontents that one must dismiss immediately.

    No, Mr. Wierdo, the government isn't intercepting your communications. They could frankly give a rat's ass what you think, they ignore you in the first place, why would they bother to tap your phone?

    But mixed in the wackiness are more thoughtful comments left by people just like you and me. Normal folks, who feel our government has abandoned it's role of enforcing the law in favor of money and votes. Big business has millions of dollars tied up in Mexico, it's in their, not our, interests that we have peaceful relations with Mexico. Politicians also have a nasty habit of forgetting who brung'em to the dance. Throwing American citizens over for the votes of illegal immigrants seems short sighted to me. But since a whopping twenty five percent of the American people approve of the President's stance on immigration issues, I'm probably just being alarmist (note to Mr. Rove).

    This is where the Minuteman Project comes into play. The Minuteman Project was a media stunt, and as such it was brilliantly conceived. Like any media stunt the object was to garner attention to an important issue that's being ignored. Since the inception of the Minuteman Project attention to border issues is soaring. While the government on the other hand has been scrambling to keep illegals in the country, either through an amnesty program of whatever name, though the American people have screamed a resounding no, or simply ignoring the problem and hoping against hope people go back to sleep.

    So here's my question. Since the president has made it abundantly clear he will not enact the will of the people, and congress just elected a friend to big business and illegals as majority leader, what happens next?

    Oh, there will be a big show on Capital Hill, have no doubt. Money and laws will flow like water, tough talk will be the order of the say, at least before the next elections and then nothing will happen as nothing has happened to control our border since nine eleven.

    So I ask again, what happens next?

    I think we need to consider seriously taking this issue away from the government. They have shown themselves incapable of acting like responsible adults when the chips are down. Big business complains that they might have to pay a living wage to Americans and Congress can't throw open the door wide enough to handle the flood of wage deflating legal and illegal immigrants who flood into this country.

    The Minuteman Project was never intended to seriously secure the border, only point out for the cameras that the border was wide open. I think it may be time to take the next step. Institute a Minuteman type organization for real.

    I envision a group of veterans and ex-cops patrolling the border. They will be armed, and will need to be as the Mexican Military will most likely be shooting at them along with the drug cartels. The individuals will be deputized and capable of handling things at the border.

    We will explain to Mexico that if a person from any region in the world traverses their country to gain entry to the United States they (Mexico) will receive them back when that individual is apprehended and deported. Their current policy only allows for Mexicans to be deported to Mexico even though thousands upon thousands of people from every country in the world use Mexico as a staging point for their assault on America.

    Also, tent cities should spring up across the border states to hold the flood of illegals who are currently pouring over our porous border. This is an inexpensive option and makes a lot more sense than building billion dollar buildings for a problem we intend to solve. [and we could force them to clean the thousands of tons of trsh they leave on the border -- ed]

    As we spend billions of dollars in Iraq to stabilize and secure that country our border hangs open like a dog's mouth on a hot summer day. I don't mind a bit the money we spend in Iraq, in fact I think it's a noble cause. However, I cannot countenance spending another nickel until we have security here at home. It's absurd to say we will pay any price to guard the border of Afghanistan, but we can't afford to actually hire more Border Patrol and equip them properly. Even more absurd to pretend the problem doesn't exist and play kissy-face with Mexico for trade reasons. Whether you see it yet or not, that relationship is unraveling right before our eyes.

    It is especially egregious to me that we are asking our Border Patrol agents to stand fast against the Mexican military. Whenever cops face off with military forces they lose. So why are we asking them to risk their lives in a losing battle? We need some sort of force on the border that can deal with both the Mexican military and those para-military forces employed by the cartels.

    I always remember that this country was built by proud Americans from many lands, and can be rebuilt by the same. Our government is in danger of rendering itself superfluous to it's citizen's needs and protection.

    They are courting obsolence and that's a damn shame!

    As seen @
    Pursuing holiness The right nation The random yak Bluestar chronicles Third world county
    Adam's blog Woman honor thyself Florida masochist Bullwinkle blog Stuck on stupid Point five Church and state Leaning straight up

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    Friday, October 27, 2006

    Dhimmitude, Chicago Style

    Source: Chicago Tribune

    David Huffman told police it was just a prank gone wrong: On April 22, at a McDonald's in Tinley Park, he tapped a Muslim woman on the head, nearly pulling off her headscarf.

    The woman, a young mother with her children, didn't see it as harmless. She was scared and embarrassed; her faith had been attacked. She told police, and they called it battery.
    A tap on the head = faith being attacked? The charge of battery instinctively didn't sit well with me, either, but since the definition of the word includes "touching in an offensive manner," I guess I'll have to let it slide. That, as always, is left up to the "victim."

    But in a surprising twist, a Cook County circuit judge did not fine or jail Huffman, who pleaded guilty. He was instead ordered to undergo sensitivity training at the downtown Chicago office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the nation's largest Muslim civil rights organization.
    And that's where I get completely lost. The government ordering someone to learn about a religion as punishment for tapping someone on the head?

    "I understood immediately after I did it. But even after I apologized, she was still so angry," he said. "I didn't understand that."

    Explaining that to him would be the responsibility of Veronica Zapata, the organization's sensitivity training coordinator. That day, she led Huffman around the corner to the Downtown Islamic Center on South State Street, where she showed him the empty mosque.


    Luqman Rashad, the center's energetic director, led prayers that evening on the basketball court, where Huffman watched intently, taking off his baseball hat as if the national anthem had begun.

    Rashad filled his sermon with several topics, telling the 30 or so boys that one must always struggle to do right. And he said Muslim women have it hard in America because the hijab, or head scarf, alerts others to their religion.


    By the beginning of October, after other activities around town, Huffman was back at the Council on American-Islamic Relations' office, where he worked hard to complete a PowerPoint presentation he was required to give to the organization's volunteers at the end of his 40 hours.
    OK, first let's acknowledge that it's never OK to tap a stranger on the head, hijab or no. Nor is it OK to force someone to, in essence, study any religion. As always, the litmus test is always whether it can, would, and does happen across the board.

    Work with me here. Can you picture a teenager tapping the cross dangling around my neck, being charged with battery, and sentenced to spend 40 hours at Moody Bible Institute and Moody Church learning about Christianity, mingling with Christians, and attending an Easter service?

    Yeah. Didn't think so.

    For the first time since his initial day at the council, Huffman again visited the Downtown Islamic Center, walking with two young Muslim men from the office, who did not talk to him the whole way there. There was a crowd at the mosque this time, since it was during Ramadan, which ended Sunday, according to the Islamic Society of North America.

    Once inside, one of the men told Huffman he could wait in the hallway, which Huffman did, returning to stare at the tiles listing the names of God in Islam: The All Forgiving. The Hidden. The Majestic.

    As the imam preached peace and togetherness, Huffman was feet away but not listening, in a different world altogether. The faithful packed the mosque that day; Huffman checked text messages.
    Now that's what I call dhimmitude. Court-ordered dhimmitude. And it's not welcome in my country.

    If I wanted to live in a place where dhimmitude is accepted, encouraged and embraced, I'd move to Europe.

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    Quirky Movie Review: The World's Fastest Indian

    It's quirky, alright. Quirky, engaging, and just downright fun. Of course, it doesn't hurt that director Roger Donaldson snagged Anthony Hopkins to play Burt Munro. Or that Munro was a real guy, with an inspiring real guy story, and an eccentric real guy personality.

    Munro loved his Indian motorcycle. And he loved riding her enough to ship her to America to take her for a spin at Bonneville Flats to see what she could do. It turns out that the motorcycle could do quite a bit...but nothing compared to what Munro could do, fueled by a big dream and an even bigger spirit.

    Something that Donaldson manages with this film -- and which I find sadly lacking in many of today's films -- is telling the story. It sounds almost too simple, yet too many directors get bogged down with style and effects and product placements that they forget to just tell the story. That's all I really ask for: an interesting story about compelling characters. Sometimes that seems like it's asking too much, but not so with Donaldson. With an assist from a superb cast, he lets the story and the characters shine.

    Read more at the movie's official website.

    Then rent the DVD and let me know what you think. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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    Disappointed: Carlos Mencia -- No strings Attached

    We just attempted, unsuccessfully to watch this video. Carlos Mencia is a comedian who has consistently knocked our socks off, one of our favorites. But this video was different. Is it because he made fun of the minutemen or supported illegal immigration?

    Not exactly, the problem was it wasn't funny. Let me explain why, I thought MJ nailed it afterwords by noting that the reason Carlos' stuff so often works is that it's obnoxiously truthful, this wasn't and it really felt different from everything else I've ever seen him do previously.

    I'm not offended if a comedian rips on the minutemen or president Bush, I'm offended when a comedian isn't funny or gets preachy, this was, unfortunately both at the same time. Like George Carlin sober, ugh!

    I wondered as we put the video in if everything that went down this summer with the big marches and HR4437 would change him or his act, I think it did. One of the things I've always enjoyed was how he could go anywhere for the laugh, often coming up with fairly unexpected punch lines and gags. Tonight was the opposite, tonight Carlos was a Hispanic before he was a comedian and the act suffered for it. He put race before everything else tonight and that was a damn shame.

    In the space of those ten minutes he managed to hit every single tired old illegal immigration canard in the book. Whites and blacks are too lazy to work so we NEED illegal immigrants to do all those things we are too lazy to do. Minutemen are RACIST!! Our whole society would fall apart except for illegal immgrants. It's racist to suggest there's a national security concern with an open border. A fence can't work, and of course, who would build the fence? Why, illegal aliens of course!

    As MJ said as we slipped the DVD out about ten minutes in, "well, I guess we'll have to think twice before renting one of his shows in the future."

    Find your balance again Carlos, we could have used a laugh tonight, instead we got lectured, by a cat who supports illegal immigration, you definitely lost some fans tonight.

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    Willful Misunderstanding

    Source: Hot Air

    Today's Vent over at Hot Air is the second half of Michelle's interview with Mark Steyn.  Good stuff on immigration, the cognitive dissonance of the Bush administration vis-a-vis immigration and the war on terror.

    Scrolling through the comments I came to this...
    If non-criminal non-burdening people should be free to move around the world as they please, how are you going to prevent employee shortages from being filled by immigrants? If given a choice between paying an native born American $500 or paying an immigrant $100 to unclog a drain — what would you choose? The only way to keep the jobs from being filled by immigrants is for Americans to either (a) do them more cheaply or (b) voluntarily overpay people to do the jobs.

    That sort of outlook isn’t compatible with a free market.

    Mark Jaquith on October 27, 2006 at 10:22 AM
    What an interesting and false pair of choices. What fascinates me as I watch people desperately attempt to justify mass and illegal immigration are the "free market" arguments from those who clearly have no concept of what a free market is and how it might operate.

    The implication that Americans would have to, in his words..."(a) do them more cheaply or (b) voluntarily overpay people to do the jobs" shows an absolutey willful misunderstanding of what a free market is and what it does. First clue? The fact that he's suggesting that in a free market we must create certain outcomes.

    If the market were truly free the price would be set by demand naturally. Hence scarce skills and products would cost more, common products and skills would cost less. This is so basic as to be kind of ridiculous to even talk about but, what he's talking about is "what he would prefer to pay" vs. the free market. Astonishing to me how many people equte the free market with "low, low prices" and $3 Tickle Me Elmo dolls, when in truth the free market only addresses this obliquely.

    The free market is the most efficient supplier of goods and services at the best possible prices. Now, if you think a $3 Tickle Me Elmo doll is the be all and end all of the free market I can understand your confusion. But this isn't the whole story on the free market.

    One of the objects of the free market is to create a situation where the greatest number of people benefit from their labor, globalization is almost the exact opposite of that, hence, when the free market gets usurped by utopian visions of globalization it tends in many ways to benefit a much smaller number of people, usually those at the top, whereas the free market tends to spread the wealth over a much wider group of people including more of those in the middle and the bottom.

    In the interview Mr. Steyn is contemptuous of the idea of importing skilled workers saying "if you lack those types of workers this suggests a structural problem in your society that should be addressed". He also talks about a lack of pipefitters and mocks the idea that we would import them from Yemen, "because of course Yemen is known for it's excellent pipe-fitters." In the interview they used the term "immigration fetishists," isn't this that?  The idea that instead of actually allowing the free market to do it's thing we short circuit it by importing mass numbers of immigrants?

    The free market is not a get rich quick scheme or a prize for the wealthy elites, it is at it's heart the best possible way of creating a healthy society wherein all enjoy the fruits of their labor.

    Let me know what you think about this readers, I would appreciate your input. It's almost impossible to address this in one post simply because I think this individuals understanding of a free market is so very warped.  I'll end with this, most reputable economists have always held that the free movement of goods was one thing, the free movement of people another, and the two shouldn't be confused.

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    Republican Amnesty?

    Source: NRO
    At stake in this election is whether this sentiment will continue to prevail, or whether a Democratic majority in the House — backed by elite opinion — will again take U.S. immigration policy the opposite, more liberal direction. Comprehensive immigration reform already enjoys President's Bush's endorsement and filibuster-proof support in the Senate. Passing an amnesty and guest-worker bill as a companion to the Secure Fence Act would be at the top of Speaker Pelosi's agenda. It's impossible to predict all the consequences of a congressional Democratic majority, but a win for congressional Democrats will clearly be a win for amnesty.

    On the issue of immigration, majorities of Republicans in both the Senate and House have sided with their conservative base against not just left-wing civil-rights groups and elite opinion, but also a business lobby accustomed to plenty of cheap labor, Republican-party poobahs, and President Bush. They have withstood withering press criticism and pressure from their deep-pocketed donors. It has been a dispiriting session of Congress, but on this crucial issue, congressional Republicans have acted with courage and commitment. If only on the basis of immigration, they deserve their own amnesty from conservative voters disenchanted by other GOP disappointments and failures.
    I concur, no matter what other beefs I may have the House (R)'s have been stalwart on the illegal immigration issue. When Hastert's people suggested the strategy was "No negotiations. No Talking" I knew we were at least still in the game. Come what may I would prefer to send them back and at least have a chance of avoiding another ruinous amnesty. Which is of course favored by the (D)'s and the president.

    In fact, the Chicago Minutemen held a protest in front of a restaurant owned by Mr. Hastert's family. MJ and I did not attend. I asked "what more would you have Mr. Hastert do?"

    So, if illegal immigration is a key issue for you I ask that you make every effort to send as conservative as possible a congress to serve. It may be our last hope. If it seems I'm changing my tune all I can say is, you play the hand your dealt. I am wildly unhappy with the Republican party, but some of them have done quite well on this issue, fairness compels me to acknowledge that.

    My take strategically is that we are playing for time right now. Anything to hold off that amnesty so favored by the elites works to our favor. Hazelton style ordinances are marching across the country and Americans are starting, albeit slowly, to wake up to what's happening to their country. Any time we can buy works in our favor.

    H/T Polipundit

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    More Questions on Border Patrol Case

    Source: Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

    Department of Homeland Security officials told congressional leaders last month that two Border Patrol agents convicted of shooting a drug smuggler admitted to supervisors that they were "out to shoot Mexicans" the day of the shooting, but have yet to provide proof the agents made such statements.
    Yes, that proof would be nice.

    Poe and fellow Texas Republicans John Culberson, Kenny Marchant and Michael McCaul met with the OIG officials Sept. 26 in Texas.

    Those officials, however, did not provide proof of the agents' supposed confession. Instead, they said they would provide the information after last week's sentencing hearing, according to the congressmen.
    Still waiting. And, if they had proof that the agents were "out to shoot Mexicans," why on earth wasn't it introduced at trial?

    Poe said it is unclear what type of evidence the OIG will provide against the agents, and wonders why it wasn't used in their trial.
    I guess I'm not alone in wondering.

    "Being a United States Border Patrol agent is not a license to shoot people," Sutton told reporters. "It is especially not a license to shoot unarmed ... suspects who are running away from you. ... It is not a license to write a report and turn it in which leaves out the fact that you shot an unarmed suspect who was running away from you."

    But an Office of Inspector General memorandum obtained by the Daily Bulletin Tuesday contradicts Sutton's claim that Ramos and Compean reported Aldrete-Davila was unarmed.

    The memorandum of activity was written April 4, 2005, by Christopher Sanchez, the OIG investigator who questioned Compean about the Feb. 17, 2005, shooting. Sanchez was the same agent who went to Mexico to interview Aldrete-Davila, according to documents obtained by the newspaper. Sanchez brought the smuggler back under protective custody to the United States, where he was given medical care and was granted immunity by the Texas U.S. Attorney's office to testify against the agents.
    Hmmmmm. I wonder who might possibly be in a position to help us get to the bottom of the armed/unarmed issue with regards to the illegal drug smuggler who walked away with immunity and is now suing the U.S. government for violating civil rights he doesn't have?

    Two of Aldrete-Davila's family members, interviewed by the Daily Bulletin in El Paso last week, said Aldrete-Davila has been smuggling drugs since he was 14 and "wouldn't move drugs unless he had a gun on him," said one.

    The family member, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of reprisal, added that Aldrete-Davila has "been bragging about the money he's going to get in a lawsuit every time we talk to him - but now he's nervous."
    Nervous? Well, I don't know why. It's clear that in this country, when it comes to the government looking out for you, you're better off being a drug smuggling, run-from-law-enforcement, possibly gun-toting, citizen-endangering, scarred buttock illegal alien.

    As seen @
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    Stop The ACLU

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    More "Tolerance" From "Peace" Activists

    Allah has the hookup on this piece of inhuman scum who would have to reach up, way up, to scratch a snake's belly.  Cuz you know, insulting a Blue Star mom is classy any way you slice it!


    Testing The Defenses?

    Source: aftenposten
    The BIS annual report for 2005, released on Tuesday, mentions flight OK 447 in September 2005, where three Egyptian citizens tried to gain access to the pilots.

    According to BIS spokesman Jan Subrt, police terrorism experts believe that the three Egyptians were not trying to hijack the plan but rather testing the security measures on board the plan, which was owned by Czech Airlines (CSA).

    "The crew on board discovered the three Egyptians trying to open the door into the cockpit. When the stewards intervened they immediately gave up their attempts and gave the excuse that they were looking for a staff member because they wanted to buy chewing gum," Subrt said.

    BIS managed to identify the trio but could not demonstrate any links to Islamist terrorist organizations. The three were apprehended upon landing and Czech security police escorted them to Egypt after questioning. *snip*
    Do you find yourself sighing and shaking your head when you read.."but could not demonstrate any links to Islamist terrorist organizations"? I do, what will it take precisely before we (The West) stop F'ing around and actually acknowledge the war being waged against us. I will not even begin to accept we're fighting a war on terror until situations like these are resolved with deadly force. They seek to kill us, we trundle them home safe and sound to try again, pretty much the definition of insanity.

    Think of the message sent to Jihadi's if instead of receiving their comrades back home safe and sound they got three coffins. Not that's a message I could get behind.

    And of course this is hardly an isolated incidence...
    This is the second time in recent weeks that Norway is linked to terrorism in the Czech Republic. In the end of September Czech authorities significantly increased security measures around Prague's Jewish memorials after receiving a tip from Norway, a few days after Norway's Police Security Service (PST) revealed alleged terrorist plans against the US and Israeli embassies in Oslo.
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    Thursday, October 26, 2006

    I Was Just ASSaulted... this video over on YouTube. It's called Minuteman Assaults Day Laborer with American Flag.

    First, let me define the word assault for this jackass, with a little help from my friends at

    a sudden, violent attack; onslaught: an assault on tradition.

    an unlawful physical attack upon another; an attempt or offer to do violence to another, with or without battery, as by holding a stone or club in a threatening manner

    It looks like this:
    Chicago Minuteman after being assaulted by 3 burly, young socialists (who then ran away)

    You might want to try on another word for'd definitely get a better fit with a word like, oh, I don't know -- brush...

    to touch lightly in passing; pass lightly over

    And, second -- that's not an American flag, you doofus. Not, having listened to the uninformed, ridiculous drivel that passes for commentary from behind your camera, that I'd expect you to recognize an American flag. Even if it was assaulting you.

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